Southwest Power Pool REGIONAL TARIFF minutes and...Regional Tariff Working Group October 1, 2012...

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Transcript of Southwest Power Pool REGIONAL TARIFF minutes and...Regional Tariff Working Group October 1, 2012...

  • Regional Tariff Working Group

    October 1, 2012

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    WebEx Conference Call October 1, 2012 8:30 A.M. 12:00 A.M.


    Call to Order, Introductions and Receipt of Proxies Chair Dennis Reed called the meeting to order at 8:33 A.M. on October 1, 2012. There were twenty-five persons in attendance via phone (Attachment 1 Attendance 10-01-2012). Two proxies were reported (Attachment 2 Proxies). Order 1000 Tariff Draft Discussion Chair Reed began the review with Attachment Y, Section I. Revisions were made in Section I.1(a) Transmission facilities that are ITP Upgrades and also in Section I.1(d) transmission facility was added. Revisions were also made in Section I.2 and I.5, Section III.1(a)(i), (ii) and (iii). In Section III.1(b)(i) Transmission Providers was removed. Section III.1(b)(ii)(2) the group added language - the Applicant may submit to the Transmission Provider. Additional revisions were made in the following: Section III.1(b)(2)(c) and (f), Section III.1(b)(ii)(3), Section III.1(b)(iii)(1)(a), Section III.1(c)(i) and (ii), Section III.1(d)(i) and (ii), Section III.1(f), Section III.2(a), Section III.2(b)(i), (ii) and (iii). Adjournment Chair Reed adjourned the meeting at 12:05 A.M. on October 1, 2012. Respectively Submitted, Brenda Fricano Acting RTWG Secretary

  • `Regional Tariff Working Group Meeting

    October 1, 2012

    Last Name First Name Company Email Attend


    Andrysik Richard LES

    Dowling Bill Midwest Energy, Inc.

