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A social media presentation for FCS staff in K-State Research and Extension. Part of a hands-on workshop where staff worked on pages for their local units.

Transcript of Social Media: Your Personal Learning Assistant

  • 1. Social Media: YourPersonal Learning AssistantElaine Edwards News Media and Marketing Leader Russell Feldhausen Computer Support SpecialistAug. 30, 2012

2. Social Media Benefits for You Reaching new audiences Reaching existing audiences in new, engagingways Building relationships with new and existingclientele Building personal learning networks Rapid response to emerging situations 3. Personal goals Improve my own professional and personaldevelopment. Listen to others and be open to many viewsand ways of communicating. Collaborate with others (colleagues and localpartners). Bridge and maintain relationships with mycurrent (local) clients. Listen to and engage in clientele I might notnormally engage with. 4. Best Practices1. Be honest about who you are; dont pretend to besomebody you arent.2. Listen, take an active role in the conversation. This ishow Extension staff will know what information peoplewant.3. Dont look at it as another duty. Our publics arefinding ways to use new tools, we should too.4. Surround yourself with people who will risk trying newthings 5. Extensions roleTo help people think critically, interpret,analyze and apply information they gather fromall of the different platforms.How?Using available free tools to do our work better.These tools help make our content more discoverable.Eli Sagor, Extension forester, University of Minnesota 6. Challenges to social media 7. 107+ million Twitter accounts in U.S.465 million accounts worldwide 8. YouTube Extension Channel ExamplesK-State Research and Extension937 videos489 subscribers702,000+ views(up 500,000 views and 200+ subscribers since Feb. 2012) 9. Social networking is now mainstreamBlogs short updates images and videos245 blogs registered on 10. Whats trending?Google+90 million users,prediction 400 million by Dec 2012PinterestOver 11 million users14 minutes dailywomen, 25-54 years old, MidwesternSends more traffic referrals than G+, closeto Twitter and Google 11. Kansas 4-H Pins It! 12. 13. Tips on MeasuringStart with goalsHow many times content is resharedComments madeIncrease likesAnalytics of how many start and continue 14. Facebook insights - marketing 15. Wow factor! 16. Demographics of followers 17. Photos used with posts result in engagement! 18. A little birdy told meTwitter Tips 19. Create a Twitter accountThink of an account name. Use your own name. Dont use a lotof numbers.Use a strong password.Complete your profile.Upload a photo.Dont make your Twitter account private. There are exception,but you want people to find you and converse with you easily. 20. Anatomy of a Tweet 21. Send your first tweet!Use a hashtag # 22. Reply to someoneHover over a tweet and you will see options. Use theReply button. Then respond. 23. What is and why do people use hashtagsStarts with #Used to organize organicallyUsed to categorize or congregateUsed to make a statement 24. Monitor conversations 25. Start following people in TwitterFind a few people you know and follow people they follow.@kstate_pres@elainecarol@russfeld@KSUSarah@Kstate@KansasStateFair 26. Good Tweet? Bad Tweet? 27. Good Tweet? Bad Tweet? 28. Good Tweet? Bad Tweet? 29. Good Tweet? Bad Tweet? 30. Conversation starter 31. To learn more...Elaine Edwards - Feldhausen - @russfeldrussfeld@ksu.eduksresupport@ksu.eduUsing Social Media in Extension by Elaine Edwards is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0Unported License.