Special Libraries: A Survival Guide

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Presentation to SLA New England Chapter, Simmons GSLIS, September 27, 2013.

Transcript of Special Libraries: A Survival Guide

  • 1. SPECIAL LIBRARIES A Survival Guide James M. Matarazzo Toby Pearlstein SLA New England September 27, 2013 1 Monday, September 30, 13

2. Will you paddle or be swept overboard? TURBULENCE IS NOTHING NEW 2 Used with permission of Crab Apple White Water, Inc http://www.crabapplewhitewater.com Monday, September 30, 13 3. PUT ON YOUR HELMUT & LIFE JACKET State of the profession Survival Skills Assess Measure Sustain Monday morning 3 Monday, September 30, 13 4. SOME OF US ARE WORKING LONGER 4 Monday, September 30, 13 5. SALARIES ARE KEEPING PACE WITH CPI 5 Monday, September 30, 13 6. THE GAP NARROWS 6 Monday, September 30, 13 7. ASSESS THE RAPIDS 7 SUPPLYDEMAND Monday, September 30, 13 8. 8 Decisions made at the top without user consultation Reduction in number of customers Availability of outside resources Lack of evaluation of services Evidence of financial crisis ASSESS THE RAPIDS AGAIN Monday, September 30, 13 9. PREPARE THE OARS 9 Overall Satisfaction Satisfaction with Service Type Service Level Efficiency & Effectiveness Use of Products & Services Researcher Confidence Employee Retention Team Satisfaction Revenue Strategy ROI Cost Recovery Customer Metrics Internal Process Metrics Learning & Growth Metrics Financial Metrics Monday, September 30, 13 10. PADDLE AS A TEAM 10 Conducting research on users behalf Managing a physical library and print collection Evaluating and purchasing content sources Managing internal content Researchers working on project teams Integrating content into work processes Users Providers Monday, September 30, 13 11. THE RAFT NEEDS TO BE STRONG ENOUGH Model of service Strategic planning & alignment Alternate sourcing Scenario planning 11 Monday, September 30, 13 12. IS THERE ONE RIGHT COURSE? Gatekeeper sole access to information products researcher delivers results to clients Intermediary clients have some access after training higher level reference & research Facilitator embedded in business team visible at business level 12 Monday, September 30, 13 13. NAVIGATING THE COURSE Develop internal vision statement Refine with stakeholder involvement Create & Implement 3600 view of information needs 13 Monday, September 30, 13 14. TIME TO ALTER COURSE? IS depth of experience Position yourself to drive decisions Be prepared to participate if not lead If yes, then: what? when? where? how? 14 M AKE BUY OUTSOURCE INSOURCE VALUE COST Monday, September 30, 13 15. WHAT IF YOU CANT SEE AROUND THE NEXT BEND? Future is volatile Analyze underlying assumptions Identify key questions Recognize forces driving change Ongoing SWOT analysis 15 Monday, September 30, 13 16. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 16 What could happen? When might it happen? Why might it happen? What can I do to make it happen? What can I do to stop it happening? Where will I be if it happens? What did we expect? In retrospect, was it the right thing? Is the outcome in our control? If not, what needs to change? Monday, September 30, 13 17. KEY TAKEAWAYS 17 Monday, September 30, 13 18. SUSTAINABILITY: LONG TERM Competencies Learning + Continuing Education = Employment Data gathering Context + Predictability = Opportunity 18 Monday, September 30, 13 19. SUSTAINABILITY: ON A DAILY BASIS Support organizations competitive edge understand it participate in it Cannot be all things to all people focus resources to add greatest value Strategic planning & alignment sets boundaries 19 Monday, September 30, 13 20. BACK TO DRY GROUND 20 The futures not set. Theres no fate but what we make for ourselves. Monday, September 30, 13 21. MONDAY MORNING 21 Take organizations pulse Refuse status quo Be a thought leader Be pragmatic Ask what if? Take risks Monday, September 30, 13 22. SHAMELESS PLUG 22 Available today or via Amazon.com Also available via the publisher with discount coupon Monday, September 30, 13 23. THANK YOU 23 [email protected] [email protected] Monday, September 30, 13