Some Important Facts About Generic Drugs

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Do you know all about the Generic Drugs? This document is presented to you related some important facts about generic drugs. If you want to know more about Generic Drugs, then visit or Call us: 1-888-659-9555 to experience the Cheap Online Pharmacy today!

Transcript of Some Important Facts About Generic Drugs

  • Generic drugs, according to USFDA are bioequivalent andtherapeutically comparable to their brand-name counterparts.

    Even though there may be some suspicion among people as tothe lower costs of these drugs, effectiveness and side effects,

    compared to brand-named drugs, there exists little or noreported studies in the current literature supporting theseclaims. Generic drugs have gained continuous acceptance over

    the years to such an extent that 43-45 % of all prescriptions inthe US are filled by generic drugs and now are being accepted

    by physicians and patients alike.

  • Are There Any Studies Done On The Health Effects Of Generic Drugs V/S Brand-Name Drugs ?

    There are little or no studies reported in the current literature

    done on the health effects of generic drugs v/s brand-name drugs. There is only a perception among some people that generic drugs may be less effective than brand-name drugs.

  • Why Are Generic Drugs Cheaper Than Brand-name Drugs?

    Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs because of:- Less production costs- Less advertising costs- Less manufacturing costs- Greater competition among manufacturers and distributors tend to keep prices down

  • Are The Side Effects Of Generic Drugs More, Less Or The Same As Brand-name Drugs?

    The side effects of generic and brand-name drugs may be similar. Direct studies comparing the side effects of generic and

    brand-name drugs are lacking in the current literature.

  • How Do Drugs Work In The Body To Relief Ailment?

    You Can buy Generic Drugs Online in the recent time. Drugs work bybinding reversibly or irreversibly to receptors on the surface of cells therebyinducing biochemical, cellular, anatomical, and physiological changes in thehost. These changes may or may not serve to relief ailments. The effects ofdrugs decrease over time, due to physiological acclimatization in patients. Itis estimated that 90% of drugs manufactured are effective in 30-50 % ofpatients. This means that drugs may be effective only in a small percent ofpatients.

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