Social Media: Transforming Brand Marketing (4As Transformation Conference 2014)

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I presented this session at 4As Transformation 2014. It focuses on the 5 key truths in social media marketing today and includes best practices that advertising agency professionals can integrate into their work immediately, as well as provides a look to areas to watch in the future. Relevant links from the presentation: BA Mums video - Lexus Instagram video - WOMMA Influencer Handbook -

Transcript of Social Media: Transforming Brand Marketing (4As Transformation Conference 2014)

  • Social Media - Transforming Brand Marketing

    Gemma Craven@gemsie

  • 5 Key Truths

  • The customer we are targeting has changed forever

  • There has been a huge shift in how we receive information

  • Social customer engagement = relevancy Social customer engagement = relevancy Consumers today put up a shield against marketing noise

  • And understand how they are influenced & their value exchanges Follows brands on social channels to get discounts, vouchers and to enter relevant promotionsShops online for herself for convenience10x more likely to talk about negative customer experience in social spacesAsks friends and family with similar experience to her when it comes to familys healthSearches for advice online from influencers, media sources and in parenting and health forums

  • To engage them we must be relevant and timely

  • Shannon Radecki Social Demographic ChecklistAge: 42 Income: $53kHomepage: People.comCommon Platforms:Overview I love Facebook to keep in touch with my friends I value their opinions on things. I am always on my phone, mostly texting my kids to see what they are up to!

    I do love to eat, and cook - use the Internet for a lot of ideas. I also enjoy following celebrities and gossip on Twitter. I follow brands for discounts and coupons only.

    Online BehaviorsTips for engagement: Shannon is a spectator and a joiner in social channels she will not create content proactively, but will consume information served up to her, and potentially comment. Entertainment is an important consideration for her when she is connecting with brands. Her friends are a key driver of activity for her if they like or do something, she is much more likely to do so.

    Enjoys traveling and taking cruises (Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Carnival) also travels to tourist destinations in Florida such as Busch Gardens and SeaWorldDines at restaurants like Applebees, uses discount couponsShops at Bed Bath & Beyond, Publix, PetSmart and TJ MaxxConsumes lifestyle magazines like Ladies Home Journal, Womans Day, Good Housekeeping and Southern LivingWatches daytime TV shows such as Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, Today Show and Dr. PhilBEST PRACTICE: Social Customer Persona

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  • Social media can deliver enormous value to clients

  • Demonstrating openness and responsiveness (McDonalds)Delivering more relevant content (IKEA)Driving third-party advocacy with surprise and delight (KLM) Activating loyalists (Mini) Delivering useful & relevant added value (Hilton)Social customer care that builds loyalty (Delta)Shorting time to market (Quirky)Reducing cost in development (Starbucks)Testing product ideas earlier (Old Navy)Enabling employees to advocate (Mastercard)Training the workforce (UPS)Improving employee performance (IBM)Enticing customers to buy more at the right time (Target) A data first approach to engagement (Intel)Weaving social into wider CRM efforts (IBM)Social media helps unlock value from the customer relationship


    ResponsiveCommittedTrustworthy OpenThe social brand today must commit to new principles


    The disrupted agency slide to build The social agency has found new collaborative ways of working

  • Value And the social enterprise continues to evolve

    Source: Altimeter Group

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  • It must be integrated into the overall planning process

  • CreateLearnDriveKnowListenDefineBusiness ambitionSocial Brand PrintSocial Advertising Customer EngagementContent Syndication Event ActivationDigital Media RelationsPerformanceMeasurementOptimizationSocial InsightSearch & Behavior InsightIntegrate social media into the planning process

  • CreateWhat could I be doing? LearnHow will I know if its working? DriveHow do I drive scale and impact?KnowHow is my brand performing in social media now?ListenWhat are people saying and doing in social media related to my business?DefineWhat is the business challenge we must solve?BEST PRACTICE: Social planning framework

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  • Without measurement social media is useless

  • How we will win ObjectivesINFUSEour content and products where people are naturally spending their lives, creating a synergy between their passions, cultural moments and the brandPARTICIPATE real time in large scale conversations and own cultural moments with relevant content and engagement around eventsFOSTER growth & loyalty among the community with relevant content that they care about to deepen their engagement with the brand & amplify their storyDrive advocacy and loyaltyReach Perception and IntentEngagement SentimentActions ReachPerception and IntentPreference ENTICEambassadors, influencers and advocates with experiences and content that will inspire and empower them to share their stories on an ongoing basis at scaleMetricsAdvocacyAttribution, Optimization, ReportingSentimentActions Engagement Analytics roadmap measures social across customer touch points

  • BEST PRACTICE: Measuring reach, preference & action Sample dashboard

  • *BEST PRACTICE: Measurement Dashboard

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  • It is an ever evolving medium

  • Mobile first WhatsAppPaid is KingReal time with TrendingWho is my audience?Facebook

  • Disney uses Facebook to navigate fans


    Social customer careVine explosionThe real time channelTwitter TVTwitter

  • Delta Assist leads the way with social customer care

  • Lowes Fix at Six combines utility & entertainment



    Brand partnershipsTest bed for creative workMobile in-stream ads

  • IBMBlr reimagines innovation

  • Google social spineCreative SandboxPower of YouTubeHelp Outs + Hang OutsYouTube and Google+

  • BA Mums tugs at the heart strings with video

  • Publisher-like approachInfluencer programPublishing platformSponsored updatesLinkedIn

  • Coca Cola markets itself via thought leadership


    Instagram = locationPinterest + retail Instagram wins for brandsPinterest rich pinsPinterest and Instagram

  • Maersk uses Instagram to tell its brand story

  • Lexus Instagrammers reshoot the traditional TV spot

  • Pantone inspires, tells its brand story & uses beautiful curation


    Growth of LineReverse InnovationMobile-first web Rapid change

  • Redefining the word influence

    Source: WOMMA Influencer handbook

  • BEST PRACTICE: Real Time Newsroom

  • Brand storytelling rather than brand messaging

  • Use second screen targeting to deliver real value

    1.2 million tweetsSeen by 7.5 million Twitter users

  • The future of wearables and contextual marketing

  • Thank you

    Gemma CravenExecutive DirectorSocial Customer Engagement OgilvyOne

    Lets connect:Twitter: @gemsieLinkedIn:

  • *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    ******5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    ***5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    ***5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    ***Reduces the manual data compiling process.

    All data in one place allowing us to review paid and earned together.

    Comprehensive Data repository enables ad-hoc analysis.

    Allows us to look beyond attribution at cross media performance.

    The granular data will be provide us with the ability to report at a very detailed level on media performance.

    Additionally the data will provide the feeds for our rolled up performance dashboards for campaigns.

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today

    *5 Truths About Social Media & Brand Marketing Today