SMX Search Marketing Bootcamp March 2014 - Keyword Research and Copywriting

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Smx West 2014 Search Marketing Bootcamp Session #Smx #11B - Keyword Research & Copywriting For Search Success Presentation By Christine Churchill Of Key Relevance

Transcript of SMX Search Marketing Bootcamp March 2014 - Keyword Research and Copywriting

  • 1.Keyword Research And SEO Copywriting Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 1 SMX West Christine Churchill President, KeyRelevance @KeyRelevance @ChrisChurchill

2. @ChrisChurchill President of KeyRelevance, LLC Member of Founding Board of Directors of Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) Member of the Board of Directors of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Organization (DFWSEM) Author at Search Engine Land & Web Marketing Today Longtime Speaker & Instructor, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and Search Marketing Expo Conferences Masters degree and over 15 years online marketing experience Speaker: Christine Churchill Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 3. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 3 Keywords = Dead SEO = Dead (but some of the rules have changed and we have to be better MARKETERS!) @ChrisChurchill 4. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Research What is it? Why do it? Hummingbird Algorithm How to do KW Research Keyword Tools How to use Keywords to Optimize Content SEO Copywriting Tips What Well Cover Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 5. @ChrisChurchill Keyword Research Fundamental step to all search marketing Keyword Research is the process of researching to identify the keyword terms customers use to find your products and services Keyword Research helps you get inside the mind of customers Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 6. @ChrisChurchill People use search engines to find you on the web Engines use text to categorize pages Research unveils terms people actually use KW Research improves performance of online marketing Why Do Keyword Research? Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 7. @ChrisChurchill Who Benefits from Keyword Research? Everyone in publishing Marketing staff and Search Marketers both paid and organic PR Better pickup if use keywords in articles & in press releases Content writers a way to keep content fresh and relevant Inspires topics readers are interested in Your targeted audience By using the phrases readers are using in search, your audience can find your great content Your Company targeting the phrases people actually use brings motivated customers to your site which improves conversions and user experience Knowing the best words to target helps you plan your content marketing strategy Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 8. What is Hummingbird? Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 8 Hummingbird is the name of the new search algorithm that Google launched last year. According to Google the new delivers better results that are "precise and fast" - like a hummingbird. Its Google trying to figure out user intent and improve conversational search. Google wants to match the meaning, rather than pages matching just a few words. Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query the whole sentence or conversation or meaning is taken into account, rather than a few exact terms. @ChrisChurchill 9. Do We Still Need to Worry About Keywords? Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 9 Yes, for several reasons: Keep in mind that although Hummingbird is an overhaul of Googles algorithm, many of the old parts are still used. Googles semantic analysis considers the language in your content - so you still need to use keywords and related phrases on the page to communicate to users and Google what the page is about - means some on-page optimization still is needed Exact phrase matching for SEO is a thing of the past. @ChrisChurchill 10. Tips on Surviving Online After Hummingbird Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 10 Marketers now need to: - Create high quality longer content that establishes your site as the place to go for answers - Develop ways to increase the authority of the site - Become a leader in your vertical - Consider multiple ways to show leadership: social media, links, user metrics, online relationships Google has made it harder for fake authority to win. Going forward you have to earn your position. @ChrisChurchill 11. How Hummingbird Changed Our World Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 11 The New Approach: - Learn to focus on the intent behind the search term, then try to develop content that delivers answers to what the searcher wants -Stop focusing on exact match phrases and look more to long tail and related phrases. Build a vocabulary of terms that are related to the phrase - When doing KW research, now you research core phrases plus related, synonyms, and words that frequently occur with your main terms (co- occurrence) - Use phrases naturally and include a vocabulary of related phrases @ChrisChurchill 12. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 12 How to Do Keyword Research @ChrisChurchill 13. