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A code sample in autoit showing how to send text to be spoken by jaws, window eyes, and sapi5. You can include this in your autoit programs as a library, and call the _speak function with some text and have it read out.

Transcript of speak with autoit

; speak: make your autoit scripts talk ; interfaces to sapi and popular screen readers ; check how we should speak func _speakcheck() local $method local $tempobj If ProcessExists("jfw.exe") Then $tempobj = ObjCreate("jfwapi") if $tempobj = 0 then $method = "" else $method = "jfw" return $method endif elseif ProcessExists("wineyes.exe") then $tempobj = ObjCreate("gwspeak.speak") if $tempobj = 0 then $method = "" else $method = "we" return $method endif else $tempobj = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpVoice") if $tempobj = 0 then SetError(1) return -1 else $method = "sapi" return $method endif endif endfunc ; the interface function ;expects: text to speak, and screen reader to speak it with Func _speak($s_text, $screenreader = "auto") ; the object Local $o_speech if $screenreader = "auto" then $screenreader = _speakcheck() endif ; this uses msapi5, change default rate and speed in the control pannel if $screenreader = "sapi" then $o_speech = ObjCreate("SAPI.SpVoice") $o_speech.Speak ($s_text) $o_speech = "" return 1; ; this needs jfwapi registered, jaws is the only screen reader that doesn't do this by default. ; if it's broken, go find yourself a copy of jfwapi.dll and register it.

elseif $screenreader = "jfw" then $o_speech = ObjCreate("jfwapi") $o_speech.saystring ($s_text,0) $o_speech = "" return 1; ; now window eyes. ; I don't have window eyes, someone test this? elseif $screenreader = "we" then $o_speech = ObjCreate("gwspeak.speak") $o_speech.speakstring ($s_text,0) $o_speech = "" return 1; else SetError(1) return -1; endif EndFunc