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  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    Sheppard, A. W. - (Alexander William), - 1913-1997

    Alexander William Sheppard

    Interview with Colonel A.W. Sheppard, army o!er, writer, "oo#$eller and

    p%"li$her &$o%nd re!ordin' Interviewer* Ann +%rner


    7 tape reel$ * 7 1 ip$, %ll tra!#, mono 7 in. / tran$!ript (100 leave$)

    endin' !opy* 2 !a$$ette$.

    e!orded in Sydney, 4.S.W. on 3 5%ly and 7 A%'%$t 1991.

    Sheppard, A. W. - (Alexander William), - 1913-1997 - Interview$. 6 Soldier$ -

    ree!e - Interview$. 6 Soldier$ - A%$tralia - Interview$. 6 8oo#$eller$ and

    "oo#$ellin' - 4ew So%th Wale$ - Sydney - Interview$. 6 %"li$her$ and p%"li$hin'

    - A%$tralia - Interview$. 6 A%thor$, A%$tralian - 0th !ent%ry - Interview$. 6 World

    War, 1939-192: - ree!e - er$onal narrative$, A%$tralian. 6 Cen$or$hip -A%$tralia - ;i$tory. 6 ree!e - ;i$tory - Civil War, 1922-1929 - er$onal narrative$,


  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    Inside story : Greece's struggle for freedom

    "y A W Sheppard ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e (A%$tralia)

    an'%a'e* @n'li$h

    %"li$her* Sydney * ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, &1927E

    An Australian ocer in Greece : an expose of how Greece ... became a

    police state ...

    "y A W Sheppard emo!rit%$ ea'%e (?el"o%rne, Fi!.)

    an'%a'e* @n'li$h

    %"li$her* ?el"o%rne * International 8oo#$hop, 1927

    Britain in Greece : A Study in International Interference.

    "y A W Sheppard, Col. ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e.

    an'%a'e* @n'li$h

    %"li$her* ondon * +he ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, &&19--.

    Britain in Greece.

    "y A W Sheppardan'%a'e* @n'li$h

    %"li$her* ondon, ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, 1927.

    he !a"is rise again# the story of the $rst rise of na"ism% its temporary

    eclipse% and its resurgence in recent times.

    "y A W Sheppard

    an'%a'e* @n'li$h

    %"li$her* Sydney, ornall &19:0

    &rigen i Gr(enland

    "y A W Sheppard

    an'%a'e* ani$h

    %"li$her* +iden, 192G

    A%$tralian 4ational i"rary

    8ritain in ree!e

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997

    ondon * ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, &1927Eaper$ o Alexander Sheppard, 1939-1997 &man%$!ript,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=1&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=2&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=1&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=2&max=10
  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997


    Interview with Colonel A.W. Sheppard, army o!er, writer, "oo#$eller and p%"li$her &$o%nd

    re!ordin' Interviewer* Ann +%rner

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997



    An A%$tralian o!er in ree!e * an expo$e o how ree!e ... "e!ame a poli!e $tate ... "y

    A.W. Sheppard

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997

    ?el"o%rne * International 8oo#$hop, 1927

    ?ind$Denty and the rote$tant pa$tor$ * a a!t%al a!!o%nt o the amo%$ trial$ in ;%n'ary

    and 8%l'aria "y A.W. Sheppard

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997

    Sydney * Hree CitiDen re$$, 1929

    In$ide $tory * ree!e$ $tr%''le or reedom Col. A.W. Sheppard

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997

    Sydney * ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, &1927E

    +he 4aDi$ ri$e a'ain * the $tory o the >r$t ri$e o 4aDi$m, it$ temporary e!lip$e, and it$

    re$%r'en!e in re!ent time$ "y A.W. Sheppard

    "y Sheppard, A. W. (Alexander William), 1913-1997

    Sydney * ornall, 19:0

    o%'herty, a 'reat man amon' men * a "io'raphy o ?aBor eneral Sir Ivan o%'herty "y

