Southwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual …Southwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual Members...

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Southwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual Exhibition 2012
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Transcript of Southwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual …Southwestern Watercolor Society 49th Annual Members...

  • Southwestern Watercolor Society49th Annual Exhibition 2012

  • Southwestern Watercolor SocietyWishes to Thank the Following Contributors

    PFamily ArtsHanging Around Texas

    M. Graham & Co.Jack Richeson & Co.

    H.K. Holbein, Inc.Artisan’s Studio Gallery

    Carolyn Hollabaugh Book AuctionArtists’ Showplace Gallery

    Windsor & NewtonArt Academy

    Golden Artist Colors, Inc.Asel Art SupplyJerry’s Artarama

    Cheap Joe’s Art StuffPriscilla Krejci

    Creative Catalyst ProductionsMaureen Brouilette & Joel Sampson

    LiquitexBlick Art Materials

    Daler Rowney

    All images displayed in this catalog are the sole property of the artists. Any duplicationor use of the images without written permission is copyright infringement.


  • Southwestern Watercolor Society49th Annual Members Exhibition

    September 10 - October 19, 2012

    4017 Preston Road - #544 Lakeside MarketPlano, TX 75093 (972)378-1234


    Gallery HoursMonday, Wednesday, Friday 10 am - 6 pm

    Tuesday & Thursday Noon- 6 pmSaturday 10 am - 4 pm, Closed Sundays

    Reception & Awards CeremonySaturday September 22, 2012, 6:30-8:30 pm

    Catalog Design by San Cheang

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    Exhibition Show Chair’s Message

    To be selected as Show Chair of this 49th Member Exhibition is truly an honor. Each timeI view the 81 entries, selected from 370, I am awestruck at how unique they are. Theoriginality and creativity from each talented artist is truly appreciated. Each image offerssomething new and intriguing. Many thanks to the show committee chairs and all memberswho helped create this show. Hours of preparation were required and all worked willinglyand with enthusiasm. The cooperation has been amazing and shows the determination ofSWS members to produce a quality, pride-filled show. My special thanks to my mentor,

    Gaylord O'Con, who always maintained open communication. He was a rock, providing a wealth ofknowledge and supporting any endeavor to create a more professional show.

    Sincerely,Gayle Ledbetter

    President’s Message

    Welcome to the 49th Annual Southwestern Watercolor Society Exhibit. Juror Mel Stabin(AWS, NWS) selected a beautiful show of 81 paintings for this year's exhibit from 370 entries.Congratulations to all the artists and award winners selected. The work is diverse andexceptional.

    Plans started early in the year in preparation for this annual exhibition. Over two years ago,the juror was selected and scheduled. Several months ago, the prospectus was fine-tuned

    and printed, the preview party was scheduled, prizes were gathered, the catalog was designed, the gallerywas booked, the reception was planned, demo artists were scheduled, and the catering was booked. Therewere hundreds of activities quietly done behind the scenes to make all this happen. It takes a huge team ofpeople with exceptional organizational skills to pull it off. Gayle Ledbetter, show chair, and her committee didjust that. I would like to thank Gayle and her show committee for the professionalism, organization, attentionto detail and the hard work to make this show the best ever.

    It was Edgar Whitney’s class list that formed a nucleus for Reese Kennedy’s invitation to watercolorists inDallas to an organizational meeting in December of 1963 at N.R. Crozier Tech High School. Coincidently, Iwas a freshman in high school at N.R. Crozier Tech in 1963. The Southwestern Watercolor Society wasfounded in May of the following year. Reese Kennedy was elected the first SWS President and NaomiBrotherton was elected the first SWS Vice President in 1963. As Vice President she was MembershipChairman. Naomi was elected the President in 1967. She has served on many SWS boards and committeessince then. Naomi has been instrumental in the growth and success of SWS and we would like to thank herfor all she does and has done for SWS. We applaud Naomi for being accepted into this 49th Annual SWSshow, 48 years after the beginning.

