Social Selling: 20 Quick Yet Essential Tips You Should Know

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Social Selling: 20 Quick Yet Essential Tips You Should Know

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Do you want more results from social selling? Adding a handful of people to LinkedIn and following thousands of people on Twitter isn't enough. From the content you share with a prospect over email to the way you conduct prospecting online, all of these tactics and more impact how successful your social selling efforts will be. So if you're looking to drive real results from social selling, take a look at these quick social selling tips and start implementing them today.

Transcript of Social Selling: 20 Quick Yet Essential Tips You Should Know

  • Social Selling: 20 Quick Yet Essential Tips You Should Know
  • When we talk about social selling its because we know the impact that its having on industries around the world.
  • Did you know that clients are driving real results from social selling?
  • We see report after report highlighting the opportunities that can be unlocked by implementing a social selling strategy.
  • Best-in-class sales reps (reps that deployed social selling) saw a 16.3% average year-over-year increase in total company revenue last year.
  • This is proof that social selling is able to make a difference.
  • Do you know where social selling fits in your sales process and how it can work for you?
  • 20Essential Social Selling Tips Here are that you should know before diving in:
  • 1 PRO TIP: Social selling only works when you embrace social media. WHY? You need to constantly be using social media to build relationships, not just promote.
  • 2 PRO TIP: Arm yourself with a smart phone that will help you gather information on the fly and communicate with your team or prospects. WHY? 100% of the best in class social sellers used mobile devices.
  • 3 PRO TIP: Success from social selling doesnt happen overnight. WHY? Youre going to have to put in months of effort to see the most significant results.
  • 4 PRO TIP: Focus on building relationships with weak ties youre more likely to generate real and positive results for identifying new business opportunities. WHY? People who are closest to you are less likely to give you new opportunities as youre likely aware of what they know while weaker ties are likely to have a different network.
  • 5 PRO TIP: Dont be a connection junkie on LinkedIn. WHY? It doesnt matter if you have 1,000 connections if none of those connections actually have a relationship with you. When it comes to building relationships, you need to focus on quality over quantity.
  • 6 PRO TIP: Leverage content for social selling success. WHY? Its very important for social sellers to be armed with content like decks, one pagers and case studies to help nurture and close business leads. Its your content tool kit that will help you move your prospects through the funnel.
  • 7 PRO TIP: One of the best ways to strengthen a relationship between one or more contacts is through quality introductions. WHY? Quality contacts are key. Be cautious to never make an introduction you dont think will benefit both parties. It could cost you a relationship.
  • 8 PRO TIP: Studies show that you should send emails to prospects and leads after 8:00PM. WHY? It will increase the chances of them actually getting opened and links clicked. That said, every industry is different so its important to monitor & test what works best.
  • 9 PRO TIP: Monitor your industry using Google Trends or Google Alerts. WHY? It will keep you up to date on the latest and greatest news to ensure that you can have answers if your boss, prospects or clients start asking questions.
  • 10 PRO TIP: Start a blog and write about the product you sell or Industry you serve. WHY? It will give you the ability to rely on your own knowledge when a client asks for a resource while also establishing an extra layer of credibility to your name.
  • 11 PRO TIP: Dont force a social media presence on every network. WHY? Its okay to pick one or two and focus on those. You dont need to use Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook and Twitter to be a successful social seller.
  • 12 PRO TIP: Dont abandon the classic techniques that still work. WHY? The easiest way to build a strong relationship is still face-to-face.
  • 13 PRO TIP: Leverage social media for your prospecting efforts. You should always Google a prospect before getting on the phone or search for them on both Twitter & LinkedIn. WHY? Quick research can help arm you with insight and info that will help you close the deal.
  • 14 PRO TIP: Complete your entire Linkedin profile so youre more likely to show up in search results. WHY? You want to be optimized for keywords within your industry.
  • 15 PRO TIP: Dont alienate sales from marketing. WHY? Marketing should provide sales with the messaging and tools they should be delivering to potential customers.
  • 16 PRO TIP: Study the network of those in your network. If youre looking to connect with a prospect, the first thing you need to do is see if theres anyone in your network that is connected with that person. WHY? If a colleague is connected with a potential prospect, it might be worth having them make an introduction or have them join the first call.
  • 17 PRO TIP: Understand your organizations structure and consider how social selling software can help take your sales efforts to the next level. WHY? Big data is important. When working in a large organization, the data you will create as a team will help the team identify opportunities for growth.
  • 18 PRO TIP: Go where your prospects are. WHY? If you have identified a specific type of buyer as your ideal customer and know that they spend a lot of time in a specific group on LinkedIn; you should join that group and share content in it.
  • 19 PRO TIP: Attend conferences and make an effort to meet new people. Its easy to chat with people you know but its more rewarding to meet new people at a conference. WHY? If youre going to socialize with people you already know, youre only capitalizing on one of the many benefits of going to a conference.
  • 20 PRO TIP: Dont be afraid to track your successes and failures. Measure everything you can and put in an effort to understand the results. WHY? If youre seeing a higher response rate when you send an email with a link rather than an attachment, use that insight to guide your approach in the future.
  • So there you have it 20 Great Social Selling Tips
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