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Presented in the Cambridge Wireless Future Devices SIG on 27/03/2014

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  • 1. Smart Watches Zahid Ghadialy CTO, eXplanoTech & 3G4G Blog @zahidtg Date: 27th Mar. 2014

2. About eXplanoTech Requirement Analysis Project Management Design, Implement. Integration & Deployment Testing Services Maintenance End to End Solutions Technology Consulting Technology Training System Integration 3. The Breguet No. 160, or Marie Antoinette is arguably the most expensive watch in existence. Commissioned for the then Queen of France, It took about 45 years to complete and neither Marie Antoinette or Breguet himself lived to see its completion. Super advanced for its day, it pretty much did everything known to man at the time. Roughly valued at $30 million Random Fact #1: The most expensive watch (probably) 3 4. Fictional Smartwatches 4 Knight Rider (1982): The watch let Michael Knight talk to his car and give instructions Futurama (1999 - ongoing): According to the Futurama wiki, Leela's wristband has at least seven functions: a communicator, reattach Fry's nose, Tetris, telling whether or not the Omicronian young are edible, a tracking device receiver, a tissue dispenser, a laser and, of course, Pong. Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot (1967): The watch let Johnny control and instruct a big flying robot Star Trek (1966): The watch let Captain James T. Kirk communicate with the ship and get information 5. Real Smartwatches 5 Fossil Palm PDA watch - 2003 Casio AT-550-7 - 1984 Casio C-80 Calculator Watch - 1980 LG GD-910 Wristwatch Phone 2009 1.4 touchscreen, 3.5G, Video Calling Speech dialling, Text to speech Microsoft Spot Watch 2000 Alerts only, using FM sidebands 6. Not only do the hourglasses have to be perfect - but the grains of sand all have to be of equal size so they move through the hour glass the same way. Therefore Rolex took their high standards and consistency and decided to get into the sand making business. At first it started as an art project, but it later developed into a business. Source: Oh Gizmo! Random Fact #2: Rolexs most successful product 7. The market for smartwatches is expected to be $6B out of $60B by 2018 Source: Business Insider Smartwatch forecast 8. Men often wear Luxury watches as a jewellery. The typical price of a luxury watch is between $3,500 to $55,000. The luxury watchmakers are as of present not interested in the smart watch concept as it may dilute their brand Source: Reuters Random Fact #3: Smartwatches are not Luxury watches 9. Cut down version of your phone An App on your phone Complements your phone Adds functionality to your phone According to Wikipedia: A smartwatch or smart watch, is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping, and is often comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device...Some smartphone models, (also called watch phones) feature full mobile phone capability, and can make or answer phone calls. What is a Smartwatch? 10. Based on books and presentation by Tomi Ahonen with additional information from eXplanoTech Task Times 30 minutes 3 minutes 30 seconds 3 seconds PCs/Laptops Tablets Mobiles Smartwatches Planned use Planned & Unplanned Unplanned use Unplanned use Sitting Sitting / Standing Standing / Walking Walking Booked time Sudden time In Hurry Alerts Creating info Modifying Info Consuming Info Notification of Info Focussed task Multi Tasking Multi Tasking Multi Tasking Emails, Work, Presentations, Coding Social Media, Video, Music Calls, SMS, OTT Information Recording, Alerts, Notifications, Calls and maybe Health monitoring 11. Is it a need or a fashion statement Is it a must have or good to have What problems will it solve Are there alternative solutions How important is the form factor, design, colour. What about connectivity Power requirements Security aspects Personalization Questions for the case study 12. If its available, I will take it * Most common answer 13. I want notifications, information, maps, details, voice guidance and everything else possible 14. I want notifications without having to look at my phone 15. I want a watch that can monitor my health, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. 16. I want a reminder when to get off 17. I want to know if someone is trying to steal my phone or other belongings 18. I want to be able to find out where my kids are and be able to track them and message them when needed 19. I would love to have a voice guidance to guide me to my destination 20. Flaws They are easy to lose They break Theyre not waterproof Theyre a pain to sync with your smartphone The battery doesnt last long enough Theyre ugly Theyre uncomfortable to wear They provide no material benefit Source: Endeavour Partners research about fitness bands BEWARE! 50% users lose interest within 18 months 21. Source: Tech Radar Most people would choose only one product 22. Source: The Guardian There is no second chance 23. Source: BGR Recall may mean Oblivion 24. Top 3 Most Popular Smartwatches 25. Good points Solid with great look and feel Touch screen 1.9MP Camera Speaker/Mic for calls 1.6 super AMOLED display with 320x320 resolution Samsung Galaxy Gear Bad Points Pricey ($299 / 250) Big and chunky Works with only selected Samsung mobiles No app store Battery life poor (24 hours) Difficult to pair with devices Cant read emails / facebook status on the watch Nothing special, novelty wears off quickly 26. Good points Reasonably priced ($199) Always on display Attractive fit and finish Water resistant Long battery life Micro USB charging Sony Smartwatch 2 Bad Points Low resolution display Clumsy interface and setup Android only Slow, lots of lag Apps not consistent 27. Pebble The most successful smartwatch 28. Good points Cheap, $150 & $250 for steel Waterproof Unbreakable / Scratchproof Gorilla glass In Plastic and now also in Steel casing Good battery life Works with iOS and Android New Appstore with loads of Apps Pebble Smartwatch Review Bad Points No Touchscreen Limits on Multi-tasking Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity Black and white screen Battery life (2-3 days) not as long as advertised (7 days) 29. Source: The iWatch Concept 30. Smartwatches from Mobile World Congress #MWC14 31. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Omate TrueSmart 32. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Creoir Ibis Dual Face Smart Watch 33. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Olympia Bi Watchphone is 79 34. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Huawei Talkband B1 35. Via Wearable Technologies (@WearableTech) on Twitter from #MWC14 Talkband B1 Smartband + Bluetooth Headset 36. Via Yodel Mobile (@yodelmobile) on Twitter from #MWC14 Sony Smartwatch 37. Via Yodel Mobile (@yodelmobile) on Twitter from #MWC14 Sony SmartBand & SmartWear 38. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Samsung Gear Fit 39. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Samsung Gear and Gear Fit 40. Via Ben Wood (@benwood) on Twitter from #MWC14 Samsung Gear wins official GSMA Award 41. Many wearable devices will have their five minutes of fame at shows like CES before disappearing into oblivion. - Ben Wood, CCS Insight's chief of research 42. There is definitely a demand and an appetite for the Smartwatches Very important to do them right on the first go Conclusion Must have Good to have Added Advantage OS Neutral Camera Waterproofed Apps, App Store Touchscreen Colours/Finish Ease of use Speaker, Mic. Colour screen Ease of connectivity Ability for calls Big display Water Resistance Long battery life High resolution