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January 2013

Mike Morgan and His Helicycle

Southwest Regional Chapters of the Popular Rotorcraft Association

Chapter 6 Mid-South Rotorcraft Club Contact: Thom Francis 210 S 8th Street Gurdon, AR 71743 Email: Phone: 870-403-2888 Chapter 20 Pelican State Rotor Club Contact: Bill Wieger 112 Gayven Dr. Pineville, LA 71360 Phone: 318-640-5656 Email: Website Chapter 62 Lone Star Rotorcraft Club Contact: Steve Weir 3714 Tri City Beach Rd Baytown, TX 77520 Phone: 832-457-1785 Email: Website: Chapter 65 Central Texas Rotorcraft Club Contact: Paul Erb 9901 Brodie Ln. 160-283 Austin, TX 78748 Email: Phone: 512-680-1835 Website: Chapter 78 Texas Rotorcraft Association Contact: Bob Stark PO Box 428 Olney, TX 76374 Phone: 940-564-2938 Email: Website: Oklahoma Contact: Robbie Hyde Duncan, OK Email: Phone: 580-475-5261

This Months Contributors: Dean Dolph Mike Morgan Stacy and Barbara Maness Mike Stone Gary Hall Jim Edwards

Southwest Regional Newsletter Club news and upcoming events Member profiles Members machines Chapter meeting minutes Projects, builds and modification Photos Family news Classifieds

Newsletter Past IssuesIf you have missed an issue of our newsletter just go to to download past issues. Also available at

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Southwest Rotorcraft

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January 2013

Upcoming EventsJanuary 12th: Chapter 65 Meeting January 19th: Chapter 62 Meeting at Anahuac January 26th: Chapter 78 Meeting at Olney February 9th: Chapter 65 Meeting February 16th: Chapter 62 Meting at Anahuac February 23rd: Chapter 78 Meeting at Olney

Send Us Your NewsProject ReportsSend us pictures of your project to include in future editions of the newsletter. We will post anything you have on your build, modifications, training, etc. Just send an email to tell us what you are doing and include some pictures if you have any. Progress reports are probably the most interesting things to read about and see.

Your Pride and JoySend us pictures of your machine to include as a feature in future editions. If you include some information on the details of your machine or a short bio of yourself well also include this with your pictures. Brag about your aircraft!!

Events and MeetingsNext time youre at a fly-in or just out flying with a buddy, take some pictures and let us know about it. Have your club secretary send us your club news and tell us about your meetings. Send us names of new members so we can welcome them to our sport. We are interested in anything your club is doing.

We strongly encourage all chapter members to become members of the PRA. By joining you will be supporting the organization that promotes our sport by representing us to the FAA and assist them on making gyro flying available for all of us. The new PRA website will have several members only benefits including: PRAs electronic Rotorcraft magazines along with past issues chocked full of great information and historical data, downloadable plans, and a PRA supported forum. Please join today, you wont be disappointed. Southwest Rotorcraft

Family News and AnnouncementsOur newsletter isnt just all about the machines, its about the people of our region also. Any family news or announcements you want to share please feel free to send us so we can let everyone know. Page 3 January 2013

From The EditorWell, 2012 is now officially over and with four fatal gyro accidents , it wasnt a great year for our sport. Lets all pull together to make 2013 a safer year . Gyros are already the redheaded step child of aviation so we need to work very diligently in preventing accidents and make our sport as safe as we can. Another note from 2012 is that we saw great growth in the Southwest Rotorcraft and have been blessed with contributors that submit news about their chapter and their area very regularly. I want thank those of you who have stepped up to make our newsletter one of the best publications in the gyro community. The last couple months have been a little sparse because of the holidays and the weather that kept most of us away from the hangar more than what we would like, hopefully things will pick up again in the next couple months. I do want to try and get the newsletter out before the second Saturday of each month so Chapter 65 can have their news out to their members before the monthly meeting. Please, if you want to send something in, try to get it to me between the last week of the month and the first week of the next month. Until then, fly safely. Mike Grosshans, Southwest Rotorcraft Editor

Great Reading MaterialThis is a book that I have and read, it is very good and I highly recommend it. Marion talks about how she got involved in gyros, many of her experiences, and some of her stories about training. Included in the back of the book are some write-ups about Marion from several of our highly regarded legends. It is certainly a must read. Anther one that I really enjoyed was Short Hops by Shirley Jennings. This is a great book for beginners as it explains how gyros work and what to expect during your training. Ordering information for this book is on page 20.

