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2. What is the name of south korea flag?? lucky and unlucky numbers in south korea? 3. Location & Geography South Korea is located in East Asia, on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula jutting out from the far east of the Asian land mass. The Republic of Korea is composed of nine provinces, with Seoul as the capital city. The landscape of the country is spectacular in its variations and about 70 percent of it is mountainous, with more than 3000 islands dotting the coastline. There are several major rivers in the South, one of which is the Han River which cuts through Seoul. 4. Taegeukgi White represents peace & purity. The circle in the middle represents the balance of the universe Blue refers to shade, water & Land. Red means brightness, fire & sky. 5. Symbol The five petals all have meaning and are related to Korea's national flower (the Hibiscus syriacus, or Rose of Sharon) The Taegeuk represents peace and harmony Symbol present on the country's national flag surrounded by five stylized petals and a ribbon bearing the inscription "The Republic of Korea" (Daehan Minguk), the official name of the country, in Hangul characters. 6. Language Korean language with Korean alphabet (hangul) in different dialect. 7. Religions Irreligion 46.5%, Buddhism 22.8%, Protestantism 18.3%, Catholicism 10.9%, Other religions 1.7%. 8. Manner Bowing while meeting the eldest one. Do not leave your chopsticks sticking out of the rice bowl. Bring fruit or good quality chocolates or flowers if invited to a Korean's home. Do not start eating unless the eldest at the table has begun to eat. Its normal to be 15 to 20 minutes late but rude to be later than 30 minutes. Use both hands while receiving or offering something. 9. Customs Seollal (New years/ lunar new years) Chuseok (Celebrates the harvest) Seongtanjeol (Christmas day) 10. Wedding Ceremony Pungmul nori Candle lighting Girukabi and Grooms parade Presentation of wild geese Brides parade Entering to the wedding table and washing hands 11. Bowing ceremony Drinking and announcing the marriage to the heaven Weaving red and blue threads Receiving Girugi Letter reading and bowing to the parents and guests 12. Taboo Myth Do not write letter with red ink Someone should not mention about adoption If you see the mirror in the night, you will see a spirit Falling asleep in front of a fan is kiss of death Key tower, If the couple lock key and write their wishes then the key thrown away, their wishes will come true and they will not be separated 13. Beliefs Seven is lucky number. Four is unlucky number. Shaking your legs will chase your luck away. 14. Arts & Tools Court dances Folk dance 15. Arts & Tools Kayagum Tanso Senap Haegum Janggu Choktae 16. Food Kimchi Bulgogi Kimbap Bibimbap 17. Tteokbokki Miyeok Guk Sannakji Jjangmyeon Tteok Japchae 18. Costume Hanbok 19. Korean males are brash, aggresive, and fight too much Koreans drink too much Koreans like to express their racial characteristics by using colors. Stereotype 20. THANK YOU 21. References n populer-korea-selatan.html#axzz2sXM0M8LB the-kiss-of-death koreans/ SPOTLIGHT TRANS 7