Solar Thermal Dish Turbine 2 kW

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Solar Thermal Dish Turbine 2 kw system

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insolation, soft‐land, hot and humid country zone.The system utility scale solar power market. Its mission

is to build the most affordable, modular and scalable solarsolution in the industry.

Parabolic Dish systems use satellite‐like mirror dish(es)to focus the light onto a single central receiver in front ofthe mirror. They so far have the highest heat‐electricityconversion efficiencies among all CSP designs up to 30 %.

The size of the concentrator is determined by its engine.A dish/Steam Turbine system’s concentrator with a nominaldirect solar insolation from 500‐1,000 W/m2 and a 10‐kWe@500 W/m2 or 25‐kWe@1,000 W/m2 capacity has adiameter of approximately 10 meters.

It could also run on a single Rankine cycle, where water,or other gas is compressed, heated and expanded into aturbine. Parabolic dish could be applied individually inremote locations, or grouped

together for small‐grid (village power, 10 KW) or end‐of‐line utility (100 MW) applications. The system had nothermal delivery tubes so it is minimum thermal losses.

The electricity has to be used immediately ortransmitted to the gird as the system has no storagedevice. Intermittent cloud cover can cause weakening ofhighly concentrated receiver source flux. Sensible energystorage in single‐phase materials was proposed to allow acylindrical absorber element not only absorb the energybut also store it in its mass, thus reducing the amplitude ofcloud cover transients. Although this design only allowsshort period energy storage, potential longer time storagetechnology would make parabolic dish more appealing.

Designed and developed by Solar Space FrameIndustrial Co.,Ltd the, SolarCatcher™, CSP technology is a10 or 25‐kilowatt‐electric (kWe) system generating cleansolar energy. The SFI, SolarCatcher™, achieved commercialdeployment at the 2 MW KHO TAO Solar Plant in Thailandin early 2011.

The SolarCatcher™ technology makes it possible forlarge power facilities to provide clean, reliable, cost‐effective and truly sustainable solar power tocommunities, while addressing renewable energy portfoliotargets, and tackling global climate change by activelyreducing our planet’s carbon emissions.

Solar  Steam  Turbine  Systems  is  a solar  power  system equipped with a Dish Steam  Turbine Engine  concentrating solar power (CSP) technology  specially designed  for   medium   solar

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Technical specificationsReflector Apeture area (net)

Mean collector diameteFocal LengthMean half‐rim angleNumber of mirror panelsMirror reflectivity (new)

25  m2

5.00   m3.00 m43.60 o

40093 %

Tracking ActuationElevation envelopeAzimuth envelopePointing errorCut‐off wind speedSun position programme

Electrical Motor0 o to +90 o

+ or – 270 o

<= + or ‐ 2 mrad80 km/hopen‐loop

Weight Weight/aperture ratio 2 kg/m2

Generator 3 Phase Induction Motor 2 kWTurbine Pressure 1.5 Mpa

Temperature 200 oCSteam Rate 2 LPM

Condenser Air Cooled

Performance @ 1,000 W/m2 = 25 kWrad

Solar power intercepted by the receiver

0.635 15.9 kWrad

Solar power absorbed by the feed‐water in the absorbed/boiler 

0.910 14.5 kWth

Equivalent heat rate fed to the steam engine

0.880 14.0 kWth

Gross electricity generated 0.175 2.8 kWe

Net power fed to the grid 0.155 2.5 kWe

Net solar‐to‐electricity conversion efficiency

11.1 %

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