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  • 1. Smart Video Watching Nov 6, 2013 Mikko Jarvenpaa Vuact helps people nd and share meaningful videos and meaning in videos. Today, 3 billion videos online are growing by 250,000 hours daily. Consumers spend 10 billion hours monthly watching video.* But there are problems: Video is dicult to explore and dicult to interact with. It is dicult to identify the valuable parts in videos. The desired content can be a moment in time, not the whole video. Publishers dont get the engagement and usage they want. Video experience is ripe for change. 1 *eMarketer, June 2013. YouTube, August 2013. @vuact
  • 2. Vuact Makes Watching Smart We capture, analyze and show crowdsourced reactions to video content, enabling nding and sharing meaningful videos. Viewers Insightful Video Player Vuact player enables emotional reacting in moments in video, and shows the viewer highlights of best parts (Smart PreviewTM). h"p:// 2 Publishers Meaningful Interaction Engaging content with high sharing, higher retention, and lower dropo. Advertisers High Video ROI Personalization and emotional targeting serves the viewer but also publishers and advertisers. Our revenue comes from providing value to the latter two. @vuact
  • 3. Vision: Goodreads For Video Mission: Vuact helps people nd, watch and share meaningful videos and meaning inside videos. Insightful, inclusive, social experience. Higher engagement. What is users story and take of a video? Who is an expert? Who nds the best parts? Reaction TimelineTM makes participation easy. Time-based comments add context. 3 Automatic Smart PreviewTM for lowfriction engagement and quick snacking of content. (Appendix V: consumer site designs and specs) @vuact
  • 4. Mobile Video: Creating The Habit With Smart Previewing of videos, Vuact users can quickly catch up on highlights and save full videos for later watching. Get the latest highlights in a topic you follow. U Filter U Evolution of shark robots ? S x m ? S Highlights in #robotics Dolphin with prosthetic n m What we know a Preview videos, save best ones for later watching queue, share and interact in the app. This is the value-adding habit we are creating. Easy, powerful reviewing of video highlights for not missing out; for being informed; for learning. 4 @vuact
  • 5. Benefits for B2C and B2B Interaction Engagement Insight User value The highly engaging product creates value for publishers and innovative opportunities for advertisers. It is the basis for making Vuact into the preferred experience for meaningful video everywhere. Product Concepts: Vuact Advertising Optimizing existing ads and creating new units Publisher Licensing Drives revenue, promotes the new experience to audiences Benets: Increased ROI for video Content analysis and knowledge More accurate, granular content recommendations Retention, sharing Vuact player A highly engaging product with multiple user hooks Engagement, sharing (Appendix I: details on product and conversion hooks) 5 @vuact
  • 6. MIKKO JARVENPAA CEO Google PMM, HackFwd CMO, Startups; MSc Phil Science (LSE), BBA Business 10 years experience in marketing, product management, startups. Advisor & founder, indie lmmaker. ADRIANO BLANARU Product Lead Wharton MBA PETE PETRASH Lead Product Designer DRAGAN SAHPASKI Engineering Director KALLE KORHONEN CTO Open Source committer in multiple Apache projects. Cisco, Latitude, startups; MSc Computer Science 15 years experience in development, architecture, entrepreneurship. Created video conferencing, Android enterprise apps. DUSKO JOVANOVSKI ALEJANDRO SCANDROLI Lead Front-end developer Lead Back-end developer Industry Experience, Connections and Passion. 6 @vuact