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Production Sound Mixers are responsible for ensuring that dialogue recorded during filming is suitably clear. We will help you to make your video more clear with the utilization of production sound mixer.

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  • 1. The process of mixing more than one signal (digital or analog) to produce a single signal is called a mix. And the process of mixing more than two digital signals to get the single output is called Sound mixing. Different audio channels can be changed in volume, stereo position, effect and balance independently so you can get the right sound that you want to have.

2. Studio mixers are like veins that pumps blood to the heart. These mixers are used to mix different signals into a single output signal to produce a high quality sound. Instruments such as drums, bass, guitars etc, mixer is something that puts them together to create a more accurate sound. Popp Sound Production Inc. Help you at every step of Sound Mixing. Every time full fill all yours requirements Related to sound mixing. 3. Popp Sound Production Inc. gives you very easy solution for each and every problem of Wiring Tools And Sound Mixing. Popp Sound Production Inc. Provides you Easy Demos Videos to understand the Problems regarding to Sound Mixing 4. Popp Sound Production Inc. Also Provides you EBooks for understanding of Sound Mixing Concepts. Read Out how you Can improve the quality of your sound with help of these Books. 5. Contact Us 14315 Moorpark Street, APT 107 Sherman Oaks CA 91423,United States Url :- Mail :-