Social Media Marketing in Minutes Per Day

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This course introduces entrepreneurs to the process and tools to successfully set up, operate and incorporate social media into your daily life. The course guides you step by step through the most utilized social network sites and mobile applications. Distinguish Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing Plan a Social Media Calendar Summarize Keywords to Utilize in Your Business Demonstrate How to Write a Successful Social Media Bio

Transcript of Social Media Marketing in Minutes Per Day

  • Expand your marketing reach by using three of the top social media marketing websites Develop a social media marketing and keyword strategy based on your clients needs Create a marketing schedule you can apply to your business instantly, and get results.
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  • Brand Everything to YOU Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog Tumblr Yelp Foursquare Pinterest Instagram Pinstagram
  • It's not the plan that is important, it's the planning-Dr Graeme Edwards
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