SMX Search Marketing Bootcamp March 2014 - Paid Search Marketing Fundamentals

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Transcript of SMX Search Marketing Bootcamp March 2014 - Paid Search Marketing Fundamentals

  • Paid Search Fundamentals

    Matt Van Wagner @mvanwagner #smx #13B

  • Why I Love PPC

    Opening New Business

    Goal: Get people in store

    One Month Later:

    124K Ad Impressions

    300+ Qualified Visitors

    to Site

    Cost - $185

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Why I Love PPC

    Shows only to these

    people !!!!

    This Simple Ad

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Why I Love PPC

    Investment in PPC ads is measurable& scalable.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Why I Love PPC

    PPC Allows You More Control over Messaging

    Get going quickly.

    Discover what words convert (in a not provided SEO world).

    Manage risk of algorithm changes.

    Predictable, dependable flow of traffic.

    You write the ads that appear.

    You determine what pages visitors first see.

    Shows you what keywords convert !!!

    PPC and SEO are Complementary

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    What is Google?

  • Worlds Favorite Search Engine

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Reach Audiences Worldwide Any Country

    Any Language

    20+ Billion searches/mo.worldwide

    67% of all U.S. searchesare powered by Google

  • Google Search Ads

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • More than just

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Google search powers many web properties

    Google is default search enginefor AOL, Ask, Google Maps andInternet Service Providers (ISPs)such as Xfinity, Earthlink, Verizon and many others.

    Where ever Google provides search results, they can also place ads.

  • More than just Text Ads

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Google places banner and rich media ads across the internet.

    Internet users spend 95% of their timebrowsing /reading website content.

    Googles display ad network reaches 2 Million+ websites, videos, & mobile appsaround the world.

  • Google AdWords

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    A Powerful, Global Online Advertising Platform

    Puts Full Controlinto Your Hands!

    Creating Ads





  • This is Bing

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • This is Yahoo!

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • The Yahoo! Bing Network

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Microsoft & Yahoo! Formed a Search Alliance (Jul-09)

    Microsofts Bing SearchPowers Bing and Yahoo! Organic and paid search results

    Microsofts Bing AdsUnified ad serving platform to manage campaigns on Yahoo! and Bing.

    ** Display ads not included in the alliance.

  • Huge Search Market

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Unique Searchers

    Unique searchers on the

    Yahoo! Bing Network.

    Yahoo! Bing Network

    unique searchers that

    dont use Google.

    In the U.S.5.6 Billion searches monthly;

    roughly 1/3 of all U.S. searches.

    163 Million unique searchers

    54 Million searchers who are not

    using Google

    Wordwide489 Million unique searchers

    94 Million who do not use Google!

  • Your Ads Reach Here

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • And Here

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Bing Ads

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

    Puts Full Control into Hands of Advertisers!

    Creating Ads





    Plus.Easy Import from Google AdWords

  • Paid Search Overview



    Words & phrases that trigger ads to show

    Really, really, short sales pitches in text or images.


    Page:The first page people see after they click your ad.

    Process: Managing all of the aboveTracking results, conversions, return on ad spend.

    Testing, improving, tools & resources

    Bids: How much you are willing to pay to show your ads, get clicks & conversions.

    Conversions: Actions taken by your visitors that you want to track such as leads, orders, downloads, phone calls.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Geographic

    Time of Day / Day of Week


    Device Types & Browsers


    Targeting Options

  • Where you have an AdvantageExploit it!

    Improve Ad Position & ROI

    Bid By Time zone

    Target Areas by Language

    Choose Your Battle zones

    Geographic Targeting

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Geographic Targeting

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Time & Day Targeting

    Note: Ad scheduling works differently on Google AdWords vs Bing Ads.

    Bing Ads: Scheduling time is based on where user encounters the ad.

    Google AdWords: Time is based on AdWords account location.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Demographic Targeting

    With Bing Ads, you can bid more for your best demographic segments.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • How Do Paid Search Engines Really Work?

    How does an ad get selected?

    Does the highest bid always get the top spot?

    How much does it cost to show my ad?

    What is the best ad position?

    Paid Search Auctions

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • How Search Engines Work



    Schumann DichterliebeSchumann Dichterliebe CD

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • What is Best Ad Position?

    In general, the higher your ads appear, the more

    clicks you get and the more you pay.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Your Keywords & Max Bids

    User Search Query:

    Blue Widgets

    Red Widgets .10

    Blue Widgets .10

    Blue Green Widgets .10

    Blue WidgetsBuy blue widgets today.

    Free next-day shipping.

    In Your Perfect World...

    You're a Winner!!!

    CPC = .10 or less!

    Your Ad

    Your Site:

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • this would be a great set of answers.

    Ads Competing

    Against Each Other

    On a search for the color blue

    What Search Engines Want

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • 3 1

    2 4


    .30 6

    If highest bid determined ad display

    What Advertisers Want

    Ads Competing

    Against Each Other

    on Bid Price

    results may not be quite as relevant.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Quality Scoring and Ad Ranking


    Relationship of Keywords Ads Landing page

    The nature of the click

    Historical Performance (CTR):


    Keywords + Ads in combination

    Ad groups, campaigns, account

    Max Bid Price

    A Hybrid Solution

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Who Wins the Top Spot?

    3 1

    2 4


    .30 5






    .25 .80


    Lets Say Quality

    Scores look like this

    AD RANK =

    QS x Max Bid1.8 1.21.5 .95 .90

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • What Do They Pay?

    3 1

    2 4


    .30 5






    .25 .80


    Lets Say Quality

    Scores look like this

    AD RANK =

    QS x MAX Bid1.8 1.21.5 .95 .90







    Write relevant ads and select

    relevant keywords.

    Bid reasonably.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Getting Started

    What is the primary goal of your campaign? Leads, sales, brand building?

    How do you define success? Online vs. offline sales conversions.

    Steps on the path towards sales conversion.

    Measure real world actions, not just CTR or CPC!

    How do you measure success? AdWords and adCenter conversion tracking.

    Web analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics, Hitslink, etc).

    How much the phones are ringing.

    Total company sales and profits increasing.

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Campaign

    Ad Group

    Ad 1








    Ad 2

    Landing Page

    Structure of a PPC Account

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • About Keywords

    Keywords vs. Search Queries

    Keywords = what you bid on

    Search Queries = what users type into a search box

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Keyword Match Types

    Match types control how closely your keywords match with a

    users search query:

    Broad Match: Very loose matching tons of trafficBroad Match Modifier: Loose, more control lots of trafficPhrase Match: Tighter matching - Less traffic

    Exact Match: Tightest matching - Least traffic

    Negative Match: Prevents matches restricts traffic

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Close Variants

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Exact Match

    Match Type Exact

    Syntax [word1 word2]

    What it matches to: Queries with only those words

    Queries with exact word order

    Optionally: Plurals, close variants

    User Search Query: Your keyword is: Will it Match?

    wedding cake [wedding cake] YES

    wedding cakes [wedding cake] YES

    white wedding cake [wedding cake] NO

    wedding cup cake [wedding cake] NO

    #smx #13B @mvanwagner

  • Phrase Match

    Match Type Phrase

    Syntax word1 word2 word3

    What it matches to: Queries with those words together

    Queries in that word order

    Optionally: Plurals, common misspellings, very close matches

    User Search Query: Your keyword is: Will it Match?

    wedding cake