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The Student NEwspaper of Wichita Collegiate School.

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    Spartans! What is your profession?

    Football page 10

    Press from your Prez.

    Vafa Behzadpour. Page 4



    Photo by Jordan Hull

    Proba Te Dignum

    September 21st 2012

    Memories of 9/11

    by Julia Camp

    On September 11, 2001, a total of 2,996 people died as result of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Four planes were hijacked by an Islamist militant group called al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden. Three of the four planes succeeded to crash into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46, The South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03, and the Pentagon at 9:37. The last plane intended to fly into the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.; however, the passengers found out about the plan, revolted, and crashed the plane in Shanksville, Pennsylvania instead at 10:03. The effects of 9/11 can never be reversed. Many people are forced to live with the memory of last kisses, last words, and last embraces every day of their lives. People are scarred by the visions of a loved one smiling as they walk out the door saying See

    you later, and never coming back. 9/11 killed our fathers who habitually woke up early every sunrise to drive his kids to enthusiastic soccer games. 9/11 killed our mothers who placed lovely meals of apricot chicken and buttered mashed potatoes with fresh gravy on the table and said a prayer before eating. 9/11 killed our brothers who used to hold our nervous hand and walk into a new giant sized school on the first day of kindergarten.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Latest Academic Hall of Famers.... Jonathan Go, Sage Farha & Elly Vosburgh.

  • The DOs and DONTs of Homecoming.By: Ellen Oehmke and Caroline Breit.DONT: Tweet them, text them, call them, instagram them, facebook them, myspace them, tumblr them, pinterest them, etc. etc. etc. Freshman should not ask Seniors. Have someone else ask for you MAN UP. Wait until the last minute. Ignore your date. Ditch your date. Go with a sibling Awk Let the girl know she wasnt your first choice.

    DO: Use food!!! Every girl loves food. Give them flowers. Be creative, ask outside of school. Be even more creative Scavenger hunt, anyone? Serenade them with a song (among the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction, or Hunter Hayes.) Tag their car, driveway or locker. ACTUALLY dance with your date.

    Members of the Dance Team warming up.

  • They have more money than you and this is what they do.

    9/11 killed our sisters who cried when we cried and laughed when we laughed. 9/11 killed our children who only saw the world as a place with butterflies and blooming flowers. We lost so much. Memorials for the 9/11 victims have been established at the sights of the attacks as well as all around the world. Every year on the 11th of September, New York City reads out the names of the victims of the attacks. The President of the United States goes to a memorial service held at the Pentagon. September 11th is called Patriot Day, a day we are all called to recognize and observe. As Americans and as a world, we decide to remember and honor the lives of those weve lost. We cant bring the dead back to life, but we can keep the dead alive. Memorials and stories can allow the dead to talk and the ghosts to share. We cant replace those who have passed. The memories of busy phone lines, thumping heart beats, and panicked cries can never been erased or fixed. The thoughts of final goodbyes, empty pillows and broken love songs will not go away. But we can remember what weve lost and become fathers who wake up at sunrise, and mothers who make extravagant meals and brothers who hold nervous hands and sisters who laugh and children who dream. So yes, we remember 9/11 to acknowledge the horror, the terror, and that tragedy of the loved people our country lost, but thats not the only reason we refuse to forget. We remember to keep the dead alive in ourselves and in who we are. Thats how we keep the dead from being truly lost.

    Does the Shoe Fit??

    Starting on September 4th and going till the 30th, The Lion King is in town. With amazing vocals and phenomenal dancing, its a must see. The cast is outstanding, and you can see that they feel their character. Mufasas death was almost as heartbreaking as in the movie, making everyone in theaudience tear up, even if they didnt admit to it. The writers of The Lion King, Tim Rice and Elton John, even added new songs, and slightly different twists to the plot, i.e. Scar going after Nala to be his mate.

    To mimic the harder to replicate animals, such as cranes, antelope, and cheetahs, the creatures are controlled by puppeteers. The lion characters had lion heads crowning their own and Scar and Mufasas heads would move and shield their faces in antagonizing times. Another beautiful prospect of the musical was the face paint on the faces of the actors and actresses to portray their animalistic side.

    All in all it was a wonderful reenactment of the movie, and definitely worth going to see. Freshman dinner theatre will have to step it up to compare to the outstanding performance of the Lion King.

    CINDERELLA AUDITIONSIf you can sing... you can sign up!

    Monday & Tuesday 24 & 25.

    The King of the Lions in WichitaBy Kate Sorensen.

