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1. Definition of Solar Photovoltaic

2. Solar PV Industry in Kenya

3. Regulations By Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)

4. Viscar Solar PV Training

5. Q & A Session

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What Do You Understand by the Term

Solar Photovoltaic?

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Basics of Solar PV

• Photovoltaic is a solar energy technology

• Solar PV produces electricity from solar

energy directly

• unlike hydropower and other technologies,

solar PV does not involve moving parts

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How it Works

• Several photovoltaic cells make a solar panel

• Solar panels are placed on the rooftops of buildings

• Electricity is produced through the action of sunlight on electrons in a photovoltaic cell

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Solar panel

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Solar Panels on top of a building

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Diagrammatic Representation

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Solar PV in Kenya• About 30,000 solar PV systems sold in Kenya

per year

• The volume likely to increase due to more interest in renewable energy technologies

• Because of the geographical location, Kenya and Africa as a whole suited for solar technology

• Off the grid market prevalent especially in poor and disadvantaged regions

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Licensing by ERCAccording to the Energy (Solar PV Systems)

Regulations, 2012:

“A person shall not design or install any solar PV system unless he is licensed by the Commission”-Solar PV System Technicians

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“A person shall not engage in the business of

manufacture of any solar PV system and

components unless he applies for and

obtains a license from the Commission”-

Solar PV system manufacturers

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“A person shall not import, distribute,

promote, sell or install any solar PV system

unless he is licensed by the Commission as a

vendor.”-Solar PV system manufacturer,

importer, vendor or contractor.

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Closing Quote

“The use of solar energy offers huge potential

for natural resource and climate protection,

and for the expansion of renewable energies

on the road to a future-oriented energy supply”

MARGARETA WOLF, speech, Jun. 20, 2004

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Viscar Solar PV Training

• For Technician Level T1 & T2

• The highest level of licensing is T3

• Target Audience from various industries– Solar PV Manufacturers

– Solar PV Technicians

– Solar PV Vendors

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