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Viral Marketing with

Viral marketing with

Jordan Koene Head of Global ContentSMX Social Media Marketing 2011

Started as an Experiment

Sold as Trail to Executives


Building on Initial Success

Within 3 months: million unique visitorsFind outlets to share your story Build blogs to support reacheBay Motors BlogeBay Collectables BlogeBay Ink BlogeBay-Stories

Motors Data + Targeted Story

Creating a Support System

Support from other teamsPRSocial & MarketingCharity Good Cause Seasonal and Holiday EventsHigh Profile Sites Mega Reach

Win Big or Nothing at all

Seasonal Events = Timing

Good Causes Make Great Stories

Going Global

Not simple Understand your audienceUse Global Partners

Mobile Data & UK Government?

Hitting the Home Runs

Use Popular TrendsPartner before creatingBuild relationships Dont be selfishShare data with a bigger view in mind

Video Game Blog + eBay Stats


The Next Web | Mashable

17Everyone Loves Gold

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