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  • 1. By: Chris Montemayor
    Southwest Exteriors : Social Media Evaluation

2. What are the goals?
Increased Brand awareness
Increased Internet Presence
Social Media/SEO/Review Sites
Better customer service
Be able to answer all questions that customers have prior to scheduling appointment
Better customer education
Be able to teach potential customers about product (factual information, benefits, customer testmonies)
3. Who is the audience
Generation X
Ages: 30 45
Income: Above Average/Depends
Issue: Helping shop for parents/Want to add value to home
Baby Boomers
Ages: 46 64
Income: Above Average to High
Issue: Want to add value to home/Have high quality product
Ages: 65 80
Income: Above Average to High
Issue: Want product that lasts lifetime
4. What kind of communication reaches them? Generation X
What they may look like:
Technology Aware
Will research online
Factual Information
Trust must be earned
Relationships built through consistency
If shopping for parents:
Will be hesitant
Will need to see it to believe it
5. What kind of communication reaches them? Baby Boomers
What they may look like:
Retired or Considering it
Will be looking for quality product to spend hard earned money on
Very hardworking
Somewhat Technology Adept
Email communication works
May Research Product
Desires Personal Relationship
Person to Person contact preferable
Likes Referrals by friends
6. What kind of communication reaches them? Retirees
What they might look like:
Looking to make final purchases
Want a product that will last and will pay great price for it
Technologically challenged
Prefer phone calls to any other source of communication
Prefer personal relationship with Business
7. What Social Media would work best?
Linked In
Google Places
8. Facebook
9. Facebook:
Can stand almost as a second website
Is extremely accessible
Allows for posting of Videos, Pictures, Links, Social Media Feeds
Is great for SEO
Allows customers to interact with company
Places a face/personality for the company
Guarantees that messages will be posted on Followers Feeds
Over saturation (quality content is key)
Requires constant maintenance/awareness
10. Twitter
11. Twitter:
Extremely fast relaying of info
Allows company to follow competition/customers
Serves as great Link to other Social Media
Allows for conversation/sharing of thoughts with interested parties (i.e. #Hashtags& @____)
Can be addicting
Must be a focused effort (no one cares what we ate for lunch)
12. Linked In:
13. Linked In:
Allows business to connect with other professionals
Great for employee Recruiting
Great for establishing industry expertise (referrals)
Great to follow Forums on related fields
User can publish presentations/information
User can publish polls/Q&As
Requires commitment (takes awhile to attain connections)
14. 15. Google Places
Great for increasing visibility
Great for SEO
Allows User to post pics, videos, coupons, company info, links to social media
Great for listing Customer Referrals
People can leave malicious reviews
Googles Service is subpar at best.
16. Blogging
Great for SEO
Great for establishing expertise
Great for connecting with audience
Can be time consuming
Requires right mindset
Can be subject to scrutiny
Quality material is a MUST.
17. 18. Youtube:
Great for SEO
Videos provide an more intimate look at a topic
Great for Viral Marketing
The amount of users is staggering
Videos may not be viewed very much
19. How to approach Social Media:
Consistency is key
Posting should be kept to the following:
Facebook: 2-3 posts a day (not including media posts)
Twitter: 3-4 post a day
However, should be monitored 24/7 (via Mobile updates, etc.)
Linked In
A few times a week for posting
In regard to recruiting, constant updates are key
20. How to approach Social Media: (part 2)
Once a week at first is good, and may be the nest overall approach for the sake of content
Update only when new media is available
Google Places:
Update when necessary
21. How to measure Social Media:
Basic Metrics:
Have profits increased since using Social Media?
Social Capital:
Conduct market research with users (Track Public Sentiment)
Have enjoyed the social media?
Have they received help?
Better information?
What do they like & dont like?
Talk to colleagues (other businesses/partners)
Have they noticed the social media efforts?
22. How to measure Social Media: (part 2)
Once research has been conducted both logistically & socially, reexamine the original goals for social media for the company