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Documents on Smuggling of artifacts from India and depositing into an account in Cayman Islands.The documents show the letters to Central Govt Minister as well as court documents directing CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to investigate the case. When Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi husband) were Prime Ministers, not a day passed when the PMs security did not go to the New Delhi, or Chennai international airport to send crates and crates of Indian antiques and other treasures, unchecked by customs, to Rome. Air India and Alitalia were the chosen carriers. For organizing all this, Mr. Arjun Singh first as CM, later as Union Minister in charge of Culture, was her hatchet man. Indian temple sculpture of gods and goddesses, antiques, pichwai paintings, shatoosh shawls, coins, and you name it, were transported to Italy to be first displayed in two shops [see Annexure-16] owned by her sister, Anuskha alias Alessandra Maino Vinci. These shops located in blue-collar areas of Rivolta[shop name: Etnica] and Orbassano [shop name: Ganpati] did little business because which blue collar Italian wants to buy Indian antiques ? The shops were there to make false bills, and thereafter these treasures were taken to London for auction by Sothebys and Christies. Some of this ill-gotten money from auction went into the bank accounts of Rahul Gandhi in the National Westminister Bank and Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, London branches, but most of it found its way into the Gandhi family account in the Bank of America in Cayman Islands. Rahuls expenses and tuition fees for the one year he was at Harvard, was paid from that Cayman Island account [see Annexures-17].

In a nutshell UNs declaration of Mahatma Gandhis birthday on Oct 2 as the International NonViolence day is commendable. However, instead of a true Gandhian delivering his message of peace & non-violence, Sonia Gandhi who is not a representative of Gandhian values is chosen. Sonia Maino Gandhi is NOT related to Mahatma Gandhi. She is attempting to misappropriate his name for political mileage and international legitimacy. She is known to be vindictive and undemocratic. Her party uses various mechanisms such as tax raids, direct threats to subjugate opposition. (Know your Sonia by Dr. Subramanian Swamy). Due to her partys pro-terrorist policies, India has second highest number of terrorism victims after Iraq. Her Govt. is requesting clemency to Afzal Guru, the mastermind of attack on Indian parliament. In pursuit of Muslim vote banks, it created soft borders & turned a blind eye towards Islamic fundamentalism. Her respect for human rights is best explained by her decision to make a prime instigator of the anti-Sikh riots (that burnt alive 3000 Sikhs) a key central government minister in India. Her party has shown religious intolerance towards 900 million Hindus by blowing up Rama Sethu, an ancient Hindu heritage monument. This is similar to Taliban blowing up the Bamyan Buddhas. Gandhi is an embodiment of Hinduism with deep respect for all religions. He called religious conversions the deadliest poison that lethally destroys cultures of the world. Since Sonia came to power, there is a crusade to Christianize India, at the behest of international missionary enterprises. Her husband Rajiv and son Rahul are alleged to have received payments from KGB. According to Schweizer Illustrierte, Rajiv has a secret Swiss account of 2 billion dollars. Her son Rahul projected as next Prime Minister of India, was also detained by FBI with large unaccounted cash at Boston in 2001. (The State Within a State by Yevgenia Albats, Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte 11/1991, Indo Asian News Service). Her party was involved in the UN Oil for Food Scam that helped Saddam Hussein. She was involved in numerous scams, scandals and controversies. Before entering India, she was an au-pair with modest means. Since then, she and her family members amassed millions through questionable means. (Researched articles with proof by Dr. Subramanian Swamy at, Know Your Sonia by India First Foundation)

Why the protest? This protest is not against any party or person. It is against the attempt by Ms. Sonia Gandhi to usurp Mahatma Gandhis name and legacy for political mileage and international legitimacy. Ms. Sonia Gandhi policies and actions are opposite to the principles and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. In thought, word and deed they are poles apart.