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Who we are, what we do, have done and will do! Productivity and fun with the arts in Snellville, Georgia

Transcript of Snellville Arts Commission Brochure

  • To do the Critter Crawl at CityHall, go to the Snellville Arts

    Commission website and click

    on the Critter Crawl link on theleft. You then begin at the northentrance to City Hall. Look for abird to the right, and youre off!

    The Critter Crawl at City Hall is a project created bythe Snellville Arts Commission. Words and design byKirk Buis, drawings by Jean Baldwin. Inspired by an

    idea from Diane Krause.The Critter Crawl at City Hall is sponsored by

    Snellville Downtown Development Authority, Snell-ville Tourism and Trade, Bobby Howard, Kelly Kautz,

    Diane Krause, and Tom Witts.

  • View original works of art during normalbusiness hours, Monday Friday

    8:00 a.m.. to 5:00 p.m. If youre interested in displaying artwork at

    City Hall please contact Nedra Bailey, GalleryDirector, at

    The Snellville Arts Commission meets the 3rdMonday of each month in the Community Room

    (Art Gallery) in the Snellville City Hall at 6:30pm

    Arts Commission Members

    Kirk Buis (Chair)Nedra Bailey Jean BaldwinAlisa Boykin Judy LeavellKathi Mardis Open Position

    The Snellville Public Arts Commission consistsof members nominated by the Mayor and

    confirmed by the City Council. This team isaugmented by volunteers who take on on-going

    or one-at-a-time projects of interest.

    Art on the Wall at City Hall

    Anyone interested in becoming aComm issioner may submit their

    application to:

    Butch Sanders, City ManagerCity of Snellville2342 Oak Road

    Snellville, GA, 30047

    For applications, go to Government/

    Boards and Commissions /Public Arts Commission


  • Your gift of any amount will help provide artprograms benefiting the entire SnellvilleCommunity. For amounts above $25 (and

    above), youll be named as:

    Friend $25

    Contributor $50

    Supporter $75

    Member $100

    Donor $250

    Patron $500

    Benefactor $1000

    Partner $5000

    Angel $10,000Please print your information below,

    detach and mail this page to:Snellville Arts Commission

    City of Snellville2342 Oak Road

    Snellville, GA 30078

    Name: _____________________________

    Email: _____________________________

    Address: ____________________________


    Phone: _____________________________

    Company Name: _____________________


    Make checks payable to:Snellville Arts Commission