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Have a look at how Google Shopping can increase your ecommerce revenue by 46%

Transcript of Sneak Peek into Google Shopping Campaign

  • Know about your Google Shopping Campaign:
  • ecommerce: Retail in a multi-screen world
  • 8:19 pm LCD television 10:22 am Color printer 7:10 am Madden NFL 13 9:13 pm Crockpots 7:26 am Kurig B70 4:34 pm Pink dress 12:17 pm Macy's sale Running shoes 8:22 am Mattress 2:10 m Consumers are shopping at anytime, from anywhere, across devices
  • Shop,compare, select Purchase At home On the go At the store Search The purchase path has grown more complex
  • Consumer behaviors Online/Offline product discovery Smarter shopping across devices Demands for easy purchase experiences Challenges for retailers Curation, showrooming, purchase ideas Price wars, trust, brand building Check out cost, speed, reliability Empowered consumers have created challenges for retailers
  • Grow revenue Increase traffic - both online and offline Maintain margins Build loyalty Grow revenue Increase traffic - both online and offline Maintain margins Build loyalty Retailers need to find ways to stay competitive in a multi-screen world
  • Google Shopping: Connecting customers to the right products
  • We have millions of people shopping on Google We have the targeting and the data to find the right customer We can help you connect customers to your store Google Shopping sets retailers up for success
  • 100Bsearches a month on Google 15%of searches every day are new Google Shopping has the traffic across devices to build your customer base
  • Multi-screen capabilities to reach customers anywhere they are shopping Targeting technology to deliver retail content to the right customer segment Tools to optimize your performance and manage your online presence more efficiently Google Shopping has the technology to help you find the right customer for your business
  • Product Listing Ads: The engine of Google Shopping
  • Shopper Searches for a Product on Attractive, engaging ad format Solid lead quality Easy targeting Increased exposure Rolling out globally
  • Product Listing Ads on 1 2 image product title w/ link to webpage price retailer
  • Product Listing Ads on
  • Case Study: SMB Taps into Big Sales Pipeline 165% more clicks 14% increase in conversion rate 10-15% increase in ROAS Learn more: read the entire case study.
  • Learn more: read the entire case study. Case Study: Company Grows Reach with PLAs 129% increase in PLA revenue Increased value of over- all paid search program Retailers like BabyEarth who are moving quickly with PLAs are being rewarded with the opportunity to test and gain market share at a lower cost. - Michael Griffin, founder and CTO, Adlucent
  • Product Listing Ads on Mobile Devices
  • Case Study: Mobile PLAs Bring More Customers 371% more clicks 537% more conversions 77% increase in ROAS Learn more: read the entire case study. 14% lower CPCs PLAs have always been a great performer for us. It made sense to maximize the channel by advertising across multiple devlices. - Ryan Pableona, SEN Nanager,
  • Retailer's Inventory Product Data Feed Merchant Center AdWords Product Listing Ads on Google and Google Shopping At a Glance: Implementing PLAs
  • Challenges: Top issues for agencies and their clients
  • Common Challenges with Data Feeds how to start time intensive steep learning curve
  • Data Feed Best Practices Creating a data feed can be as simple as creating a spreadsheet Get started with what you know and work to a complete, long-term solution over time Start simple Start small With a large inventory, it can be overwhelming to think about creating a data feed In these cases, identify 20-50 top products and create a feed with just these Over time, you can continue to grow your feed and your online PLA inventory Start easy AdWords provides an easy PLA campaign creation workflow Follow the steps after clicking "New campaign" to launch PLAs with ease
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