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  • SmeraldinaFrom the heart of water

  • Pure from Sardinia, Italy

    purenessSardinia is an Italian island, located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, with a very low population and removed from the main sources of environmental pollution of the mainland. Smeraldina starts its journey in this pristine region, at almost 300 meters under the Mountain of God, after being naturally filtered for hundreds of years by granite rocks, typical of this area.

    Giovanni Maria Solinas, the Smeraldina founder.

    Monti di Deu, the Mountain of God

    Smeraldina is from the heart

    Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water is from the heart. From the heart of the mountains

    around the town of Tempio Pausania, in the heart of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

    From the heart of the people who worked to bring Smeraldina purity to the world.

    Smeraldina is protected by the giant stone profile of Monti di Deu (the Mountain of God)

    almost 300 meters above sea level.

    Here is where the founder of the company, Giovanni Maria Solinas dream has become a

    reality of a distinguished brand, and a company where technological innovation and

    respect for the environment are the keys of its development.

    Today, Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water is one of the products that successfully represent

    the image of Sardinia in the world.

  • Naturally clear and pristine, Smeraldina has an extremely low level of dissolved minerals (Total Dissolved Solids of 190 mg/l) and is classified as a Natural Artesian Water. The water coming out of the artesian aquifer is cold (15 C) and light. The mineral composition of Smeraldina is characterized as chloride alkaline, with chloride predominating over bicarbonate and sulfate, thus creating a perfect combination of alkaline salts (sodium and potassium) and alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium).


    Pure from Sardinia, Italy

    Harmony and balance

    Harmony and balance are the main characteristics of Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water.

    Smeraldina water has a pleasant flavor, thanks to the effect of the granite natural filtration

    that allows a natural balance of dissolved minerals.

    As a result, Smeraldina Natural Artesian Water is extremely pure.

    Besides its pleasant flavor, the natural filtration and enrichment processes confer to

    Smeraldina properties that are vital for our body. Smeraldina water is recommended by

    health experts for its diuretic properties, due to balanced and low levels of minerals

    (calcium and magnesium). In addition, the high potassium content in Smeraldina

    promotes well-toned muscles.

  • Pure from Sardinia, Italy

    energySmeraldina Water comes from the ancient granite rock formation of Limbara Mountains in the Gallura region of Sardinia. For hundreds of years the mountains around the village of Tempio Pausania has been known for the freshness, purity and aboundance of its water. Rugged, isolated and untamed, Sardinia is perhaps the most mystical and beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. Its jagged coastline and granite-mountain higlands also offer some of the most pristine sceneries in all of Europe.

    An example of efficiency

    Acqua Smeraldina has been a successful brand for more than 20 years. Smeraldina water is

    bottled by ALB Srl directly at the source, with state of the art technology, and distributed

    through an efficient network that guarantees its consistent presence in the marketplace.

    Giovanni Maria Solinas, the founder of Smeraldina, transmitted his values - passion, hard

    work, respect for the product and forward thinking - to his five sons together with a

    managerial know-how that makes ALB an example of organization and efficiency.

  • Golf Challenger CupSmeraldina


    Pure from Sardinia, Italy

    Smeraldina Life Style

    The Solinas family careful and consistent management of its brand has allowed Smeraldina

    to position itself in the marketplace as a high-end and high-level brand through innovative

    and unique packaging, investments in communication, media and sponsorships of the

    highest profile sport events in Sardinia such as sailing (Maxi Yacht Cup), golf (Smeraldina

    Challenger Cup), tennis (Smeraldina Cup) and car racing (WRC World Rally


  • Pure from Sardinia, Italy UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification

    quality Kosher Certification

    20 years of Quality

    The Solinas family has always been ahead of their time by utilizing technology to promote

    a balanced growth of the company and to respond to specialized market demands in the

    foodservice, retail and mass merchandisers channels with stylish and sophisticated

    packaging that enhance the overall image of the product.

    The prestigious Smeraldina brand is today the leader in the Sardinian market and rapidly growing in domestic and foreign markets.

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    gPure from Sardinia, Italy

  • Smeraldina CorporationThe Empire State Building,

    350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Floor,New York, NY 10118 USAPhone (+1) 212 601 2886Fax (+1) 866 446 9768

    A.L.B. Srl Acque MineraliLocalit Monti di Deu

    07029 Tempio Pausania (OT) ItalyTel (+39) 079 631486Fax (+39) 079 631757