Solar Photovoltaics Status Report

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Solar Photovoltaics Status Report. M.Sc. Miklós Pálfy Solart-System. Introduction. Solar radiation Potential PV in NMS Applications Quasiautonomous systems. Solar Radiation in Hungary. 1168-1460/1150-1332 kWh/m 2 Incoming solar energy to Hungary 1.16*10 14 kWh/year. 1250 kWh/m 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Solar Photovoltaics Status Report

  • Solar Photovoltaics Status Report M.Sc. Mikls PlfySolart-System

  • IntroductionSolar radiationPotentialPV in NMSApplicationsQuasiautonomous systems

  • Solar Radiation in Hungary

    1168-1460/1150-1332 kWh/m2Incoming solar energy to Hungary 1.16*1014 kWh/year. 1250 kWh/m2 2900 x yearly Hungarian electrical energy demandHousehold electrical energy demand = for 2 m2 incoming solar energy

  • PV Potential in Hungary

  • PV Potential in Hungary

    Yearly average electrical energy production of the solar equipment to be installed potentially in Hungary =486 billion kWh.Yearly demand of the electrical energy in Hungary today ~ 40 billion kWh.PV potential more than 12 fold.Remarks for PV fields: + Building facades Solar thermal collectors

  • PV installations

    1460 MWp PV in 2005Yearly growing rate >40%Largest market = EU

  • Cummulative installed PV Capacities (source:EPIA)

  • Annually Installed PV Capacity in Europe in 2006 (source:EPIA)

  • PV installations in EU (source:EPIA)

  • Cumulative PV installations in NMS in 2006 (source:CPWUT)

  • Trends in total installed PV in NMS (source:CPWUT)

  • Total installed PV in NMS in 2006 (source:CPWUT)

    3,2 MWp 58% on grid systems (grid connected)annual growing rate 38% (2003-2005)annual growing rate 70% (2006)

  • Cumulative PV installations in NMS (source:CPWUT)

  • PV Modul Price

  • PV production in Hungary1973. PV development started in VKI.1989. Pannonglas SOLARLAB founded.1990. Solart-System Ltd. founded. www.solart-system.hu1997. Dunasolar amorphous PV factory founded.2004. SANYO PV module production plant founded. www.sanyo.com2004. Korax PV module production plant founded. www.korax.hu2007. Heliogrid amorphus PV module production plant founded in Rtsg. (~70 MEuro investment) 2007. Genesis PV module production plant founded in Krnye. (~100 MEuro investment)



  • Heliogrid

  • Applications

    Off grid systemsGrid connected, on grid systems Quasiautonomous power suppliesConsumer products

  • Off grid systems

  • 0,5/1,4kWp Solar Wind off grid system

  • 10 kWp on grid system at SZIE

  • 10 kWp on grid system at motorway fuel station

  • 50 kWp grid connected system

  • Quasiautonomous Solar Power Supply

  • 1 kWp system

  • Quasiautonomous Battery Bank

  • Quasiautonomous Control Unit

  • 1,35 kWp Quasiautonomous Solar Power System

  • PVs on the roof

  • Quasiautonomous Control Unit

  • Educational QUASI

  • QUASI underground Battery Bank

  • Educational QUASI

  • Meteorological sensors

  • Meteorological Central Unit

  • Battery Charging and Load

  • Solar Radiation and Feed in Energy

  • The Sun Keeps ShiningThank you for your kind attention