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1. Chief Executive OfficerLLC Smart-CVDVLADIMIR VOLOBUEVNOVOSIBIRSK 2013Biocompatible nanostructuredcoatings for cardiac implants 2. Pacemaker with electrodes Tip of electrodeScheme of crossingELECTRODE-HEART MUSCLEMethod DisadvantagesChemicaldeposition- Poor adhesion- Uneven coating thickness- Low reproducibility of Technology- Instability of coating composition- High consumption of noble metalMagnetronspattering- Needing for a "high vacuum- High consumption of noble metal- High power consumptionDisadvantages of present deposition technologies ofIr/IrOx coatings for tip of pacemaker electrodes 3. VLADIMIR VOLOBUEV SMART-CVD- deposition of Ir/IrOx nanostracturated coatings by Pulse MetalorganicChemical Vapour Deposition (Pulse MOCVD) methodAdvantages of PULSE MOCVD method Obtaining of film materials with different morphology and layersstructure Deposition of coatings on various materials Forming of high-melting-point materials layers under thetemperature much lower than their melting temperatures(Tdeposition (Ir/IrOx from Ir(aa)3)=350-450 C; Tmelting(Ir)= 2447 ) Lack of coatings flaking-off Deposition layer uniformity and homogeneity (of composition) Possibility of coatings deposition of target thick Minimum consumption of noble-metals Possibility of coatings deposition on geometric complex-shapeddetails 4. 4Commercialization Services for deposition Ir/IrOx coatings on electrodescustomers Strategic partnerships and production pacingelectrodesPotentialcustomers Pacemaker electrodes manufactures: Russian ElestimCardio, Kardioelektronika, IMZ All world -Medtronic, Biotronik, Guidant/BostonScientific, Vitatron Manufacturers of components for pacemakerelectrodes - HeraeusMarketof coatings forpacemaker electrodes 320 mln.USD*Perspectivemarkets Stents and medical wire 500 mln.USD* - BCC ResearchVLADIMIR VOLOBUEV SMART-CVD 5. Last, first and middle names Successful collaboration with:Chief Executive Officer Volobuev Vladimir Master of Economics and Management Business education in USA, NetherlandsStrategic Venture ManagementUnikonHuaFuDerzgavaHead manager of chemical division- Morozova Natalya Borisovna Doctor of Chemistry, senior researcher, NIICh SBRASUltramet Inc.IntelAir Products and Chemicals Inc.EADSAirbusR&D production facility AstrophysicsConstruction engineer- Igumenov Igor Konstantinovich Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of laboratory,NIICh SB RAS Fellow of American Electrochemical societyScientific adviser- Gelfond Nikolaj Vasilevich Doctor of Chemistry, Deputy Director for Science,NIICh SB RASProject engineering manager Filatov Egor Sergeevich PHD, researcher, NIICh SB RASVLADIMIR VOLOBUEV SMART-CVD 6. VLADIMIR VOLOBUEV SMART-CVD1) Partners- technology companies engaged in thedevelopment of equipment and devices for medicine- pacemaker electrodes manufactures2) Investment100 thousand USD 1-st round200 thousand USD 2-nd