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  • 7/27/2019 Socrates Redacted


    State of MinnesotaCounfif Hennepin District CourtFourth Judicial Districtrfii;XXccT12 LIST CHARCE STATUTEONLY609.185609.66 rhoc'r$rJriiWIH4J CTY ATTYF'ILE NO.t3-6535 CONTROLLINOACENCYMN027r 100 CONTROL NOl3344349

    E r'if BG $.n 6 m (s j{ah.d) fl r'rf Domr- Atsh I d.tinld by MS 5 ttFot, r52.,bState of Minnesota, PLAINTIFF'VS.


    COURTCASENO. DATEFILED"""^;; :"c^Q- l 5: - 5+ =1 7il Amended flraU Charyc Previously Filcd[] suuuoNsfl wannaNrEl onPsn oF DETENIIoNfl exrneotrtoNMNCIS #: 27-CR'LE;#z 13-25493SILS ID: 601182TRACK ID: 2688567

    EI senlous FELoNYD rEloNvE cnoss MIsDM DwI[] cnoss MIsDMDate of Birthfln3/88

    COMPLAINTThe Complainanr, being duly sworn, makes complaint to the above-named Court and stales that there is probable cause to believe thal theD"f*;;;, commiued tierfollowing ofense(s). The complainant states that rhefollowingfacts establish PROBABLE CAUSE:

    Complainant, paul Hatle, of the Minneapolis Police Department, has investigated the facts and circumstances ofthis offense and believes the following establishes probable cause:That on October 13, 2013, at approxim ately 2:A2 p.m., officef w:re f t'o"- Av11e f,ortn inMinneapolis, Hennepin County, Ulnnesota, to investigate a shooting- Upon arrival, oflicers learned the victim, aniJ"n inJo adult mald had u"en rttot multiple times and was lying nezr an apartrnent building at the above-listed"ait"tr. The victim was tftnsported to the hospital for medical treatment'offrcers spoke with a witness, hereafter witness #1, who reported he was driving westbound on Lowry AvenueNorth when he our"*"a " u*gundy colored oldsmobile Atero' MN License Plate I suddenly stop directlyi"-rrr", ,ir,is vehicle aif L.*ty Avenue North. witness #1 reported he observed irn arm, hand and firearm;;; frr; the front p"G-g"t winaory of the vehicle. witness #1 rewrtd &e frolt seat passenger then firedmultiple shots in the directioi of several persons standing directly in front of the building at f Lowry. witness;i"ff;il t " our"rueo the group of people jump and sca{e1_and observed the victim lying on the ground[*ffi* *rat tre had been slor'witneri *f reported the Oldsmobile Alero then drove away and turned right ontoil;;;;;renue Norrh. witness #l reported the oldsmobile Alero was occupied by two black males, a driver and ai""To"rr"nger. ofiicers located and ipoke with several other witnesses who reported the same vehicle descriptionand similar suspect descriptions'