  • By Vafa Behzadpour. President.Q: Where did you go to College?A: I went to 7 different ones.. but to narrow it down.. My first degree undergad was Southwestern College in Winfield and my last place for my last degree was Notre Dame.. andmany in between.

    Q: Is your first name actually Doctor?A: Um, No. Probably not, although it does remind me of the novel where that guys name wasMajor Major, but nah thats not technically my name.

    Q: How long have you been doing the Dos Equis commercials? (The most interesting man in the world).A: That commercial, which I very much admire, was a onetime thing.

    We did that one year and it worked especially well and it became an archive at that point. Never to be done again.

    Q: Where did the love for penguins come from?A: I like penguins in general, but the population explosion all started as a coincidence. I had one penguin and over the years hundreds of people have brought hundreds of penguins. I lost trackafter 200. It was never a plan.

    Q: Do you hate freshmen? Or is that just a false assumption?A: Not so much that I hate them; I just dont know what good they are.

    Q: Do you like teaching Modern or Global better?A: I like global better in terms of subject matter, but I like the other one too cause thats what I

    actually did when I started my career.

    Q: Name one of your Role Models growing up.A: I dont really remember growing up. But my elementary principle, Mr. Hardin, was a greatman. I was always very impressed by his gold tooth. Always thought he was a pirate. And myhigh school Principle was Mr. Badgett, first name Mr., He was also taught geometry and was aneven bigger nerd than I was.

    Q: Out of all your years teaching here which one was your favorite and why?A: 2004-2005, because that was my biggest history seminar class and we went to Europe andstudied a lot of art. Now 4 people from that class became art history majors. Its all my fault.

    Q: What kind of music do you listen to?A: I like every kind of music except modern Jazz, and Kubuki. Yes, I do like Eminem and older rap like Sir Mixalot.

    Q: Whats your favorite CartoonA: The Cartoons made by Warner Brothers Studio. Virtually all their cartoons are classic. Theyuse huge amounts of opera so you get cartoon and culture at the same time. And I cant forgetthe old Rocky and Bulwinkle classics from the 1960s.

    Q: Do you like the laptops?A: Yes. I use my laptop more than most people think I do. Its a good paper weight.

    For the seniors: A senior class is like a box of nails, some have no head, some have no point,but most of them are fine.

    *Art Historians take note! Compare the Ambassador in Holbeins painting to the great Dr. himself....Photo by Jordan Hull

    The Interesting Life of Dr. Nixon

  • The Collegiate Garden.By Austin Daniels

    Press from our


    Vafa Behzadpour

    We all know that

    Collegiate is a special place for special people. There are not very many

    schools in the country that can compare to Collegiate. One thing that really makes this school different from others, especially in Wichita, is that it has its own garden. Now if youre a freshman youve probably never heard of the garden, so heres your chance! The garden is run and overseen by Mr. Trombold who teaches Chemistry and Environmental Science. It is located behind the vivarium connected to Mrs. Soupenes room (biology). I started helping with thegarden this previous summer. Others had already been helping and formed the Garden Club. The Garden Club is perfect for anyone who has a green thumb, loves plants, or just wants to learn a thing or two about gardening in general. In the summer of 2012 the garden produced about 20 pounds of potatoes, which when sold at the first farmers market along with some blackberries, earned seventy dollars to help contribute to the garden. Most of the fruits andvegetables produced from the garden are prepared and cooked by Sage and served directly to you. If youve had any cantaloupe for lunch lately, pretty good chance it came from the garden.Currently there are tomatoes, more cantaloupes, snow peas, and tons of marigolds growing in the garden. Soon the garden will be practically tripled in size. This means the Garden Club is going to need some help in the near future. If you are interested in the slightest bit with helping the Garden Club, feel free to talk to Mr. Trombold or myself about joining and what you can do to help make the garden the best its ever been.

    Beautiful Garden Photos byJordan Hull.

    Order your

    Homecoming Shirt

    TODAY!!Rep. WCS & the USA at the

    same time! (You will also be

    promoting Peace & Unity).

    This is a SOFT shirt and this

    year proceeds come to back

    to aid projects in the High


    This weeks presidential address: To all you guys who dont have a homecoming date yet...neither do a lot of start asking. God Bless Im Vafa Behzadpour and I approve this message.

  • Have You Met Michelle Moon?

