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Join the "Social Revolution" with Joomla! CMS and many extensions, built to keep you ahead of the curve.

Transcript of Socialize Your Joomla! Website

  • Socialize Your Joomla! Website

    Create An Authentic Community With Joomla!

  • Social Media: Ummwhat-the?!

  • Once you know what-the-heck then how-the-heck are you going to get it into your site?

    Thats what well cover today.

  • Oh, then theres the why-the-heck part too

    Easy Answer: Growth

  • The Social Revolution

  • So what exactly IS Social Media?

  • "Social media is like a first kiss

  • Everyone wants to do it,

    No one actually knows how

  • And when its finally over, were surprised it wasnt better."

  • Social Media is:

  • Social content, created through social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.

  • Content is User-Generated: The User is transformed from a content consumer into a content producer.

  • Social media fosters many-to-many dialogues,

    rather than one-to-many broadcast media monologues

  • So in a nutshell, using Social Media as defined in Wiki form,

    since youre not actually creating any content, your job is easy peezy!

    Just do this:

  • Create a destination for Users to communicate with other like-minded users on subject matter which youre willing and able to host, using all sorts of methods such as text, photos, video, audio, chat, discussion boards, blogs, walls, comments, an app here; an app there; whilst leaving room for future communication methods to be named later

  • Dont worry. Be happy. A lot of the groundwork has already been done for us, using Joomla! CMS plus some very powerful add-ons.

  • Social Community Apps:

    Community Builder

    CBE (CB Enhanced)



  • Todays Focus:

  • Social Extensions For Joomla!

    FaceBook FanBox Add Fan Box to your Joomla site By Style13

    NinjaWave Incorporate Google Wave By NinjaForge

  • Social Extensions For Joomla!

    Joomla! Com-Twitter Component Integrate Joomla! With Twitter By Mobilada

    Stalker Social Network Listing By Nick Texidor

  • Social Extensions For Joomla!

    WordPress For Joomla! WordPress + Joomla Combined! By corePHP

    MyBlog Excellent Blogging Solution By Azrul Studios

  • Social Extensions For Joomla!

    Jxtended Comments Commenting, Bookmarks & Ratings By jxtended

    Disqus Commenting System By JoomlaWorks

  • JomSocial Communities:


  • JomSocial Communities:

    Ministry Of Gamers

  • JomSocial Communities:

  • And Everybodys Favorite:


  • JomSocial For JoomlaChicago

    Easier Development

    Fast Deployment

    SM In A Box

    Excellent Service

    Ease of Use

    More Templates

    Aggressive Growth

  • JomSocial For JoomlaChicago


  • Thank You!

    Socialize Your Joomla! Website

    Create An Authentic Community With Joomla!

    Presented by:John Coonen Director, CMS Association

    Co-Host, JoomlaChicago CMS Group |