    Haner Luke Omaha Public Power District Phone

    Hestermann Tom Sunflower Electric Power


    Janssen Rob Dogwood Energy Phone

    Kays David Oklahoma Gas & Electric Phone

    Kolb Lloyd Golden Spread Electric


    Leopold Brett ITC Great Plains

    Littleton Tom OMPA Phone

    Liu Bernard Xcel Energy Phone

    Locke Charles Kansas City Power & Light

    Company Phone

    Malone Paul NPPD

    McKinnie Adam MoPSC

    Pennybaker Robert American Electric Power Phone

    Reed Dennis Westar Energy Phone

    Rowland Neil Kansas Municipal Energy Agency Phone

    Shields Robert Arkansas Electric

    Cooperative Corporation Phone

    Tynes Keith ETEC Phone

    Varnell John Tenaska Power


    Warren Bary Empire District Phone

    Williams Mitchell Western Farmers Electric

    Cooperative Phone

    Polk Susan Southwest Power Pool

    Fricano Brenda Southwest Power Pool Phone

    Alexander Eric GRDA

    Anderson Gene OMPA

    Atwood Jason Kelson Energy


    Jennifer EON

    Bates Kevin Southwest Power Pool

    Binette Matt Wright & Talisman Phone

    Blaylock Jeff Hilliard Energy

    Last Name First Name Company Email

  • Brinker Kathleen Nemaha-Marshall

    Brown Seth ETEC

    Brown Shari Southwest Power Pool

    Bruse Jannsen KMEA

    Bumgarner Carrie Wright & Talisman

    Burns Kevin

    Busbee Alfred Southwest Power Pool

    Camp Wayne Accenture

    Campbell Trent Oklahoma Corporation


    Cates Charles Southwest Power Pool

    Cathey Casey Southwest Power Pool

    Cecil Walt MoPSC Phone

    Charles David Basin Electric Power Coop

    Choate Marisa Southwest Power Pool

    Collins Doug OPPD

    Collins Jessica Xcel Energy

    Coventry Geoff

    Cripps Matthew Cleco Power, LLC

    Crissup Phil OGE

    Cude Bruce Xcel Energy

    Daney Neal KMEA

    DAntuono Michelle Occidental

    Davis Jason Southwest Power Pool

    Davis Steve Southwest Power Pool

    DeBaun Tom KCC Phone

    deLassus Patrick Southwest Power Pool

    Dobson Alex OMPA

    Dunn Tom Southwest Power Pool

    Eeg Justin Tenaska

    Elmore Mitch Xcel Energy

    Emanuel Kelly Empire District

    Emery Beth Sunflower / MKEC

    Evans Les KepCo

    Foreman Mark Tenaska

    Fortik Jason LES

    Fox Kip AEP Phone

    Fulton John SPS

    Gallup Terri AEP

    Gaw Steve Wind Coalition Phone

    Gay Ryan Southwest Power Pool

    Giessmann Dena Southwest Power Pool

    Ghomsi Noumvi MoPSC

    Gillespie Randy Kelson Energy

    Grace Gene AWEA

    Greenwalt Jared Southwest Power Pool

    Guidroz Jim Southwest Power Pool

    Last Name First Name Company Email

    Gulley Don SECI

  • Gunesch John Retired OGE

    Hackett David KEMA

    Hadlinda Harold NPPD

    Hamilton Sherry Southwest Power Pool

    Hammons Ed GRDA

    Harrigill Ryan Southwest Power Pool

    Harris Brenda Occidental

    Hartman Dan

    Harvey John John Deere Wind Energy

    Harward Matt Southwest Power Pool

    Hocker Geoff Contractor, Southwestern

    Power Administration Phone

    Hayes Alison Southwest Power Pool

    Hendrix Charles Southwest Power Pool

    Henry Cynthia Xcel Energy

    Helyer Scott Tenaska

    Hewitt Douglas KCPL

    Holloway Larry Kansas Power Pool (KPP)

    Holtan Archie C.H. Guernsey Engineers

    Horak Frank Astek Wind Energy

    Hossain Shah Westar Energy, Inc

    Hotovy Jim NPPD

    Hulett Rachel Southwest Power Pool

    Hyatt John Southwest Power Pool

    Jackson Mitch Southwest Power Pool

    James Debbie Southwest Power Pool

    Jamieson Chris Duke Energy

    Jones Chris Duke Energy

    Jones Dan Southwest Power Pool

    Kapur Virat EPE Consulting

    Kelly George Accenture

    Kelly Patti Southwest Power Pool

    Kentner Tessie Southwest Power Pool

    Kirby Joshua WFEC

    Krajecki Jim CES

    Langdon Jon Southwest Power Pool

    Lima Luciano FERC

    Linton David ITC Great Plains Phone

    Lucas Antoine Southwest Power Pool

    Lyons Chris Constellation

    Mahlberg Paul INDN

    Martino Omar Res Americas

    McCord Rick Empire District

    McCraw Phil Southwest Power Pool

    McGeeney Chris AECI

    McNeil Nathan Midwest Energy, Inc.

    Mena Hugo Electric Power Engineers

    Last Name First Name Company Email

    Meringolo Ken CPV Cimmaron

  • Miller Beth Accenture

    Miller Brittney Arkansas PSC

    Moffett Michael Sunflower


    Mills John Southwest Power Pool

    Monroe Carl Southwest Power Pool

    Mooney Catherine Southwest Power Pool

    Moore Matt GSEC

    Morze Sarah FERC

    Mosier Pat APSC

    Mushrush Mike OMPA

    Myers Alan ITC Great Plains

    Newell Gary LAFA Counsel

    Noailles Liam Xcel Energy

    Ohmes Jerry BPU

    Onnen Katy KCPL Phone

    Osburn Dave OMPA

    Patel Purvi ITC Great Plains

    Payton Tom Occidental

    Pemberton Terri

    Prewitt Katherine Southwest Power Pool

    Purdy Steve Southwest Power Pool

    Quinn Susan Westar Energy