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  • Society for News Design WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS 35th edition
  • Dagens Nyheter interprets with style, while never losing sight of substance. DAGENS NYHETER Stockholm SND35 WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS
  • Intentionality resonates from and graphics that could only result from thoughtfulness and coordinated effort between designers and editors. DIE ZEIT Hamburg SND35 WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS
  • If The Grid were a friend and it seems like its aiming to be it would be the one who grabs this and that from their closet, adds a colorful scarf and a thrift shop bracelet to create a near perfect effect. THE GRID Toronto SND35 WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS
  • Long a standard-bearer for news design, The Guardian is among the most studied newspapers in the world and it continues to work its strengths relevance and tradition without rejecting risk-taking making it a reliable toolbox for designers as well as a solid daily product for its readers. THE GUARDIAN London SND35 WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS
  • Welt am Sonntag Its obvious attention to detail is a strong foundation for the line it walks between tradition and daring. WELT am SONNTAG Berlin SND35 WORLDS BEST-DESIGNED NEWSPAPERS
  • Society for News Design