Social Media Landscape of Aruba - 10 Key Facebook Users Stats

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Check out this presentation displaying some interesting Facebook user stats for Aruba (2014). The info can be used for education or for social media marketing purposes. Comments and questions are welcome.

Transcript of Social Media Landscape of Aruba - 10 Key Facebook Users Stats

  • 2 What weve learned so far
  • 3 Social Media is disrupting how we Interact Gather information Make decisions Share and collaborate Develop and create Do business
  • 4 Thanks to social networking: Society is moving towards a more social, collaborative, interactive and responsive web Higher interconnectivity Building communities
  • 5
  • 6 (Source: Leverage. Social media image via Shutterstock.) Key statistical data of different social platforms
  • 7 So here they are 10 Key stats of Facebook users in Aruba
  • 8 1. Active Users in Aruba Currently Aruba has over 64,000 active Facebook users (July 2014). Steady growth in users over the past 4 years. Users who own both a FB and a Twitter account, post 6.5x more content on Facebook than on Twitter (2013 data). Dramatic increase in Facebook Pages (mostly businesses).
  • 9 1. Active Users in Aruba (continued) Active users for country Aruba by social platform Sources: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Facebook is by far the most popular Social networking platform in Aruba Source: Facebook
  • 10 2. Age and Gender of Facebook Users 53% Active female users 47% Active male users Source: Facebook
  • 11 3. Relationship status 38% of users have reported to be single. Source: Facebook
  • 12 4. Education level 70% of users who filled out their education level in their account profile, have reported to have reached a college degree. Source: Facebook
  • 13 5. Use of Device to Access Facebook (over the past 30 days) 52% of users access Facebook using mobile and desktop devices interchangeably. Source: Facebook
  • 14 6. Facebook Access by Primary Device (over the past 30 days) 79% of users access Facebook using a mobile device only. 40% of users access Facebook using Android (mobile) platform. Source: Facebook
  • 15 7. Industries Where Users Work
  • 16 8. Top 10 FB Page Categories with Most Likes
  • 17 9. Top 10 FB Pages with Most Likes Crown Aruba has over 17,200 likes. Source: Facebook
  • 18 10. Frequency of Activities (The number of times the users performed these actions on Facebook) The median user liked an average of 17 Facebook pages. The average user liked 8 posts, posted 6 comments and clicked on 6 ads during the last 30 days (average data per user). Source: Facebook
  • 19 More SM stats will be available soon
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