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Economical Book Scanner for Public use - walk up applications. Replaces Photocopiers in Library Reading Rooms and Research Facilities.

Transcript of Spirit Book Scanner

  • 2. Background
    • book 2net :
    • International alliance of solution providers and users whose intention is to develop practice-orientated book scanning solutions for the use in archives, libraries and museums by covering hardware, software and services.
    • Founded in Germany
    • Full line of Medium and High Range Book Scanners
    • Extensive user base Gobally
    • Designed Kiosk in colaboration with the British Library
  • 3. Innovation book 2net M ilestones
    • First A2 scanner with LED illumination technology
    • First book scanner with power consumption less than 50Watts ( operation )
    • First scanner with true 400 dpi resolving power
    • First scanner with 3 year warranty
    • First scanner with high resolution single shot capture colour technology
    • First A2 scanner out of the box
    • First scanner with USB 2.0 connection
    • First scanner with 7 operating languages
    • First scanner with twin touch operation technology
  • 4. Successful Global Supplier Book2Net Technology Over 400 installations Worldwide Leading Institutions including: The Library of Congress The British Library National Archive of Sweden Bavarian State Library Austrian National Library National Digital Library of Poland Central Library of Zurich State Library of Germany
  • 5. 400 installations including - Leading Universities University of Toronto McGill University Waterloo University Laval University Carleton University Saint Paul University Windsor University Northern University University of Ottawa University of West Virginia University of Munich University of Zurich
  • 6. product range Self-service Scanners: The new book2net Kiosk is designed to enable a fast, gentle and cost effective capturing of bound documents in public areas book 2net Kiosk
    • Adjustable Book Cradle : 601 x 457 mm layout section (> A2!) for books with a spine up to 12 cm
    • Scanning speed: 0,3 seconds Cycle time: 1.9 seconds
    • 32, 40 or 50 mio. pixel sensor
    • Touch screen with easy to use multilingual user interface
    • Integrated PC with Windows embedded operating system
    • USB 2.0 standard camera interface
    • LED illumination system (cold light) with less power energy requirement (< 100 W)
    • Maintenance free
  • 7. Marketing Perspectives
    • Sustainability
    • book 2net kiosk offers a wide scope of applications and benefits as a replacement opportunity for conventional copy technology
    • No paper, toner or developer
    • No maintenance
    • No high energy consumption
    • No disruptive sound
    • Benefits:
    • Reduced Operating Costs
    • Increased Reliability and Up Time
    • Less wear and tear on Books.
    • Better Customer Service.
    • Images delivered in a useable format PDF, JPEG, TIFF etc.
    • Email Option for Remote Delivery (Inter Library).
    • Versatility can scan any document up to 13.2x19 with the touch of a button
  • 8. The paper industry ranks 4th in contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, .and contributes 9% of the manufacturing sector s carbon emissions. Sustainability
  • 9. Eliminate Copiers Need for Change With all the office paper we waste every year we could build a 12-foot high wall of paper from New York to California
  • 10. Sustainability If the U.S could cut office paper use by just 10% it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases (the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road). Paper and Cardboard make up to 73 percent of material in Landfills
  • 11. Access to Information Research Collaboration Communication University Collections
  • 12. Concerns of the Library Preservation Accessibility Fragile Materials Copyright Inter Library Loans Sustainability Changing trends of your Patrons/Students ebook readers Ipods Laptops/Netbooks
  • 13. Less than 5% of the Worlds Books are available online Do your patrons really want copies?
  • 14. Technology Libraries must provide information in a format that their patrons require.
  • 15. SPIRIT by book2net The first entry level, high-resolution book scanner
  • 16. Desired results:
    • Eliminate Copy Machines
    • Reduce Costs
    • Increase Revenue
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Low Maintenance/Reliable
    • Gentle on Fragile Books
    • Protect Copyright
    • Easy to Use
    • Quiet Operation
    • Water mark embedded .
    book2net Kiosk Development
  • 17.
    • Touch Screen - no keyboard - no mouse required
    • Straight forward easy to understand user interface
    • 10 mega pixel sensor
    • 0.9 second scanning cycle
    • LED light source
    • Book Cradle handles up to 13.8x 19.2 documents
    • Very gentle on books
  • 18. SPIRIT by book2net
  • 19. SPIRIT by book2net
  • 20. Copyright Waiver
  • 21. Improved Customer Service
  • 22. Improved Customer Service
  • 23. Financial Justification to Make a Change
    • Consider the Capital and the Operation Cost
    • Option 1) Spirit Purchase Price $9,995
    • Option 2) Spirit Lease Cost $ 200 per month
        • Potential Cost Recovery @ 0.25/copy 800 copies per month
    • @0.20/copy 1,000 copies per month
    • @0.15/copy 1,333 copies per month
    • @0.10/copy 2,000 copies per month
  • 24. Justification Cost Savings Revenue Generation Environmental Impacts And Even More
  • 25. Who are the Content Providers? Are the Search Engines the True Content Providers??? Until now, only Commercial Enterprises or well funded Academic Libraries could fund digitization
  • 26. Libraries are in the In