Spiritual Formation

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Spiritual Formation Scholarship as a Sustained Habit Professor Christopher Ullman
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Spiritual Formation. Scholarship as a Sustained Habit Professor Christopher Ullman. Words. Look at this photo. Words. Now read the caption: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual FormationScholarship as a Sustained HabitProfessor Christopher Ullman

WordsLook at this photo

WordsNow read the caption:The prisoner whose last instant is captured in Adams shot was Nguyen Van Lem. A Viet Cong operative, who like other Viet Cong agents went by the secret name of Captain Bay Lop (Lop was his wifes first name). His wife, who still lives in Saigon (Now Ho Chi Minh City), confirms that Lem was a member of the Vietcong and that he disappeared shortly before the Tet Offensive never to return. Lems role in the Viet Cong is murky. Most reports give him the role of a Captain in a Viet Cong assassination and revenge platoon responsible for the killing of South Vietnamese policemen and their families. Eddie Adams was told by Loan that Lem had killed one of Loans friends and his family, "They found out that [Lem] was the same guy who killed one of his ---uh---Loans officers and wiped out his whole family.Why Didnt God Wait Until the Invention of Video Cameras?Deuteronomy 4:15-19The God of the Jews was to exist in the Word and through the Word, an unprecedented conception requiring the highest order of abstract thinking. Neil PostmanDidnt He know we have attention span problems? Didnt He know that a picture is worth a thousand words? Why Words are Gods Chosen MediumJohn 1:1Jesus not only was the Word, but he gave us wordsGroup 1Matthew 12:7Matthew 12:37Mark 8:38Mark 10:24Mark 13:31Luke 6:47Group 2Luke 19:48Luke 21:15John 3:34John 6:63John 6:68John 15:7Words Must BeSpokenHeardWritten ReadIs there anything else you can do with words?7Worldviews: Why bother, if we have facts?Facts dont exist in theory-free etherYou have to believe something before you can know anything. AugustineA person in the possession of a fact already has a worldview that makes that fact relevant to himIf you dont have that worldview, the fact wont be relevant to you

7Ref. Page 13Insert a picture of Earth from outer space8Worldviews: Why bother, if we have facts?ExamplesBernard Nathanson and ultrasoundA bloodhounds sense of smell

8Ref. Page 139Worldview: Paradigm InfluenceWithout a paradigm, facts cannot be brought into focus or into harmonyIsolated bits of data need an organizing program to be usableThe new paradigm forever shapes ones perception of the factsYou cant unsee the old lady

9Ref. Page 1310Worldview: Why bother, if we have experience?A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. Sounds convincing, butIt leaves crucial questions unansweredWhat do you mean by experience?What did you experience that event as?ExamplesExperience unsupported by some attempt at explanation lacks meaningExperience has transmission problems10Ref. Page 13Insert a picture of Earth from outer space

J. Gresham Machen wroteIt should be ours to create those favourable conditions for the reception of the gospel.False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel.We must not permit the whole collective thought of a nation to be controlled by ideas which make Christianity appear to be a harmless delusion.

12Harry Blamires WroteThere is no longer a Christian mind. There is still, of course, a Christian ethics, a Christian practice, and a Christian spirituality. But as a a thinking being, the modern Christian has succumbed to secularization.We Christians in the modern world accept, for the purpose of mental activity, a frame of reference constructed by the secular mind and a set of criteria reflecting secular evaluations.

The Power of KnowledgeIt can increase or decrease other factors dramaticallyKnowledge/1 = Vision/1Knowledge/1 = Memory/1Knowledge/1 = 1/Needing Mindless Instructions14The Mind is the Crucial ComponentRomans 12:2Use a hypothetical study methodWhat else could Paul have said transforms us and prevents being conformed?15The Mind is the Crucial ComponentRomans 12:1Why offer your bodies?The body is the vehicleHabits dwell in the body

FORMING A NEW PERSPECTIVE FORMING NEW HABITSREPLACING OLD HABITS16Where is Knowledge Found?In Scripture Psalm 119In the natural world Isaiah 28:23-29In the accumulated wisdom of the worlds cultures Isaiah 19:11-13Jeremiah 49:7Daniel 2:12-13Daniel 5:7 17How is Knowledge Found?Focusing ones attentionProverbs 2:2Active searchingProverbs 2:4ListeningProverbs 4:1SacrificingProverbs 4:718The Minds StructureConforms to the order of the object being thought aboutWatching a baseball game Reading a good novel