    By Wynn Hukle. No one embodies the concept of multiculturalism quite as well as Wichita Collegiates new junior girl, Michelle Moon. Michelle was born in South Korea and has lived all over the world in places like the Philippines, England, New Zealand and the most exotic of them all: Kansas. If that wasnt cool enough already, she is also trilingual, speaking perfect Korean, Chinese and English. Shes part of a student exchange program that keeps her moving from place to place, which she really enjoys. Before joining the Collegiate family, Miss Moon

    attended the Word of Life Kansas Traditional School, which she hinted was not her favorite school thus far. However, she did mention that she likes the US a lot. (She will really get a taste of that Midwestern Americana if she attends the fall homecoming). Despite being well traveled, one thing that sets Michelle apart is her incredibly charming disposition. She is smart, engaging and quick to laugh, which makes her a pleasure to have as a classmate. When asked what her favorite class at Collegiate was thus far, she responded, Im not really sure, its hard to choose! I like all of my classes, but AP Calculus is probably my favorite. Having that be her favorite class is another thing

    that makes Michelle really unique. Michelle is adjusting well to the new laptops but she expresses concerns about all of her work being lost in cyber space which is understandable. She intends on applying to some American colleges, but she is not sure as to where. She has yet to embark upon her junior journey with our amazing college and career center, but one place that has struck her interest is University of California Berkeley. Regardless of what college she attends, she said that she would like to major in business and hopefully go to medical school after that. Welcome to Collegiate Michelle! We are thrilled to have you as a new student.


    Place butter and sugars into a 2-cup bowl, ramekin, or another type of cup, and beat with spoon until well stirred.Add beaten egg and vanilla, mixing to combine.Add flour, baking soda and salt and stir.Add chocolate chips, mixing to combine.

    Microwave for 60 seconds then remove.Top with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream if desiredIf vegetarian, replace egg with two tablespoons of vanilla yoghurt.Make sure to serve immediately.

    2 Tablespoons unsalted butter,

    softened.2 tablespoons granulated sugar2 tablespoons packed light brown sugar.2 tablespoons beaten egg.

    1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.5 tablespoons all-purpose flour.1/4 teaspoon baking soda.1/4 teaspoon kosher salt.1/4 cup chocolate chips.

    One Minute CookieBy Chef Jemma If it does not taste good, you made it wrong. Props to Grace Kohn.

  • Band Uniforms.Cool ? By Diana Kim.

    THE SPARTAN VOICE ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES:The Spartan Voice is a newspaper operated by students at Wichita Collegiate School. Content in the Voice will consist of articles, editorials, letters, and any other material pertaining to the Wichita Collegiate community. The Spartan Voice was founded on the principle that all students should have an equal opportunity to share their opinion in an open, unbiased forum of discussion. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents make up the four fundamental parts of the Wichita Collegiate community. Although controversial subjects maybe featured in The Voice, no part of the community will be discriminated against. The views expressed in printed material do not necessarily represent the views of The Spartan Voice or Wichita Collegiate School.


    Vafa Behzadpour, Patrick Maloney, Bell Schwartz, Riley Kemmer, Caroline Breit, Daniel Hullings, Ellen Oehmke, Jake Barrett, Julia Camp, Rachel Fernandes, Diana Kim, Austin Daniels, Aaron Clothier, Jordan Hull, Kara Maloney, Jemma Davies, Grace Kohn, Jenna Farhat, Sophie Shawver & Kate Sorensen.

    A review.

    This year, as we all know from the last home football game, we finally saw our band in complete, perfectform. The uniforms that came in this year have been a wonderful add-on to our already outstandingband. These uniforms have added a sense of a professional atmosphere and a sense of sharpness that Collegiate has always strived for from the beginning. In my opinion, these uniforms are very interesting and very class-tastic. As some of you dont know, these uniforms have three types of ways you can wear them... So these uniforms have it all.When asked about what inspired the transition from the old attire in band to the new uniforms Mr.Fischer stated:The group is looking very sharp this year. Whenever the band and drumline performs at half-time or atperformances away from school they now look very professional. Already, the group has received greatcomments from judges and audience members about their look. - Mr. FischerThey look sharp and the best part about them is when in public, the Collegiate band will be recognized and appreciated when theyre seen in

    them.they look even better in person than they did when we were designing them. Mr. HakeIt seems Mr. Ashbrook agreed. He said:

    I love em. I think they look great, I think it helps draw even more attention to our already outstandingband, and when youre up in the stands, it really does look good. I mean it just looks really good, andit just looks really professional out there. It really ties all of it together, even though band has alwayslooked great and fun to watch, they look very sharp. When I asked about Mrs. Cunninghams opinion, she replied with: Focus should just be on the music.What a great quote.Coach Hawley said: Not only do they look great but I remember when we had a marching orchestra. Mr. Hawley.Although most administrators really enjoy these uniforms, some of the band students were asked abouttheir opinions on the uniforms which then they replied:Theyre. interesting. Still think we couldve done blazers. Vafa BehzadpourGlamorous.. Mike Choi.

