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  • 1. Lets Build a Smarter Planet.City by City.Marius Vasile,Country MidMarket Sales ManagerRomania and Republic of MoldovaMay 18th 2011

2. Intelligence is being infused into the way the worldworks.Our world is becomingINSTRUMENTED.Our world is becomingINTERCONNECTED.Virtually all things, processes andways of working are becomingINTELLIGENT.An opportunity for cities to think and act in new ways.2 2 2011 IBM Corporation 3. A planet of smarter cities: In 2007, for the first time in history,the majority of the worlds population3.3 billion peoplelivedin cities. By 2050, city dwellers are expected to make up 70%of Earths total population, or 6.4 billion people.3 3 2011 IBM Corporation 4. The city is a microcosm of the major challenges andopportunities facing the planet todayintensified and accelerated.Here, all man-made systems come together and interact with oneanother. GovernmentServicesPublic SafetyTransportationEducation Energy andUtilitiesTelecommunications Healthcare4 4 2011 IBM Corporation 5. Lets build a smarter city Smarter transportation Smarter public safetyAn opportunity to cut traffic by as much as Because up to 45% of a citys budget20%: Cities can infuse intelligence into their entire goes to public safety: A smarter city usesadvanced technologies and community-transportation system, improving drivers based approaches to anticipatecommutes, giving better information to city and preventnot just respond tocrimesplanners, increasing the productivity and emergencies.of businesses and raising citizens quality of life. Smarter energy and utilitiesSmarter educationAn opportunity to reduce energy use by up An opportunity to nurture our mostto 15%: By providing real-time information aboutvaluable resource: smarter cities take athe flow of energy, an intelligent utility system systemic view of their education systems,helps citizens and utilities make smarter, more evaluating students in multiple dimensions andresponsible choices about equipping them to perform better both insidethe way they buy, sell and manage electricity.and outside traditional classroom environments. Smarter healthcareSmarter government servicesAn opportunity to lower the cost of therapy An opportunity to deliver needed servicesby as much as 90%: A smarter healthcare to all citizens: Increased information sharingsystem forges partnerships and makes better and collaboration drives smarter decision-use of data in order to deliver excellent care, making across government agencies, servicepredict and prevent disease and empower providers and other constituents.people to make smarter choices.5 5 2011 IBM Corporation 6. The new leadership requirements:CollaborationStandardsOpenness and innovationThese three elements are key to your citys long-term strategy and road-map tosuccess.6 6 2011 IBM Corporation 7. Building a smarter planetThe key precondition forREAL CHANGEnow exists.A period of discontinuity is a period ofOPPORTUNITYfor those with courage and vision.There will beWINNERS,and there will be losers.What will you do?7 7 2011 IBM Corporation 8. IBM Solutions Portfolio for CitiesPublic Safety Energy & Utilities Smart grid Crime information warehouse Building efficiency assessments Emergency responseWater management Digital surveillanceTelecommunications Broadband expansionIntelligent Transportation Road user charging Healthcare Fare management E-medical records Transport info management Home health services Payment systemsGovernment Services Education Citizen-centered design Smarter Classroom Integrated service delivery Smart Administration Permits and licensesInnovation in Research Land registriesGovernment Accountability Results orientation and OpennessAnalytics Municipal Dashboards Assessing overall health of the Measuring progress against goals community vs. national indicators Identifying improvement areas Establish goals and priorities8 2011 IBM Corporation 9. Smarter Cities References City of Albuquerque introduced aStockholm implemented an The NYPD Crime Informationintelligent toll system in the cityWarehouse gives officers mobile performance management system that reduces manual data collection fromcenter, which resulted in 20%access to more than 120 millionless traffic, 40% lower emissionscriminal complaints, arrests and 911disparate sources while enabling actionable, timely information forand 40,000 additional users of records, as well as 5 million criminalthe public transportation system.records, parole files and photographs - citizens, emergency personnel and resulting in a 27% reduction in crime.othersrealizing an initial cost savings of almost 2,000% ROI. University Hospital Motol in Prague In China, the Ministry of Educations Malta is building a smart grid that completed the first implementation of Blue Sky is a basic education learning Grid Medical Archive Solution links the power and water systems, portal that provides distance-learning and will detect leakages, allow for Europe: a system that providesopportunities for Chinas poorer, rural variable pricing and provide more secure storage and archiving solution students. It has more than 45,000 daily control to consumers. to patients medical records for at users. least 10 years.9 2011 IBM Corporation 10. The IBM CentennialOn June 16, 2011, IBM willcelebrate its 100th anniversaryas a corporation.10 2011 IBM Corporation 11. The story of IBM is an ongoing story ofPioneering the scienceReinventing Making the world workof informationthe modern corporationbetterHow to capture theHow to build a new kind ofHow to apply technology toopportunity of enterprise organization and sustain it transform companies,computing over time industries, societies. . . in the service of world-changing progress 11 2011 IBM Corporation 12. THANK YOU!12 2011 IBM Corporation