Born Free - My Life In GyrocoptersORDERING INFORMATION Born Free ................. $ 19.95 Sales Tax @ 8.50 % .. $ 1.69 (California residents only) Shipping .................... $ 4.00 in USA To Order By Mail Send check or money order payable to: Marion Springer 720 Mirage Lake Rd. Adelanto, CA 92301 Pay Online Through PayPal Email:

On the CoverWe lost another brother in December, Doug Goodman (AKA: Dogman) from Arizona. No information on what caused the crash . We all send our prayers to the family and friends. Southwest Rotorcraft Page 4 Chapter 20 member Mike Morgan and his newly acquired Helicycle

January 2013

Mid-South Rotorcraft Club

If you happen to be in Arkansas on a weekend it would be well worth your while to visit the guys in Morilton. Located just north/west of Little Rock. Here you see Gary Hall showing off his newest creation and the guys (Richard, John, and Gary) hovering around a Dominator. If you get there soon enough you may be able to help Gary Lewis by letting him know what the arrow is for on the fuel filter.

Above: Gary Halls highly modified Bensen. Right: John Ferguson and Gary readying the propeller. Below: the Ma nose is ready for the prop, Gary tightening the bolts after the prop is installed.

Southwest Rotorcraft

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January 2013

Mike Morgan and His Recent New ToyMike tells us: the Helicycle was built in 2003 and has 1178 hours. Most of that time was flown between 2009 -2011 by the second owner, David Lyons of Lake Charles, LA. He purchased it for the sole purpose of building turbine helicopter time so he could go to work flying helicopters offshore. He was successful and is currently flying a Bell 206. I purchased it from David in October 2012 and began training in a R22. On December 13th I jumped in and said "now or never"......made three flights and had a blast.

As of this writing, December 18th, I have about 2 hours of flight time so I am still trying to get comfortable with the machine. The turbine puts out approximately 160 hp but is derated to around 90-100 hp so it has tons of power since it weighs only 510 lbs. empty. Fuel burn is around 11 gph of Jet A or kerosene and it will cruise at 90-95 mph easily. It burns twice the fuel of the gyros but I is more than twice the fun!!!!! Congratulations Mike, hope to see you flying at a fly-in soon.

Chapter PatchesIf you would like to get a chapter patch for your flight suit, favorite shirt, ball cap, or just whatever you want to stick it on, contact: Chapter 20; Rudy Graffeo at Chapter 62; Danny Whitten at

CHAPTER SHIRTSChapter 62 has two styles of T-shirts available, if you are interested please contact Danny Whitten. He usually has these available for purchase at the meetings. They are $15 each Southwest Rotorcraft Page 6 January 2013

Christmas at the HangarIn December, Chapter 62 does nothold a regular meeting but instead invites the club members and one of their guests to attend a Christmas gathering. This year it was held at the Anahuac hangar. We had some flying going on, Mark got his Bensen out for some short, low flights over the grass field, Desmon brought Jarrod Perry over from Hooks and did some training, Steve got in some air time, Chuck flew over in his trike and did some flying around the airport, and Coda brought over his bi-plane. We met first at the hangar then everyone ventured over to Tonys BBQ for lunch, the club flipped the lunch tab. Afterwards most of us returned and did some work on the hangar. Coda offered, and gave, rides in his bi-plane to anyone that was interested. This was a very fun ride and Coda is an excellent pilot (he should be, hes a professional pilot).

Southwest Rotorcraft

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January 2013

Hangar FlyingFlying Rules1 - Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory. 2 - Flying isn't inherently dangerous. It's crashing that's dangerous. 3 - If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger. If you pull the stick b