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Socialize with Savvy

Socialize with Savvy

Two points are essential in meeting people; shaking hands and remembering names. People should remember you, not your handshake.

Show that you are confident and friendly and you know how to behave in a business situation. Avoid impressing people as aloof, uncertain, unprofessional or on the power trip.

Shake up and down slightly or hold for a moment and let go. Maintain eye contact throughout the handshake and introduction.Refrain from putting your left hand on the other persons arm, shoulder or hand. Handshakes are for both men and women.Some men hesitate to extend the hand to women, so women should be ready to make a first move.

To improve a shaking hands and remembering names, here are three suggestions:Practice Shaking Hands. Ask few people you trust. Use this book as an excuse to discuss the importance of handshakes. Maybe you can agree to help each other and take shake on it.Create an incentive for learning names. If I gave you $100 for each name you remembered, how hard you would try. When you meet somebody, just imagine a $100 bill over his or her head. Or if money isnt a motivator, what about the message, around of golf at your favorite club, or an extra week of vacation?

Make it easy for others. When you meet someone, help him or her to get your name and remembered it. Then youll find it easier to make sure you get his or her name and remembered it.

Every successful professional realizes at some point that he or she needs business training and order in reach the next level of his or her career.

ReactionWhen you meet people especially at the first time, only shaking hands can make you introduce yourself, and ask name of person you are shaking hands with. I agree that in networking, it is important to know the person and call the person by his/her name. In school, it is important to know the persons in administration and organization. Remembering the names of each person is really important to build trust and confident to a person youre talking with. Practicing a proper handshake will help you to be more socializing with a person youre going to deal with.