    .;. Hearn$ide &and en Clit edited "y A.W. Sheppard

    "y Hearn$ide, . ;. (eoJrey ;arry), 1917-197G

    Sydney * Alpha 8oo#$, 1979

    ?a#roni$$o$ * the Ameri!an a!ha% in ree!e "y eor'e$ am"rino$ tran$lated and

    introd%!ed "y A.W. Sheppard

    "y am"rino$, eor'e$

    Sydney * ea'%e or emo!ra!y in ree!e, &1929

    Re: Alexander William SHEPPARD born 1910-1913 ?, died Sydney 10 June 199

    Hi P!ili",

    # am "o$%in& %!i$ a$ # $"en% all a'%ernoon on i%, and you may 'ind $ome%!in& o' in%ere$%- # !a(e %o lea(e )or* no), bu% i'you !a(e all %!e in'o, 'eel 'ree %o i&nore i %+

    193 SHEPPARD A.E/ADER W#..#A D24.AS DA#S#E E#.EE 5RW22D,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=3&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=3&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=4&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=4&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=5&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=5&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=6&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=7&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=7&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=9&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=9&max=10,%20G.%20H.%20(Geoffrey%20Harry),%201917-1978%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=10&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=10&max=10,%20Georges%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=3&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=3&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=4&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=4&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=5&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=5&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=6&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=7&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=7&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=9&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=9&max=10,%20G.%20H.%20(Geoffrey%20Harry),%201917-1978%22&iknowwhatimean=1,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=10&max=10,%20A.%20W.%20(Alexander%20William),%201913-1997%22&offset=10&max=10,%20Georges%22&iknowwhatimean=1
  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    S!i""in& Re6ord$:77777777777777777777777777777ame: Alexander W S!e""ard-o66- Se6re%ary

    Arri(al Da%e: 11 o( 1985ir%! ear: ab% 19115ir%! .o6a%ion: En&land5ir%! .o6a%ion 2%!er: london

    A&e: 34ender: aleE%!ni6i%yRa6e-a%ionali%y: En&li$!Por% o' De"ar%ure: Sou%!am"%on, En&landPor% o' Arri(al: e) or*, e) or*S!i" ame: ;ueen ary

    7777777777777777777777!e &i(e$ !i$ o66 a$ 5arri$%er on %!i$ %ri":and &a(e !i$ "ro"o$ed addre$$ a$

  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    S!i" ame: Sou%!ern @ro$$addre$$ )a$ @- Re"rin% So6ie%y reman%le, Au$%ralia

    Pa$$en&er de$%ina%ion: >reman%le, Au$%raliaDa%e o' 5ir%!: < June 1918

    A&e: 8F 6al6ula%ed 'rom D25ari%al $%a%u$: arriedSex: ale266u"a%ion: @o Dire6%orH#A.AAS 5 S ?Sydney, Au$%ralia4a(e la$% addre$$ a$ 3 S% Jame$ S%ree% SW1 .ondon77777777777777777777777777

    Ele6%oral Roll$:

    ame: Alexander William S!e""ard - o66: $e6re%ary4ender: ale

    Ele6%oral ear: 193S%a%e: e) Sou%! Wale$Di$%ri6%: Warrin&a!Subdi$%ri6%: eu%ral 5ayaddre$$: 31 =areela Rd

    ame: Alexander William S!e""ard-o66- Se6re%ary4ender: aleEle6%oral ear: 1983S%a%e: e) Sou%! Wale$Di$%ri6%: Parrama%%aSubdi$%ri6%: 4ordonadd: < Woodland$ Rd, .ind'ield

    Dai$ie Eileen i$ a% 1 Ed)ard S% .ind'ield

    ame: Alexander William S!e""ard - o66: Re%ail Crader4ender: aleEle6%oral ear: 19FS%a%e: e) Sou%! Wale$Di$%ri6%: 5ennelon&Subdi$%ri6%: @!a%$)ood We$%addre$$: 1< 5ea6on$'ield Rd @!a%$)ood We$%)i%! )i'e Dai$ie Eileen