    We are pleased to have the SWS show exhibited at the PFamily Gallery for the 3rd year in a row. "HangingAround Texas" did a wonderful job hanging the show. This beautiful catalog was designed and produced bySan Cheang. It will be a collector's item.

    I would like to congratulate the five artists receiving the prestigious SWS Signature Status this year. Theseare active members whose work has been accepted in five SWS sanctioned shows and, from now on, whilein good standing, are entitled to display the SWS signature on their work.

    Finally, I applaud my 2012-2013 SWS Board of Directors. Each and everyone goes the extra mile to makethe Southwestern Watercolor Society an elite watercolor organization.

    Sincerely,Gaylord O'Con

  • To All Entry Artists,

    It was an honor to have been invited to be the juror for the 49th Annual Membership Exhibitionof the Southwestern Watercolor Society. My thanks to everyone involved in organizing this fineshow. My criteria for judging the 370 entries were simple. First and foremost, if the painting“grabbed me” emotionally, it was considered for acceptance regardless of whether it wasrepresentational or abstract. A painting that contained an idea, a unique point of view,sensitivity, integrity, vitality, and above all communicated what the artist was “feeling” aboutthe painting subject became a strong candidate in my selection. I then asked myself thefollowing questions. Was the choice of subject matter mundane or refreshing? Was the paintingwell designed in concern with composition, relationship of shapes, color, rhythm, etc.?

    There are a great variety of approaches and subject matter represented in the exhibition, whichcontributes to its appealing quality. My congratulations to everyone in this exhibition. Forthose artists who were not accepted this year.... Remember, in truth, it is the activity of paintingthat is the great joy and reward for an artist.

    The best is yet to come.

    -- Mel Stabin, AWS, NWS, TWSA

    Meet the Juror: Mel StabinMel Stabin is an internationally known teacher, author, and award-winning water-colorist. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Mel studied the art of watercolor with EdgarWhitney. For over thirty years Mel was an award-winning art director and creativedirector for major advertising agencies in New York City. He is a signature memberof prestigious art societies including the American Watercolor Society, NationalWatercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and North EastWatercolor Society. For over twenty-five years Mel has conducted watercolorworkshops with groups on location throughout the country and abroad, and fornumerous art societies.

    Mel’s paintings have been the recipient of national awards and have been represented in major exhibitions.He has had seventeen one-man exhibitions of his watercolors and his paintings are in many private andcorporate collections. Mel was a director for the American Watercolor Society’s 2005/2006 exhibitionsand was one of the jurors of selection for the American Watercolor Society’s 2006 Annual InternationalExhibition. In 2011, he received the honor of Master Status from the Transparent Watercolor Society ofAmerica, was named one of the “Top Ten Watercolor Masters of Today” by the art, and was invited by the American Watercolor Society to do a demonstration for


    their “Watercolor Evenings” during their 144th Annual International Exhibition. Mel has written numerousfeature articles for national art magazines including American Artist and The Artist's Magazine and is theauthor of two popular books, Watercolor: Simple, Fast, & Focused and The Figure In Watercolor: Simple,Fast, & Focused, both published by Watson-Guptill. Mel’s work can be seen on his website

