Social Indexing and Ranking, by Eric Enge at SMX Advanced Seattle 5/30/2013

download Social Indexing and Ranking, by Eric Enge at SMX Advanced Seattle 5/30/2013

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See the presentation that Matt Cutts debated in his SMX Advanced keynote! Impact of Google+ and Facebook on SEO. Eric is following up with Matt on the conclusions.

Transcript of Social Indexing and Ranking, by Eric Enge at SMX Advanced Seattle 5/30/2013

  • 1.Social Indexing and Ranking

2. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeFirst Off... Who Am I? Co-author: The Art of SEO CEO: Stone Temple Consulting SEO Social Media Content Marketing Twitter: @stonetemple Google +: +Eric Enge +Stone Temple Consulting 3. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeStudy Goals1. See what methods Google uses to discovernew content2. See what non-SEO factors influenceranking 4. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeFactors Tested 5. Participating Sites 6. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeMethodology 14 articles created for each site Posted on each site Pages fully isolated no links One signal generated per page No other signals generated 7. Signals Generated in Isolation 8. @stonetemple / + Eric EngePage Performance Tracked Over Time Searchmetrics used for tracking in many cases Log files checked to see what pages wereaccessed Backlinks checked as well (WMT, Majestic, OSE) Corruptions did take place Some pages got links Some had Chrome visits Corrupted pages excluded from the results 9. Google Plus Signals 10. Google Plus +1 Ranking Data Samples 11. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeAdditional Google Plus Observation Even the presence of this code: Or use of the Google+ API: may drive indexing! 12. Facebook Like Signals 13. Facebook Like Ranking Chart 14. Google Chrome Signal GenerationNo Searchmetrics Monitoring.No Indexing Behavior at all. 15. Google Analytics Signal GenerationNo Indexing Behavior at all.No Searchmetrics Monitoring. 16. Many Facebook signals attwo specific dates.Searchmetrics Study Results 17. Rankings increased after first waveof Facebook signalsSearchmetrics Study Results 18. Searchmetrics Study 19. Searchmetrics Study 20. Searchmetrics Study 21. Ranking Does Appear to Erode Over Time 22. Query Deserves Freshness? 23. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeSummary Google+ drives Google indexing and rankingwithin 4 or 5 days Facebook drives Google indexing and rankingwithin 7 to 8 days Links often take longer! Bing did not show indexing and rankingbehavior Keywords were 3 words or longer in length Did not appear to drive Head term rankings 24. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeUsage Definitely powerful way to create visibility forcontent Definitely has rankings impact Especially long tail and chunky middle terms Shows some time of decay over time As an isolated signal, not powerful enough BUT, a powerful supplement to a traditionalSEO strategy 25. @stonetemple / + Eric EngeThank You! @stonetemple +Eric Enge +Stone Temple Consulting (508) 485-7751