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  • 1. Geological formations of the Southwest

2. Mountain A large naturalelevation of the Earths surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level Created by geological uplift or volcanic activityMt Humphreys Arizonas highest peak 3. Canyon A deep gorge orravine, typically with a river flowing through it Can be quite wide, or very narrow Formed through long-term erosion Salt River Canyon Near Globe, Arizona 4. Slot Canyon A slot canyon is aAntelope Canyon Arizonanarrow canyon formed by the wear of water rushing through rock Significantly deeper than it is wide More dangerous for hikers and adventure seekers because of the possibility of flash floods in rainy weather 5. Plateau A large flat areaof land that is higher than other areas of land that surround it Often cut deep by canyons 6. Mesa An isolated flat-topped hill with steep sidesfound all through the southwest Takes its name from its characteristic tabletop shape 7. Butte Similar to a mesabut narrower A butte (pronounced beaut) is an isolated hill with steep sides and a small, relatively flat top Zion Park Utah 8. Arch A natural arch is aArches Park Utahrock formation with an opening underneath Formed by leftover salt deposits making deep vertical cracks in the rocks Erosion wears away sections forming fins which are narrow walls of sandstone 9. Gooseneck Sometimes the path of the water meandersand winds back upon itself creating a gooseneck shape 10. Natural Bridge Similar to an arch, most are formed by streamerosion wearing a path through the sandstone of a gooseneck 11. Goosenecks and Natural Bridges 12. HoodooBryce Canyon Utah Rock pillars and spires formed by erosion of tinystreams along the rim of a plateau Water moved over the steep slopes and carved out gullies, which widened over time leaving thin blades of rock Continued erosion of the rock walls left behind vertical columns, called hoodoos 13. Starts out with a sandstone plateau A Fin forms which is a thin vertical rockformation A window forms, similar to an arch but in the side of a rock Erosion cause the hoodoo to form The hoodoo will continue to erode, and eventually disappear altogether 14. HoodoosBryce Canyon UtahNorthern ArizonaSouthern Utah 15. Natural Bridges 16. Arches 17. MesasNorthern Arizona&ButtesGrand Canyon ArizonaZion park Utah