    C!ey mo(ed by 193 %o 98< Pa6i'i6 Hi&!)ay =illara and bo%! !e and Dai$ie are no) B 5oo*$eller$BC!ey )ere $%ill %!ere in 19, bu% )i%! Helen >ai%! SHEPPARD %!ere - $!e i$ a $e6re%ary777777777777777777777777777777

    < June 191 S!irley Sin&er and @olonel A7 W7 S!e""ard72n Au$%raliaB$ 'ir$% "ar%i6i"a%ion in %!e Jeru$alem 5oo* >air o' 1917Wi%! %!e Au$%ralia-#$rael So6ie%y 'or @ul%ural Ex6!an&e7


    Jo6elyn - PS - # 6!e6*ed ou% @lemen% Jame$ SHEPPARD - !e )a$ a6%ually born 191 - and al$o )en% %o WWle ...

    di$!overy.nationalar!hive$.'ov.%#...CG... - LMNOPQRT RUNV NT MXYZR

    etail$ o H 371730G. eeren!e* H 371730G. e$!ription* A!tivitie$o *olonel A ) Sheppardin ree!e. Code 19, >le 30:. ate* 192G. ;eld"y* +he ...

    [\]^MP_V^RNM RUNV` NT MXYZR N] 1:301:.

    Alle'ed violation$ o the !ial Se!ret$ A!t "y Colonel A.W. ...di$!overy.nationalar!hive$.'ov.%#...CG...


    Alle'ed violation$ o the !ial Se!ret$ A!t "y *olonel A.). Sheppard,ormer head o the Saloni#a "ran!h o the 8riti$h @!onomi! ?i$$ion toree!e. Code 19

    dio 5ib #D 133390>orma% Audio, 2nline - 4oo&le 5oo*$

    Au%!or S!e""ard, A7 W7 Alexander William, 1911-199

    A66e$$ @ondi%ion$ A66e$$ o"en 'or re$ear6!, "er$onal 6o"ie$ and "ubli6 u$e7

    De$6ri"%ion 19917

    %a"e reel$ : 1< i"$, 'ull %ra6*, mono in7 K %ran$6ri"% 100 lea(e$

    Summary: S!e""ard de$6ribe$ !i$ early li'e L 'amily ba6*&round 'ir$% em"loymen% and uni(er$i%y $%udie$ )ar%ime re$"on$ibili%ie$ in iddle Ea$%, 4ree6e and or%!ern

  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


    Let me quote, in illustration, what the Briton, ColonelAlexander Sheppard, said with regard to the reign of terror in

    Greece, during a press conference at Gteborg on October !,"!#$ Colonel Sheppard, who fought in "! against the

    Germans in Greece and returned to that countr% with anAustralian &ission in "!', was later chief of an ()**A

    mission, and in "!+ became chief of the conomic &ission for)orthern Greece$ -e resigned in "!. because of his disappro/al

    of inter/ention in the internal affairs of Greece$ 0hese are thewords of Colonel Sheppard1

    20o maintain themsel/es in power, the traitors who had firstsold their countr% to the Germans and who are now selling it to

    the Americans, organi3ed a reign of terror against the Gree4democratic population$ 0his terror is 5ust as ruthless as the

    German terror during the occupation$ 0he Athens Go/ernmentadmits that it has deported to the Aegean islands +.,666 persons$

    0he Athens Go/ernment has not allowed representati/es of the7nternational *ed Cross, in spite of their repeated demands, to

    /isit these islands$ 0he pretext put forward was that these campscould not be considered as prisoners8 camps, as there was

    officiall% no war in Greece$ 0hese are strange morals, indeed92concluded the British Colonel$

  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard


  • 7/24/2019 SOE & a W Sheppard