    FORM.' REV. tZ95

  • 7/27/2019 Socrates Redacted



    ,,or","Jr"neral discharged cartridge casings on the street and curb directly in front of !L9wry Avenue-,n. All of the discharged casings *rrrif ,h, sime brand and caliber. officers also located a metal fiagmentand copperjacket in the area.oflicers confirmed the apartment building at r Lowry Avenue North was occupied at the time of the shooting'Specifically, one resident was contacted who reported hearinq g""tft"it *9 t* having her front window break'Offrcers inspected the window and observed a bullet passed ittiough rrt" windowand struck an interior wall'Offrcers also located several bullet holes in the front entryway ttrJpusttd through the door and went into thestairwell.officers spoke with the victim. The victim reported rrgpellrro shot him and who was driving the vehicle' Thevictim identified the shooter as plcASSO rOSepH DEJOACHIM, hereafter PICASSO, and stated !t--!ry knownthis individual for years. The victim identified the driver as soci,ATES JEFFERSON DF^IOACHIM, hereafterdefendant, and stated he is plcASSo's brother. The victim reported he knows defendant and PICASSO to drive amaroon colored Oldsmobile Alero. Officers compiled two separate six-person photographic-liner.rps with onelineup containing a photograph of PICASSO andihe other lineup containing a photograph of defendant, anddisplayed the lineups separately to the victim. The victim identified the photograph of PICASSO from the firstlineup as the shooter and identified the photograph of defendant from thi second lineup as the driver' The victimreported he saw defendant and plcASSb Otiir uy him an initial time and then drive away. The victim reportedthey returned a short while larer and that is whenie was shot by PICASSO. The victim reported he was standingdirectly in front of the ILowry building at the time !: y1 shot. The victim reported he was struck multipletimes and fell to the ground- The victim refortea PICASSO kept shooting at him-even after he fell to the ground'The victim reported lefendant was driving the vehicle at the time the shots were fired.Officers leamed the victim sustained three gunshot wounds. One gunshot wound entered and exited the victim's,ight t"g. A second entered and exited the victim's right arm. The third entered the victirn's left buttock andremained lodged in his bodY.Officers ran a registration check on MN License Platef and confirmed 1_1as registered to an OldsmobileRl"ro owned ly S.C.e. Officers learned S.G.B. is the mother of defendant and PICASSO.Defendant and PICASSO arrived at the police department and were arrested. During a post-M!:nnda statement,defendant reported as follows: that PICASSO drove them to a store near Lowry and Logan Avenues North whereitey oUsew*O the victim standing in front of the Ibuilding; that the victim saw them and made a gestureto*arAs them with his fingers as if he were pointing a gun at them; that PICASSO drove them back to theirresidence; that pICASSO exited the vehicle and went into the residence briefly while he (defendanQ waited in thecar; that when PICASSO retumed to the vehicle he instructed defendant to drive and that PICASSO got into thefront passenger seat; that they drove back to where the victim was standing; that PICASSO instructed him to stopthe car next io the victim; ttrat PICASSO then proceeded to shoot the victim; that he (defendant) then drove away;and that the firearm involved belonged to PICASSO. Defendant also reported that approximately two years ago,the victim and PICASSO got into a fight and that victim broke PICASSO'S jaw. Defendant reported PICASSO hasheld a gnldge against victim ever since.At present, defendant is in custody.

  • 7/27/2019 Socrates Redacted



    OFFENSECOTINT 1: ATTEMPTED MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE (FELoNl)MINN. srAT. $ 609.185(aXl); g 609.11; g 609.r06, suBD.2(t); $ d09.05; g 609.17PENALTY: LIFEThat on or about october 13, 2013, in Hennepin county, Minnesot4 socRATES JEFFERSON DEIOACHIM,acting alone or intentionally aiding, advising, hiring, counseling or conspiring with another, while using a firearm,attempted to cause the death of victim, a human being, with premeditation and with intent to effect the death of thaperson, or another.COUNT 2: DRM-BY SHOOTING (FELONY)MINN. STAT. $ 609.66, SUBD. le(b); g 609.1l; g 609.05PENALTY:3-10 YEARS AND/OR $20,000That on or about october 13,2013, in Hennepin county, Minnesota, socRATES JEFFERSON DtrJoAcHIMacting alone or intentionally aiding, advising, hiring, counseling or conspiring with another, while in or having justexited a motor vehicle, recklessly discharged a firearm at or toward u p"rron,-uictim, or another motor vehicle, or abuilding and the vehicle or building was occupied.

    NOTICE: You must lppear for every court hearing on this charge. Acharye is e criminal offense and may be punished as-provided in Minn. failure to appear for court on thisStat g 609.49.THEREFORE, Complai"y:::!r":r,ki:,!.ri-,y!,:n^ be.tarren to obiin aefeniin,s appearanee in court; orderained, if already in custody, pendingfurther proceeitngs;4 !!pl s=?! Pft-t=F"ft untr*trc ti acco,dini-rlo ta*.COMPLAINANT'S NAME:Paul Hatle

    October lE,2013 kf pnosecurrNffiPROSECWNG ATTOKNET

    DARREN C. BORG C2f 00 Government Center, Minneapolis, IVIN SS4g?Telephone:612-34E{413 r.