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  • Smoke IVAdvanced Editing
  • SmokeIVSmoke 2012 Show Reel
  • Lets Get Started Load your 420lesson project Load up your Wildlifesequence Switch to theTimeline view ifnecessary Change the view toSource - Sequence
  • Getting Around YourSequence Sequence positioner You can drag the playhead back and forth tosee different parts ofyour sequence Click on the timecodebelow to snap the playhead to that spot in thesequence.
  • Getting Around YourSequence Try it out Click on the play headand drag back andforth to see differentparts of yoursequence Click on the timecodebelow to snap the playhead to that position.
  • Getting Around YourSequence Type it in If you know you needto go to a particulartimecode you can typeit in Use the Add and Subto move the play headforward or backwardby whatever numberyou enter.
  • Getting Around YourSequence Try it out Check the currenttimecode of your playhead position Click on the number tobring up the calculator Add three seconds tothe current time andpress Enter In this case10 00 10 00or 10 00 10.
  • Getting Around YourSequence Try it out Use the Add button Click on the timecodewindow again to bring upthe calculator Type 3 0 0 and press Add Play head moves forward3 seconds Type 2 . and press Sub Play head moves back 2seconds
  • Getting Around YourSequence Zooming in and outon your sequence Command + and Command & Option,then drag the mouse Shift Z to fit the wholesequence
  • Getting Around YourSequence Looking up and down Use the scroll bar on thefar right to look at upperand lower tracks Changing track size Click on the scroll barand drag left and right tovertically zoom on yoursequence changing theheight of your tracks
  • Getting Around YourSequence Try it out Try the Command +and Command tozoom in and out Shift Z to fit thesequence or use thelayout combo box Click and drag left andright on the verticalscroll bar
  • Getting Around YourSequence Change the track size Click on the bottompart of the track anddrag Clip metadata Press the / key thenclick on a clip to showinformation about thatclip
  • Getting Around YourSequence Try it out Click on the bottomedge of a track anddrag to change theheight of that track Shift Z if you want torestore it Hold down the / key,then click on a clip tosee clip information Move your cursor toother clips while stillholding the / down
  • The Patch Panel Represents sourcetracks anddestination tracks Green tabs on the leftare source tracks Dark gray tabs on theright are destinationtracks
  • The Patch Panel Add some tracks Control click on theempty space abovethe video track andselect New > Videotrack Control click on theempty space belowthe audio tracks andselect New > MonoAudio Track
  • Patching Video Tracks Couple of ways First, select a videoclip in the MediaBrowser Click on the P in thepatch panel Drag the focus point(horizontal bar) up anddown on the play head
  • The Patch Panel Try it out Select a video clip inthe Media Browseryou havent used yetand set a duration of2-3 seconds Move the play headwhere you would likethis new clip Change the patchpanel to your newvideo track
  • The Patch Panel Try it out Perform an insert oroverwrite edit at thislocation on your newtrack Play your newarrangement Pause, then try the upand down arrows andnotice where the playhead now snaps to
  • Patching Audio Tracks This is a little strange First, select the audio clipyou wish to edit in theMedia Browser Mono sources can onlybe edited to mono tracksin the sequence Stereo sources can onlybe edited to stereo trackson the sequence Then select the track youwish to edit to, click anddrag right to select thattrack
  • The Patch Panel Try it out In the Voiceoversfolders select the VO022509-2 (should bethe 1st one) In the patch panel putyour cursor on themono patch and dragright to select thistrack
  • The Patch Panel 3-point Edit the VO In the timeline movethe play head to thebeginning of thesequence and press I Move the play head tothe end of yoursequence and press O Select the insert oroverwrite edit to dropthe VO to yoursequence
  • Fix the Mix Change the viewfrom Source-Sequence to Player In the Options pop-up menu selectShow Audio Desk
  • Fix the Mix Play your sequenceand adjust channels1 & 2 lower so thenarration can beheard Change the pansetting on top ofchannel 3 to hearthe narration onboth tracks
  • Patch Panel Controls Select / Deselect atrack Click on the source ordestination side of atrack to allow a source togo to the selected track Click again to separatethe source destination,which will prevent thesource from being editedto that track
  • Patch Panel Controls Track Visibility On/Off No slash = track canbe seen or heard Slash = track isturned off Click to turn on/offtrack visibility
  • Try it out Select a clip in theMedia Library,select the top videochannel, butdisconnect thepatch If you try to make anedit, you will not beable to until youpatch the track again
  • Try it out Move the play headover the new clip inthe top video track Click on the eye toturn off trackvisibility This track is nowinvisible You can now seebelow this track
  • Patch Panel Controls Track locks When locked, itprevents anymodifications to thattrack No moving,trimming, editing
  • Patch Panel Controls Syncing tracks When two or moretracks are synced, ifyou insert a clip in onetrack, a correspondinggap will also appear oneach synced track This keeps the timingconsistent on alltracks
  • Try it out Turn the visibility onfor both video tracks Make sure the topvideo track is patched Turn the sync on forboth tracks Select poets from theMedia Browser andset a duration of 3seconds
  • Try it out Use the up/downarrow to cue the playhead to the end of thefirst clip on the topvideo track Select the Insert editand watch whathappens Press Command Z toundo
  • Patch Panel Controls P icon Highlighted P iconindicates the selectedvideo track For audio, only thegreen source icon willindicated the selectedaudio track
  • Forcing a Patch Forcing mismatchedsources into tracks Stereo source into amono track Mono source into astereo track Patching wont work,but you can drag anddrop the source intothe desired track &force it into place
  • Moving Clips Around inthe Timeline How clips behavewhen you move clipsaround in thetimeline depends onthese three buttons Select/Slip/Slide button Ripple Snap
  • Moving Clips Around inthe Timeline Select tool Great tool to move aclip from one place inthe timeline to another Like the arrow tool inFCPX
  • Moving Clips Around inthe Timeline Ripple on When you move a clipto a new location youwill perform an Insertedit at the new location The gap where the clipused to be will beclosed Duration of yoursequence will notchange
  • Moving Clips Around inthe Timeline Ripple off When you move a clip toa new location you willperform an Overwriteedit at the new location The gap where the clipused to be will remain Duration of yoursequence may changedepending where the clipis placed (say at the endof the sequence)
  • Try it out Make sure you have theSelect tool selected Turn off Ripple Turn on Snap (ifnecessary Select a clip in thesequence and drag to anew location Notice the red indication(overwrite) Notice how the clip wantsto snap to an edit point
  • Try it out Command Z to undothe last edit Turn Ripple back on Drag the clip again to anew location Notice the yellowindication (insert) Notice the sequenceripples to close the gapwhere the clip was Sequence ripples again tomake room where yourelease the clip