SMX Advanced 2012 Local U - Siri Optimization

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Slide deck from SMX Advanced 2012 Local University Workshop - Siri Optimization and Social Local Mobile including check ins and offers.

Transcript of SMX Advanced 2012 Local U - Siri Optimization

  • 1.Siri Optimization & Checking In Matt Siltala,

2. vs 3. Part One: Fact or Rumor 4. Premium Services On Yelp: 5. Rumor? 6. What We Know That Does Work: 7. Fact: 8. Fact: 9. Fact: 10. Absolutely Fact: 11. Fact: (especially true on best searches) 12. Could answer the WHY Yelp? 13. Fact: 14. Opportunity! 15. Part Two SoLoMo 16. Are We Afraid of SoLoMo? 17. Checking In Will Happenbut We Need To Be Incentivized 18. Heres Your Case Study: MY DAD 19. Whats it going to take to get a 70 yearold man checking in on Foursquare and posting to Twitter? A Reason 20. Dont Say: Our Customers Will Never Use Social Media Our Customers Will Never Check In Our Customers Dont Use Technology This is Beyond Our Customers None of our customers use that site That will never happen Especially Dont Say Your Dad Will Never 21. Captive Audience 22. Dont Make Us Think Too Hard 23. By Confusing Us 24. Or By Annoying Us 25. Or By SPAMMING Us! 26. Or By Being This Guy! 27. And FINALLY Dont Be This Guy! 28. A Check In Case Study 29. Takeaways: Customer Reviews Matter Organic Optimization Factors In Consistent NAP Factors In Claiming Local Listings Factors In Premium Yelp Listings Seems To Help SoLoMo - Social Does Factor In 30. THANK YOU! Matt Siltala, Download: