Smx Youtube Optimization 101

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Transcript of Smx Youtube Optimization 101

  • YouTube Optimization 101 SMX Sydney Akiva Ben-Ezra [email protected] 804-592-6591 US 050-420-9319 Israel
  • 1. Keyword Research Find out what your customers are searching for and then make a video around it Google Keyword Tool Youtube Keyword Tool SEMrush
  • 2. Create Video Video Scribe (Sketch Videos) Animoto Windows Movie Maker Outsource It -Fiverr -oDesk
  • 3. Save Video To Desktop Rename video file with keyword Fill out meta data
  • 4. Upload Video to YouTube Title Description Url of YouTube video Tags Transcript Annotations Location of Video (Address of Business) Custom Thumbnail
  • Youtube Info
  • Video Location
  • Annotations
  • 5. Backlink Wide Variety of Backlinks (all pointing back to YouTube video and not your website ) Social Bookmarks (Fiverr) Edu (Fiverr) One Hour Backlinks Press Release (Fiverr or Newswire) Blog Posts
  • 6. Share Video Facebook Twitter Google Plus Blog about it
  • Questions