  • SPARTAN HOROSCOPES Aries: Right now you are used to feeling safe, but watch out. This month will be dangerous. That lucky penny you found in the parking lot might not be so lucky. You will get hit by a car. Want to ask someone to homecoming? They will say no. You are basically Bad Luck Brian. Taurus: This month is a good one for you. You will exude confidence and just simply look classtastic. People are going to wish they were you. Gemini: Cocky much? You think your moves are cool, but you are VERY wrong. This month you will see the error of you ways. Stop being creepy. Checking yourself in the mirror every five seconds does not make you look're welcome *Sadie voice* Cancer: Wishing it was Christmas break already? Dont we all. You were feeling stressed this month, but next month your work load will decrease. It will be your much deserved break. Leo: Your fancy Thursday will be not so fancy. Don't eat the sushi from Dillons... just don't do it. Steer clear of fast food this month. You will get sick. .. And die. Virgo: Oooo..this month you are going to be cranky. You should stay away from your friends because after this month you will not have any. Want a date to homecoming? Maybe you

    should TRY BEING NICER TO PEOPLE. Libra: You were in a slump last month, but this month things are looking up. You will get your grades back on track, get a haircut, get your priorities straight, wash your car, and find the cure for the common cold. Go you! Scorpio: Stop procrastinating. Just stop it. Your essay is due tomorrow, like seriously what are you doing? Sagittarius: This month you feel like a songstress. Go to Mr. Bixler and ask him to help you write a song. It will become the next Call Me Maybe. Capricorn: You are looking lucky this month. Play your sport with confidence because all you do is win. That test you didn't study for at all? 100. Feel under your desk...there is a dollar. Aquarius: This month you will be very forgetful. You lost your phone again? Check the office. After reading this you will realized you don't remember where you put your keys. Have fun walking home. Pisces: Ask someone else to carry your laptop. You will be very clumsy this month. Please do not bring that Dr.Pepper in the hallway. PLEASE. You will be the one who spills it, which would ruin our chances of ever carrying liquids to classes.

    By Rachel Fernandes.

  • Freshmen Disrespect.....

    By Daniel Hullings.

    Remember at the beginning of the year when freshmen were told they dont need to worry about the seniors being mean to them? All of the seniors have done a pretty good job being kind, but freshman taking advantage of that kindness is getting a bit ridiculous. In the gym, in the lunch line, and in the halls it almost seems like the freshman go out of their way to be disrespectful to everyone that is older. Seniors DO get to cut in the lunch line, so do not say Hey no cutting! next time a senior steps in front of you.Shooting hoops during break is all fun and games until a freshman decides to steal your ball. If a senior is walking down freshman hall its not like they expect the freshman to bow down, but at least try not to be in their way. But the biggest problem of all is at the football games. If you sit in the student section YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CHEER!!! Standing at the very back, which by the way is where freshman aresupposed to be, doesnt mean you can just stand there silently after a Spartan touchdown. Honestly, theamount of freshman spirit is a bit pathetic. Pick it up freshmen.

    As members of Wichita Collegiate School, we are presented

    with many opportunities to participate in community service. However, finding the time to commit to community service can seem unmanageable at times. Luckily, there is now a way for anyone to make a difference, at ANYTIME thanks to a new website, Sevenly is an online store that offers about ten items each

    week, each item especially designed for the showcased charity that week. With each purchase made Sevenly donates seven dollars to that weeks chosen charity. For example, last week the purchase of a graphic T-shirt rescued a girl from Moldova who was caught in sex trafficking and provided her with shelter and counseling. There is no

    reason not to support this amazing organization; with just one purchase, you can change someones life forever. This week one can purchase a cute graphic sweatshirt and their purchase helps Pencils of Promise build two classrooms for a school in Guatemala. To this date, Sevenly has raised over one million dollars for many charities and

    continues to make a difference in this world, seven dollars at a time.From the Sevenly website:With the start of a new school year, many of us can remember the excitement (and dread) of going back to school. But what if you were denied access to education? In Guatemala, this is the reality for most of the population. In areas where schools exist, 85% of them are inadequate, lacking sufficient space, classrooms, electricity, clean water and sanitation. Since the average child only attends school for 3 years, this is a world where children have little opportunity for a future.Our goal this week is to build two classrooms for a village in Guatemala! If we raise $20,000, we'll be able to fund not only the entire cost of the construction and labor, but also supplies. Because of you, hundreds of children will receive education and hope for a brighter future!