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 1313 Keyword Research is an Iterative Process Brainstorming & Discovery Keyword Expansion Keyword Evaluation @ChrisChurchill 14. @ChrisChurchill Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 14 Keyword Brainstorming and Discovery Phase 15. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 15 Create Keyword List Using Diverse Sources Brainstorming session no judging words at this stage. Goal is to cast your net widely and generate broad list. Keyword lists from within company Review company web site and print collateral Press Releases Often too much insider jargon May or may not be customers lingo @ChrisChurchill 16. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 16 Learn the Lingo of the Customer Customer interviews Customer Surveys and Focus Groups Talk to support or sales personnel who talk directly to customers Review discussion forums, user generated content, blogs, social media The best keywords come straight from the customers mouth. @ChrisChurchill 17. @ChrisChurchill 17 Speak the Language of Customer Increase conversion by speaking the customers language Correct bad keyword choices Missing traffic Missing sales Discover new keyword opportunities - Find overlooked or new keywords - Take advantage of longer tail phrases Duplicate a CD vs Burn a CD Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 18. 18 The Long Tail Finding New Opportunities Based on frequency graph Chris Anderson wrote book about it Describes it as new economic model Unlimited selection Amazon books, iTunes Idea is that non-hits can make money based on sheer volume Popular phrases on left highly competitive and expensive. Less popular on right lower volume 20 to 25% of the queries that Google sees today have never been seen before. Udi Manber, Google VP of Engineering Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC@ChrisChurchill 19. @ChrisChurchill Example Head-Tail Keywords Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 19 Image: jscreationzs / Camera, digital camera, Sony Nikon D7000 digital SLR camera compare digital cameras buy digital slr camera 20. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 20 Create Keyword List Using Diverse Sources Online and Traditional Print Magazines Company and Product Reviews Online Thesaurus Search in Google with tilde ~ for synonyms @ChrisChurchill 21. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 21 Create Keyword List Using Diverse Sources (cont) Competitors Review their web site and collateral for keywords Look at words they are buying in PPC What terms are they targeting in SEO Can give you competitive insights and ideas on overlooked terms @ChrisChurchill 22. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 22 Use Site Search Data Site Search Box Reveals keywords and expressions that visitors are actually using / wanting Acts as a direct feed from the visitors brain Make sure you collect site search data can tie it to your analytics for easy viewing Downside is data is limited and site search is usually a fall back when users cant find what they are looking for on your site. @ChrisChurchill 23. Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 23 Site Search @ChrisChurchill 24. @ChrisChurchill The Not Provided Issue Biggest change in SEO and Keyword Research to date Means site owners and marketers have lost the connection between the search keywords and their performance on Google Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 24 See for tips on workarounds 25. Keyword Research Tools Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC@ChrisChurchill 26. Benefits of Keyword Tools Saves money and time Provides insight outside of your site Identifies keyword opportunities you might miss Offers popularity numbers you cant get from your own analytics Moves you beyond keyword assumptions Allows you to compare phrases 26Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC@ChrisChurchill 27. 27 Keyword Research Tools Free Google Keyword Planner Tool Google Webmaster Tools Google Trends Google Display Planner Google Instant Bing Keyword Tool Bing Ads Intelligence Excel Plug-In Fee Based WordTracker Searchmetrics Trellian Keyword Discovery Hitwise WordStream SEMRush ComScore SpyFu Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC Remember: No one tool has all the answers. You need several tools in your toolbox. Combining the tools synergistically works well. Some tools are better for certain functions. For instance, Google Instant is used for discovering new keyword phrases and Google Trends is good for comparing. @ChrisChurchill 28. New Google Keyword Planner Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 28 - Combines old Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator Tool - Oriented for Paid Search - Must be Logged Into AdWords to Use - No device filtering (no mobile vs desktop filtering) - Numbers shown are average search volume numbers for ALL devices (old tool defaulted to desktop) so numbers may look higher @ChrisChurchill 29. Google Trends Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 29 Google Trends provides trends from web searches, images, news, shopping and YouTube @ChrisChurchill 30. Google Hot Trends Copyright 2014KeyRelevance LLC 30@ChrisChurchill 31. Google Webmaster Tools shows top search queries Copyright 2014 KeyRelevance LLC 31 Sort by Clicks to see the terms that actually brought the most traffic to the site If you click on the query, it shows which pa