  • SWS Exhibiting Members 2012

    1 Jenny Ackerman Dallas, TX 41 Betty Jameson Austin, TX2 Michael Archer Garland, TX 42 Jane Jones Dallas, TX3 Ron Bigony Longview, TX 43 Pat Jones Richardson, TX4 Randy Bishop Rockwall, TX 44 Meg Joshi Coppell, TX5 Lori Bongiovanni Dallas, TX 45 Sue Kemp Austin, TX6 Bev Boren Trophy Club, TX 46 Pat Kochan Dallas, TX7 Darla Bostic Denton, TX 47 Priscilla Krejci Allen, TX8 Marilyn Sears Bourbon Coppell,TX 48 Gayle Ledbetter McKinney, TX9 Martha Box Dallas, TX 49 Babs Light Garland, TX10 Naomi Brotherton Carrollton,TX 50 Norma Lively Euless, TX11 Nel Byrd Plano, TX 51 Shubha Mantri Hickory Creek,TX12 Judy Campbell Farmer’s Branch,TX 52 Susan Martin Richardson, TX13 Martha Carlo Dallas, TX 53 Catherine Mayer Frisco,TX14 Dave Carlson McKinney, TX 54 Jones McConnell Richardson, TX15 Claudia Caudill Plano,TX 55 Jo Moncrief Dallas, TX16 Radha Chatterjee Plano, TX 56 Danah Moore Dallas, TX17 San Cheang Plano, TX 57 Iris Moore Corinth, TX18 Charlotte Cox Windcrest, TX 58 Jan Myers Fairview, TX19 Lucille Cummings Dallas, TX 59 Dyan Newton Abernathy, TX20 Sherry Daerr McKinney, TX 60 Kenji Nishikawa Colleyville, TX21. Nancy Dallas Fairview, TX 61 Gaylord O’Con Dallas, TX22 Walt Davis Campbell, TX 62 Lisa Perry Valley View, TX23 Gail Deiger McKinney, TX 63 Carol Powell Plano, TX24 Frank Eber Redondo Beach, CA 64 Bill Riley Dallas, TX25 Julie Eisenfeld Arlington, TX 65 Hermine Sallinger Dallas, TX26 Mary Emerson Oak Point, TX 66 Sharon Serrago Plano, TX27 Toni Evetts Mount Pleasont, TX 67 Harry Shields Richardson, TX28 Peggy Fare Nacogdoches, TX 68 Kay Smith Big Spring, TX29 Pat Fekete Richardson, TX 69 Sandra St. John Scroggins, TX30 Linda Franklin Carrollton, TX 70 Jane Stephenson Dallas, TX31 Suz Galloway Plymouth, MN 71 Cynthia Stone Irving, TX32 Frances Garrett Dallas, TX 72 Anne Turner-Beletic Dallas, TX33 Sharon Giles Irving, TX 73 Bob Voges Dallas, TX34 Jeff Good Dallas, TX 74 Bill Wadley Plano, TX35 Kathleen Grandjean Dallas, TX 75 Gary Weeter Hot Springs Village, AR36 Davilla Harding Malakoff, TX 76 Pam Wilson Allen, TX37 Karen Harrington Shreveport, LA 77 Richard Wilson Dallas, TX38 Don Harvie Stockton, C 78 Beverly Winther Vancouver, WA39 Donna Head Plano, TXA 79 Val Wright Naples, FL40 Michael Holter Plano, TX 80 Dovie Wu Dallas, TX 81 Liana Yarckin Dallas, TX


  • SWS Award Winners 2012

    Award Value Selected Winner

    1. Best of Show Award $1,500.00 Jane Jones

    2 Edgar A Whitney Award $1,000.00 Mary Emerson

    3 First Place Award $750.00 Nel Byrd

    4 Second Place Award $500.00 Linda Franklin

    5 Third Place Award $300.00 Catherine Mayer

    6 M.Graham & Co. Merchandise Award $300.00 Frank Eber

    7 H. K. Holbein, Inc. Merchandise Award $237.00 Beverly Boren

    8 Artisan’s Studio Cash Award $200.00 Michael Holter

    9 Carolyn Hollabaugh Book Auction Cash Award $200.00 Pat Kochan

    10 Artists’ Showplace Gallery Exhibit Award $150.00 Toni Evetts

    11 Windsor and Newton Merchandise Award $125.00 Jeff Good

    12 Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Award $125.00 Ron Bigony

    13 Art Academy Live.Com Membership Award $120.00 Pam Wilson

    14 Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Award $100.00 Priscilla Krejci