19Soul & BodySubstance Dualism: A human being is a unity of two distinct realitiesI am my soulI have a body20The SoulA substantial, unified reality that informs the bodySoul/body = God/spaceFully present at each pointCausal relationship of soul and bodySoul Body21Five States of the SoulSensationThoughtBeliefDesireAct of Will22Faculties of the SoulA compartment of the soul that contains a natural family of related capacitiesSightHearingWill EmotionCapacities come in hierarchies23Faculties of the SoulMindWith my mind I thinkIn my mind I retain beliefsSpiritThrough my spirit I relate to God24BeliefsThe rails upon which our lives runFive Aspects of BeliefsContent of a beliefStrength of a beliefThe Centrality of a beliefThe Changeability of a beliefThe Plausibility of a belief25Apologetics and EvangelismChristianity must be shown to be plausible in order to command the attention of hearersThe Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925They could not raise the level of discourse to a point where any of their arguments would be taken seriously.26

The Minds Role in Seeing, Willing, Feeling and DesiringThree kinds of seeing1.Simple Seeing

Involves only sight28The Minds Role in Seeing, Willing, Feeling and DesiringThree kinds of seeing1.Simple Seeing Seeing As

DogInvolves sight and mind29The Minds Role in Seeing, Willing, Feeling and DesiringThree kinds of seeingSimple Seeing Seeing As Seeing That

This dog is Mikes pet.Also involves sight and mind, but engages the mind at higher levels than 2. How so?30The Minds RutsEskimos often shiver as they exit the warmth of their homes to go out into the dark.

31The Minds RutsThe proud tribal member has fond memories of his forefathers.

32The Minds Role in Seeing, Willing, Feeling and DesiringI cant fully see if I dont have knowledge.I cant fullyChooseFeelDesirewithout knowledge.33The Mind, Truth, and RealityThe mind places me in conscious contact with the external worldThe mind conforms to the object of its attentionWhat I think about forms my habitsI can choose the object of thoughtIf frequently chosen, the object habituates and reshapes my mindIn this way, I can move closer or farther from what is actually true and actually real.34Philippians 4:8. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirableif anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things. 35Ideas have consequencesSuch as You are Gods ideaSo, Study2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV) - Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.2 hours outside of class for every hour inside of classYou will have to schedule this The Appropriation Approach to STUDYING SPIRITUALITY Understood (Head) Experienced & Embraced (Heart) Embodied (Hands)See Dennis Hollinger, Head, Heart & Hands (2005)The Spirit and the Christian interpreter

The Spirit does expect us to use our minds, proper interpretive methods, and good study helps to interpret the Bible accurately.The Spirit does not make valid interpretations automaticno autopilot interpretation.The Spirit does not create new meaning or provide new, secret information.

The Spirit does help us grasp the meaning of Gods Word by discerning theological principles and applying them to our lives.

The Spirit does not change the Bible to suit our purposes or to match our circumstances.

The Spirit does bring the meaning of the Bible to bear on our lives.

Convicts us that the Bible is divinely inspiredImpresses on us the full meaning of the ScripturesWorks in our hearts so that we accept its message

The Spirits work in interpretation is not to change the sense [the meaning of the text] but to restore us to our senses. Kevin VanhoozerThe Spirit often uses and to encourage growth to spiritual maturity. devotional readingprayer Focus less on analysis of details and more on a personal, intimate time of listening to the Lord with your heart.

Lectio DivinaA Way into the WordLectio Divina means Holy ReadingAncient prayer form with roots in Benedictine monasticismOver 1500 years oldGoalsTransformation, not informationDeselfingIntimacy with GodLectio DivinaCreate a quiet, sacred spaceBegin with invocation of the Holy SpiritCome Holy Spirit, open my heart that I may receive the Word of God

4 steps of Lectio DivinaLectio--reading the WordMeditatio--meditate on wordContemplatio--resting with the WordOratio--thanksgiving for the Word

LectioReading the WordRead a small passage or just a verseReread it carefully, over and over again5 times or a dozen times--, listening, catching any word, words or phrases that stay in your mind/thoughtsPause wherever the Spirit suggestsWho, what, when, where whyWrite down the word, phrase, or image that spoke most readily to youMeditatiomeditate on wordWhy this word or image?Write it downMake a drawing around or near each wordMeditate, chew it over, mull over, listenWhat does this word, image, or concept touch in my lifeWhat does it say to (or about) my relationships with God, self, and others? My community, familyWhat does the Word call me to do?Be patientContemplatioResting with the WordAfter all the thoughts & drawings in meditatio, Be stillListenWait in silence for a Word from the LordBe patient, silentSometimes God speaks in only a whisperOratioThanksgiving for the WordOratio is a prayer of thanksgivingComes from the fruit of your meditatio and contemplatioA desire to give thanks and praiseConclusion Methods and procedures are important (no spiritual switch we can flip where God does all the interpreting for us)But there is a real danger of over-intellectualizing what it means to communicate with God.As you study, pray that the Holy Spirit would work in you so that you can enter into the heavenly conversation. The Holy Spirit Guides Us Into All Truth John 16:13B.B. Warfield and a very spiritual person were talkingV.S.P. I would rather spend 5 minutes on my knees than 5 hours with my nose in a book.B.B. Better yet Why not spend the 5 hours on your knees with your nose in a book?