smoky and the habitat

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Transcript of smoky and the habitat

  1. 1. Smokey and the Habitat By: Alex Stiurca and Drew Nelson
  2. 2. Whoever left this fire is bad, it makes me sad. Smokey
  3. 3. Why are you running deer, you have nothing to fear
  4. 4. Oh well, I guess its better than acid precipitation, thatd be a bad situation.
  5. 5. Dont threaten biodiversity, now respect my authority! Smokey
  6. 6. Oh no! It wont stop, Id better make like a bunny and hop!
  7. 7. Im suddenly a threatened species! Doesnt anyone have some decency?
  8. 8. Im going to stay out here for a while, but I wont do it with a smile.
  9. 9. Weeks pass with no bass.
  10. 10. Smokey looks everywhere but food isnt anywhere.
  11. 11. Hey look! Its Bill, maybe we can chill. Oh good! Some food. Smokey
  12. 12. Where are all my friends? This leaves me in suspense.
  13. 13. Smokey Oh joy some food! This puts me in a good mood!
  14. 14. Oh my! Bears habitats are being destroyed! Were not very overjoyed!
  15. 15. Oh look its a reintroduction program for trees! I hope we attract bees.
  16. 17.
    • Habitat degradation is not the way to salvation!