    15 Golden Artist Colors, Inc. Merchandise Award $100.00 Bob Voges

    16 Asel Art Supply Merchandise Award $100.00 Gary Weeter

    17 Jerry's Artarama Merchandise Award $100.00 Naomi Brotherton

    18 Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Merchandise Award $100.00 Harry Shields

    19 Fee Fee Cash Award Donated by Priscilla Krejci $100.00 Kay Smith

    20 Dallas Museum of Art Membership Award

    Donated by Maureen Brouillette and Joel Sampson $90.00 Bill Wadley

    21 Liquitex Merchandise Award $80.00 Val Wright

    22 Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Award &

    Daler Rowney Merchandise Award $125.00 Iris Moore

    23 Creative Catalyst Merchandise Award &

    Blick Art Materials Merchandise Award $110.00 Patricia Jones

    24 Creative Catalyst Merchandise Award &

    Blick Art Materials Merchandise Award $110.00 Meg Joshi


    SWS Members Receiving Signatures in 2012

    Lucille CummingsSharon Giles

    Catherine MayerCarol J. Powell

    Hermine Sallinger

    Congratulations to the new SWS Signature members. Signature status is awarded to

    active members whose work has been accepted into any five SWS Annual or Western

    Federation Exhibitions.

  • Jenny AckermanThrough the Stream


    Michael ArcherThe Waiter

    Ron BigonyDurango

    Randy BishopNear Jackson Wyoming

    Jack Richeson & Co. Merchandise Award

  • 8

    Lori BongiovanniMcKinney Farmer’s Market

    Marilyn Sears BourbonThree Red Birds

    Martha BoxWishes Granted

    Darla BostickRainbow Rhodies

    Beverly BorenSolitute

    H.K.HolbeinMerchandise Award

  • 9

    Dave CarlsonChaisin O’er the Chop

    Naomi BrothertonSuppertime

    Nel ByrdTennessee

    Judy CampbellWild and Free

    Martha CarloGrammy’s Girls

    First Place Award

    Jerry’s ArtaramaMerchandise Award

  • 10

    Lucille CummingsIt’s the Berries

    Radha ChatterjeeFlamenco Dancer III

    San CheangThe Man with a Bandaged Finger

    Claudia CaudillCardinals Within the Zinnas

  • Charlotte CoxAngels Unawares

    Sherry DaerrBad Dog

    Nancy DallasThe Watermelon Man

    Walt DavisInsectarium

    Gail DelgerBirds and Balloons


  • 12

    Frank Eber M.Graham & Co.Merchandise AwardSan Pedro Views

    Julie EisenfeldFly in the Eye

    Mary EmersonGirl Power

    Peggy FareGlorious

    Edgar A. Whitney Award

    Toni EvettsCathedral Basilica ofSt.Francis, Santa Fe

    Artists’ Showplace GalleryExhibit Award

  • 13

    Suz GallowayRock Slide

    Frances GarrettFractured Tapestry

    Pat FeketeLet’s Dance

    Linda FranklinAndy in Abstraction

    Second Place Award

  • Davilla HardingBeginnings

    Karen HarringtonSwamp Gator

    Jeff GoodEvening in Milan

    Sharon GilesEvanescence

    Kathleen GrandjeanLadybug Bliss


    Windsor & NewtonMerchandise Award

  • Don HarvieA Regal Pose


    Betty JamesonIllumination

    Michael HolterThe Fisher

    Artisan’s StudioCash Award

    Donna HeadMoonlight Boucherie

    Pat JonesFrench Quarter SoulCreative Catalyst Merchandise Award &Blick Art Meterials Merchandise Award

  • 16

    Meg JoshiReflections

    Pat KochanElm Street Dallas

    Carolyn Hollabaugh BookAuction Cash Award

    Jane JonesSun Peaking Through

    Best of Show

    Creative Catalyst Merchandise& Blick Art Merchandise Award

    Sue KempThe Conversation

  • Babs LightShopping Sedona

    Norma LivelyArboretum Azaleas

    Priscilla KrejciOh Boy, It’s Mom

    Gayle LedbetterRulin Roosters

    Shubha MantriAfternoon in Taos


    Jack Richeson & Co.Merchandise Award

  • 18

    Susan MartinRed Puddles

    Catherine MayerOn the Porch

    Third Place Award

    Jones McConnellFollow the Leader

    Jo MoncriefHidden Thoughts

    Danah MooreThat Funky Little Beach House

  • 19

    Iris MooreA Different Tree

    Jan MyersThe Unfortunate Lie

    Dyan NewtonOld Pecos Gallery Courtyard

    Kenji NishikawaHofleur

    Gaylord O’ConGreen Dragon

    Jack Richeson & Co.Merchandise Award& Daley Rowney Merchandise Award

  • 20

    Lisa PerryIris de Blanc

    Carol PowellThe Little Yellow Car

    Bill RileyPrimevil

    Hermine SallingerClassi

    Sharon SerragoCrosses and Cathedrals

  • Jane StephensonThe Fish are Jumping


    Cynthia StoneNon Verbal Communication

    Sandra St. JohnPadre Morning Light

    Harry ShieldsMerida Zocalo

    Cheap Joes’ Art StuffMerchandise Award

    Kay SmithFantasy Flowers

    Fee Fee Cash Award

  • Anne Turner-BeleticPaisley Girl


    Bob VogesSanta Fe Series II

    Bill WadleySleepy Village

    Pam WilsonChoo ChooArt Academy Live.comMembership Award

    Golden Artist ColorsMerchandise Award

    Gary WeeterHigh and Dry

    Asel Art Supply Merchandise Award

    Dallas Museum of Art Membership Award

  • 23

    Beverly WintherSpirits

    Val WrightStorm Brewing

    Dovie WuSeparation

    Liana YarckinnSummer Has Arrived

    Richard WilsonMountain Valley

    Liquitex Merchandise Award

  • 49th Annual Exhibition Committee 2012Juror: Mel Stabin

    Exhibition Chair: Gayle LedbetterAward Certificates: Jodie Baldwin

    Prospectus: Ron Stephens, Gail Delger, Gayle LedbetterImage Take In: Jo Moncrief

    Catalog: San CheangCatalog Proofing Team: Jodie Baldwin, Ron Stephens

    Contributors & Sponsors: Bob & Marian VogesDemonstration Schedule: Pat Fekete

    Show Take In: Nel Byrd, Priscilla Krejci, Michael Holter, Gail DelgerAssistants to Professional Hangers: Jeanne Heartsill, Jo Williams, Jody Graham

    Publicity: Chris GalvinReception: Sue Kemp, Missy Sofey-Andrews, Jo & John Moncrief

    Preview Party: Martha Box , Royal Lane Baptist ChurchCatalog Printer: ColorDyanamics

    Art Demonstrators: Nel Byrd, Priscilla Krejci, Jo Williams, Carol Powell, Harry Shields,Linda Franklin, Susan Martin, Lori Bongiovanni, Darla Bostick

    2012 SWS Officers

    President: Gaylord O’ConPrograms: Michael ArcherMembership: Radha ChatterjeeExhibitions: Gayle LedbetterTreasurer: Bill RileyPaint-Outs: Walt DavisSCENE Newsletter Editor: Ron StephensStepping Stone Scholarships: Jodie BaldwinPainting of the Month: Jan HerndonRecording Secretary: Cindy DaunisCorresponding Secretary: Sherry DaerrParliamentarian: Jeff Good

    Honorary Members

    Calvin AxtelMary Todd BeamWillis L. ColeFrank Webb

    Active Life Members

    Naomi BrothertonNancy FriedelThomas B. JohnsonPaula Rayer NemecHermine SallingerSmokey TormolenSally Martin


  • … a group of watercolorists dedicated to improving the individual member’s knowledge and skills andincreasing public acceptance of watercolor as a symbolic, creative and permanent painting medium.

