Socialization Part III Agents of Socialization Agents of Socialization.

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Socialization Socialization Part III Part III Agents of Socialization Agents of Socialization

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Transcript of Socialization Part III Agents of Socialization Agents of Socialization.

  • SocializationPart IIIAgents of Socialization

  • MAIN AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATIONThe FamilyThe Peer GroupThe SchoolThe Mass Media

    Discussion: which has the biggest influence on your age group????

  • Do you gossip????Does gossip magnify the looking glass self???Read the article provided and answer the questions that go along.Be prepared to discuss.

  • STOP THE GOSSIPIt topples governments,Wrecks marriages and ruins careers.It busts reputations, causes heartache, nightmares, worry, indigestion, and suspicion.It generates grief and causes innocent people to cry in their pillows. Even its name hisses.Office gossip, school gossip, neighborhood gossip, party gossip. Before you repeat a story ask yourself:Is it true? Is it fair? Is it necessary?

  • Gossip has a social impact.Think about it

  • FAMILYMost important in most cultures.Help determine socially what you will become.Can be a negative or positive social influence.Both deliberate and unconscious socialization.Example: a father tells child to be polite (deliberate), but then demonstrates this in everyday life (unconscious).Unconscious socialization seems to have a greater effect than deliberate. (Think of how many times you have done the opposite of what your parents have said)

  • PEER GROUPAs children grow older the peer group starts to have more influence on social behavior.A peer group= a group composed of individuals close in age and social characteristics.Peers shape personality as we mold ourselves to fit.Not structured like family and school. (more open)

  • THE MASS MEDIAAny form of communication that reaches a large audience without personal contact. Abstract socialization b/c no contact.TV is most influential.Most children spend more time watching TV than they do in school.

  • THE SCHOOLPlays a major role in socializing us.Exposes us to different types of social circles, like the real world.Is deliberatewell thought out.Extracurricular activities especially prepare the student for life in larger society.

  • Other agents of socializationReligionTOTAL INSTITUTION: Unique agentit is a setting in which people are isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time.Examples: monasteries, boarding schools, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals.Institutions try to RESOCIALIZE their members try to break them from and of past experiences.They try to CHANGE social behavior. How????

  • What do you notice about these images????

  • How do total institutions resocialize the indivdual?In some cases they deny outside freedoms.Standard haircuts.Dress code.Anything that removes any semblance of personal identity.

  • PUBLIC SCHOOLVS.BOARDING SCHOOLJournal WriteWhat are differences?

    Which better prepares for the world?

    What are pros and cons of each?