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    Aeronautical Information

    Services (AIS)

  • Accident: Zagros MD83 at Mashad on Jan 28th

    2016, runway excursion on landing

    A Zagros Air MD-83, registration EP-ZAB performing flight ZV-4010 from Isfahan to

    Mashad (Iran) with 154 people on board, landed on Mashad's runway 31R at about 19:40L

    (15:40Z) but veered left off the RWY, rotating around its vertical axis and sliding sidewards

    and backwards to a halt; about 2200 metres past the runway threshold and 55 metres to the

    left of the runway centreline. There were no injuries reported, the aircraft however received

    substantial damage including the collapse of the right-hand main gear, partial collapse of the

    left main gear, right wing damage and left flaps damage.

    The airline reported that the crew lost control of the aircraft due to the slippery runway, due

    to snowfall. All 154 occupants of the aircraft evacuated safely and were taken to the


    The airport confirmed the runway excursion which caused substantial damage to the aircraft.

    There was snowfall and low visibility.

    Related NOTAM:


    RWY 31R AND 55M FM RWY CL 31R WITH MAX HGT 35FT. 28 JAN 18:39 2016

    UNTIL 29 JAN 18:30 2016. CREATED: 28 JAN 18:42 2016


    OIMM 281630Z 13010KT 0700 R31/2000N R13/1000U SN FG BKN008 OVC070

    M02/M02 Q1018

  • EP-ZAB sitting to the left of the runway (Photos:

    Mohsen Rahimi Anbaran):

  • Why was LDG attempted rather than a DIV to ATL AD?

    The RWY friction test report AVBL?

  • Responsibilities and functions

    To oversee the provision of an aeronautical

    information service in South Africa.

    Collect, verify and make available aeronautical

    information in accordance with ICAO Annex 15

    and ICAO Doc. 8126

    To assign Radio Telephony call-signs and 3-

    letter designators to Aircraft Operating


    To assign Location Indicators to licensed


  • How is information published?

    1) By way of issuing a Notice to Airmen


    2) AIC (Aeronautical Information Circular)

    3) AIP Supplement (Aeronautical Information

    Publication Supplement)

    4) AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication)

    5) Monthly Notam checklist of valid Notam.

  • When is a Notam issued?

    Whenever the information to be distributed is of a

    temporary nature and of short duration or when

    operationally significant, permanent changes of

    long duration are made at short notice, except for

    extensive text and/or graphics.

  • Information to be

    promulgated by Notam

    An extensive list is provided in Annex 15, Chapter

    5, paragraph

    Examples are:

    interruption of or return to operation of major

    components of aerodrome lighting systems;

    establishment, withdrawal or significant changes

    made to visual aids;

    changes to and limitations on availability of fuel,


  • Information to be

    promulgated by Notam

    presence or removal of, or significant

    changes in, hazardous conditions or water

    on the movement area;

    implementation of short-term contingency

    measures in cases of disruption, or partial

    disruption, of air traffic services and related

    supporting services, etc.

  • What is an AIC?

    An AIC shall be originated whenever it is

    necessary to promulgate aeronautical

    information that does not qualify for inclusion

    in an AIP or NOTAM.

    Examples are:

    a long-term forecast of any major change in

    legislation, regulations, procedures or


    information of a purely explanatory or

    advisory nature liable to affect flight safety;

    information or notification of an explanatory

    or advisory nature concerning technical,

    legislative or purely administrative matters.

  • What is published in an


    An extensive list of information is

    contained in ICAO Annex 15 and

    Doc. 8126. (Available on request).

    AD, ENR, GEN.

    NOTAM information published that is

    of a permanent nature.

    AIP Supplements published that is of

    a permanent nature.

    CAA ISO CA139-29 (AD information)

    form contains all information that

    needs to be provided to the SACAA

    AIS for publication.

  • When does the information

    get published?

    Information (AIC, AIP SUP) gets

    published monthly and the AIP

    amendments published quarterly.

    Information concerning changes in

    facilities, services or procedures gets

    published according to the AIRAC


  • AIRAC - what is that?

    AIRAC stands for Aeronautical Information

    Regulation and control (information that requires

    prior notification to users for planning purposes

    and database updates).

    Information published according to the AIRAC

    system must reach the AIS Operational unit no

    later than the indicated final date published on

    the AIRAC cycle available from the SACAA web-


    Information is published on the website 28 days

    in advance of the effective date. This does not

    include the AIP Amendment service, which is

    currently still only available in paper format.

  • Why 84 days in advance?

    Information must be verified, checked and produced in the correct format.

    Information must then be forwarded to the respective area of expertise and approved for publication.

    Information must be signed by the DCA and published on the CAA web-site at Information

  • AIRAC publications

    Information concerning the circumstances listed in ICAO

    Annex 15, Appendix 4, Part 1, shall be distributed under the

    regulated system (AIRAC), i.e. basing establishment,

    withdrawal or significant changes upon a series of common

    effective dates at intervals of 28 days.

    - The establishment and withdrawal of, and premeditated

    significant changes (including operational trials) to eg;

    Positions, frequencies, call signs, identifiers, known

    irregularities and maintenance periods of radio navigation

    aids, and communication and surveillance facilities.

    Meteorological facilities, runways and stopways, taxiways

    and aprons, aerodrome ground operating procedures,

    approach and runway lighting, aerodrome operating

    minima, position, height and lighting of navigational

    obstacles, hours of service of aerodromes, facilities and

    services, customs, immigration and health services, etc

  • AIRAC publications

    Operationally significant changes to the AIP shall

    be published in accordance with AIRAC procedures

    and shall be clearly identified by the acronym


    The information notified therein shall not be

    changed further for at least another 28 days after

    the effective date, unless the circumstance notified

    is of a temporary nature and would not persist for

    the full period.

  • AIP format

    eg; AD 2.12 Runway physical characteristics

  • Eg; AD 2.14 Approach and Runway Lighting

  • How should information be


    Data/information should be submitted to the SACAA on

    the ISO form CA175-03 form, which is available from

    the SACAA website.

    The data/information may be submitted via e-mail, hard

    copy or facsimile.

    PERM changes to the AIP data/information should be

    submitted directly to the SACAA offices.

    All information needing immediate attention should be

    submitted to the ATC centre at the various airports for

    NOTAM action. Where no ATSU is available at smaller

    airports, information should be submitted to the


    Information to be published in an AIP Supplement

    should be submitted to the SACAA offices on time,

    according to the AIRAC cycle.


    Responsible for AIP amendment


    Sale of the AIP and AIP files.

    Subscription services for one year from

    July end June every year.

    When an AIP is purchased, one year

    subscription from July to end June of the

    year you purchase in, is free of charge.

  • Contact Information

    Ms Baradi Phirwa Tel: 011 545 1341, E-mail: [email protected]

    Ms Leonie Venter Tel: 011 545 1224, E-mail: [email protected]

    Mr Matshwene Raseruthe Tel: 011 545 1590, Email: [email protected]

    Mr Godfrey Khumalo Tel: 011 545 1195, E-mail: [email protected]

    Ms Amanda Abraham Tel: 011 545 1376, E-mail: [email protected]

    Mr Hilton Kebadilwe Tel: 011 545 1221, E-mail: [email protected]

    Mr Douglas Rasimpi Tel: 011 545 1220, E-mail: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]