    Purposes“The purpose of the Society shall be the elevation of watercolor as an art medium and the education ofthe public of the significance of watercolor as an important creative permanent painting medium. TheSociety shall be dedicated to the highest aesthetic standards. The Society shall further the interests ofpainters in watercolor by its programs and competitive exhibits, and shall encourage its study by artstudents and others engaged in watercolor painting. There shall be no bias among varying schools ofart.” –SWS Bylaws

    Self-ImprovementThe Society seeks artistic development through painting sessions, sketch trips, work-shops, exchange ofinformation between members, lecture-demonstrations and other programs designed to improvemembers’ skills,taste and technique.

    EducationSWS aids and encourages watercolor training in area schools and colleges. Student scholarships areoffered for each workshop. SWS maintains a record set of color slides and digital images of eachwatercolor shown in past annual shows. They are available to the schools of the area and to thewatercolor teachers to check out for use in their classes. Members are available for lecture-demonstrations.

    Management of the SocietyThe Board of Directors manage and govern the affairs of the Society. Members of the Board includeOfficers, Standing Committee Chairpersons and Special Committee Chairpersons. The board meets thelast Wednesday night of the month.

    HistoryIn 1964 the North Texas Watercolor Society was organized by Reese Kennedy. He became the firstpresident and a charter was granted by the state of Texas, May 8, 1964. As the membership spread, itbecame expedient to change the name to Southwestern Watercolor Society. A membership exhibitionwas held in the fall of 1964 and has been held yearly ever since. Lecture-demonstrations and workshopsby nationally known artists have been made available to the membership from the very first year. Localpaint-outs have been a continuing practice since the members first painted in Frisco, Texas on a coldSunday. Out-of-town paint-outs are held generally two to three times a year.

    SWS has grown to be an international organization. With approximately 500 members, SWS is one ofthe largest watercolor societies in the nation. Many of its members have attained national signaturestatus in other watercolor societies, such as American Watercolor Society and National WatercolorSociety. A very large number of the membership has paintings accepted in the open juried competitionsthroughout the United States each year.


    Southwestern Watercolor SocietyWebsite:

    Meetings: 7:00 pm every 2nd Wednesday of the month, September through May, at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX

    In Memoriam

    Frankie CatheyTom Johnson

    Julya Kirkpatrick,SWS(Founding SWS Life Member)

    Southwestern Watercolor Society

  • PFAMILY ARTS is a non-for-profit arts association dedicated to producing high caliber musical productions andproviding education for youth and adults in the visual and performing arts in the north Dallas area. The center providesprofessional classes in Dance, Voice, Acting, Broadway Masterclasses, High School Cabaret, TriplethreatSaturday Slam, Home School Music Theatre Workshops, The Actors Workshop, Preschool Day Classes/BroadwayBabies, The Broadway Body, and Shining Stars for children with Special Needs.

    PFAMILY ARTS’ Gallery provides exhibit opportunities for both professional and emerging artists, and a diverseschedule of exhibitions is hosted year-round that are coordinated along with exciting workshops, events,and productions. The Gallery is highly visible as the front-piece of the facility, with entrances into Academy wingand the 200-seat theatre.

    William R. ParkExecutive & Artistic Director

    PFAMILY ARTS4017 Preston Road #544

    Lakeside MarketPlano, TX 75093

    E-mail: [email protected]:


    A Special Acknowledgement to:

    Hanging Around Texas offers a variety of fine art services specifically designed to accommodate individual and uniqueinstallation needs. They install on a variety of wall surfaces, ranging in materials from plaster, stone, marble to mirrored, andspecializes in suspending and mounting large sculptures and original artwork in commercial foyer settings. Hanging AroundTexas is 100% family-owned and, since their inception in 1996, has been called upon by interior designers, galleries, andcorporations to install works of art in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

    Hanging Around Texas,Allen, TX 75013

    Phone: (972)390-8159Fax: (972)390-8037

    Email: [email protected]

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