Social Media Strategy: How Much Time Does a Good Strategy Take?


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Does juggling social media management along with an armful of other task sound familiar to you? If so, I thought it might be helpful to detail what Ive found so far and to show what alls involved in the way that we go about managing our social media strategy at Buffer.


  • How much time does social media take?
  • The short answer ...
  • 12 hours per week
  • The longer answer ...
  • A good social media strategy involves three parts
  • 1. Plan 2. Implement 3. Measure
  • Then repeat. Weekly.
  • What Planning Looks Like
  • Awareness Sales Loyalty Choose a focus
  • Growth Likes Clicks Conversions Engagement Influence Identify success metrics
  • What Implementing Looks Like
  • How we create
  • What Measuring Looks Like
  • Chart your key metrics
  • Discover opportunities
  • Even more: Sources: Paomedia, Moz, KISSmetrics, Garrett Moon, Markus Spiske