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How does Speech-Language Acquisition Influence a Dyslexia Diagnosis?Jeannette Washington, M.Ed.


Communication has evolved over several thousands of years.

Speech & Language emerged innately as a necessary means of communication.

Reading and writing emerged as a acquired systematic means to structure communication.

First Things, First!


Ever wonder how newborn babies can recognize the sound of their mother's voice at birth?

Optical imaging revealed that a premature baby's brain could distinguish not only a speaker's gender but also the similar syllables.

This further suggests that the neural connections used in adult language processing are present from very early in development

We are hardwired to understand some aspects of speech and are therefore born to speak.

Reading & Writing Acquisition is not NaturalReversing letters and numbers happens in all young children.

Reversal is not a clear sign of dyslexia.

Speech and Language difficulties are a clearer sign dyslexia.

Language Problems Cause Literacy ProblemsDyslexics have a great difficulty noticing and/or manipulating the basic sounds of spoken language.

In order for reading to take place, an individual needs to be able to isolate the separate sounds (phonemes) in words. Hints the importance of Phonemic Awareness.

Once an individual has the ability to isolate sounds, they has mastered the Alphabetic Principle and are ready to read!

All in All! A complete dyslexia evaluation measures (just to name a few) the following: Language: Oral and Written

(2) Articulation

(3) Social Skills

Jeannette Washington, M.Ed.Bearly Articulating was founded by Jeannette Washington, M.Ed. who holds a specialized Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with anemphasis in Dyslexia. This former speech-language pathologist improves student achievement by building the knowledge skills of educators and school leaders as a ELA staff developer and dyslexia specialist. Visit www.bearlyarticulating.com to connect!