    SEVENLYOne Week. One Cause.For every purchase we give $7 to this week's charity.By Bell Schwartz.

  • I am making a plea please, everyone who follows politics, stop posting your political opinions on facebook. First of all, most people who do this really have no idea what they are talking about.Secondly, the perpetrators rarely (never) provide evidence to back up what they are saying. You cant just post bland, meatless statements saying Obama sucks, or Romney is the devil. Statements like this make us ALL dumber. But, if you have a burning desire to be one of these people, please, I beg you, I PLEAD you, please provide evidence to back up what you are saying.



    SOCIAL MEDIA......

    I love seeing people express their political opinions on Facebook. Its refreshing seeing all these well-educated high school students talking about ideas that they truly understand on social media platforms.More importantly the information used to back up your statements is very well researched. You provide great arguments that help inform others that dont necessarily follow politics. We all hold our right to say Obama sucks and Romney is the devil. So just express yourself. So keep up the good work, keep posting and expressing your views. The participation of this nations youth in a vibrant political dialog is exhilarating.


    EVIL SECTIONBy Riley Kemmer



    Football interview with Hunter & Connor:

    Preview on WellingtonBy Riley Kemmer

    How do you feel so far about this season?H: I feel like we have enough talent and drive to win state this year They also have me!C: I feel we have enough good athletes to make it really deep this season.

    What do you think the outcome of the Wellington game will be?H: I think it will be a chance for us to redeem ourselves on our home field!C: Im excited to watch the JV get some playing time in the second half.

    Do you miss Coach Messamore.H: Well, he is on the coaching staff.C: Yes.

    Do you feel like you guys had a little set back losing Spenser and Israel?H: Israel will be back soon I hope. And losing Spencer was big but we will find ways to get around it.C: With the staff we have its easy to deal with losing key players.

    How do you feel about the Spartan Chant?H: I think we do it too often. I prefer the Spartan Rumble.C: Do the Spartan Rumble

    Are you sad we dont play Independent this year?H: Yea, I am actually pretty depressed.C: Yeah, we lost a major self-esteem booster by not playing them.

  • Spartan YounglifeBy Jake Barrett

    Many of you out there know about Younglife, and quite a few of you have gone before. All of you who havent ever been should definitely consider a new Wednesday night activity. A common misconception is that Younglife is an exclusive club. It is a club, and it does look amazing on a resume, but it is anything but exclusive. Anyone is welcome any time any week. Many people think that it is for only those who are super-Christians, but it is really for anyone at all, whether you go to Church on

    Sundays, every other Sunday, or even twice-a-year! Next week, I want all of you reading this to be at Younglife on Wednesday, if anything just to try it. For those of you wondering what Younglife is about: its fun. Most of the time, we just play games, have raffles for prizes, sing songs (fun songs, not Church choir songs), and get messy with whatever type of game that the leaders have created for us in any given week. Only after we finish having fun does the leader speaking that night give a ten-minute talk about a time in their life when they had a special experience with God. Then you say a quick prayer and leave!

    On special nights, we go to Great Harvest Bread Company on Central and do the same things we would normally, but with other schools like Andover, Independent, and Andover Central. You can make some great friends in these other schools during these nights. Did I mention the free food? Every week someone brings a delicious dish for everyone involved in Younglife to chow down on before their festivities of the night. So to sum it up, Younglife is AWESOME. Period. You all need to come on Wednesday now, so I cant wait to see you there!

    Members of SNARKY PUPPY digging Vaughn Craddock on drums.

    Above, Soulmen Vafa Behzadpour & Dusty Youngman. Above right Micah White shreds it!

  • SPARTANS vs. Wellington..... 7pm CAMO

    Since the reincarnation of the Spartan man, Collegiate has experienced an era of light. Games are more fun knowing the Spartan man is there to help us cheer. Some might call the Spartan man an enforcer of spirit. It has come to my attention that the Spartan man has become increasingly angry at the Freshmen and Sophomore classes. The Spartan man is disgusted by the lack of spirit in these grades. Spartan man has told me that on Fridays game against Wellington that if the Freshman and Sophomore classes donot cheer to the best of their abilities, Karam might take a nasty fall down the bleachers. Others share Spartan mans grief, Vafa has been quoted saying I will sacrifice a Freshman if I need to, to get the Freshman and Sophomore classes cheering louder. I advise you lower classmen, cheer louder, or Karam will pay the price.By Aaron Clothier.

    Caroline Breit, will you go

    to Homecoming with me??? Please!!!