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If you want but don't know where to find it, here is the music list of the Smallville Series). It's being updated... 1 - Updated on 2008 January 7 (Season 7) - Updated on 2008 March 7 (Season 7)

Transcript of Smallville Music List Complete

The PilotSong Yet To Be Sung Save Me The Way It Is Long Way Around Eight Half Letters Wonder Unstoppable Inside The Memories Let's Go Perry Farrell Remy Zero Bruce Hornsby Eagle-Eye Cherry Stereoblis Embrace The Calling Fear the Clown Capitol Eye



Everything I Own Everything

Jude Lifehouse

MetamorphosisSave Me Last Resort Island In The Sun I Do Underdog (Save Me) Love You Madly Damaged Wherever You Will Go Remy Zero Papa Roach Weezer Better Than Ezra Turin Brakes Cake Aeon Spoke The Calling

HotheadRenegade Fighter Clint Eastwood Motivation Zed Silencer Gorillaz Sum 41

Bad Day Never Let You Go You

Fuel Third Eye Blind Binocular

X-RayMovies Ooh La La Breathe You In Analyse Unbroken Up All Night Wall In Your Heart Alien Ant Farm the Wiseguys Stabbing Westward The Cranberries Todd Thibaud Unwritten Law Shelby Lynne

CoolRescue Let Your Shoulder Fall Top of the World On Your Side Standing Still Eve 6 Matthew Jay Juliana Theory Pete Yorn Jewel

Hourglass5/4 Time Served Crush Gorillaz Dispatch Kevin Clay

Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, op. 59, and Piano Sonata No. 1 in Idil Beret C minor, op. 4 by Fryderyk Chopin

CravingSlide Dido

Innocent Invisible The Fool

Fuel Third Eye Blind Call and Response


Enrique Iglesias

JittersPacific Coast Party Tie Me Up Bad Idea The People That We Love My Bridges Burn Smashmouth Handsome Devil Bad Ronald Bush The Cult

RogueBreathing Step it Up I Have Seen Angel She Lives By The Water Not Looking Back Numb Take Your Time Lifehouse Stereo MC's Zero 7 Massive Attack Club 8 Driver Grant Park Radford

ShimmerS.O.S. Galaxy When I'm With You Evolution Revolution Love If I Go Blend Poor Misguided Fool Caught In The Sun Vigilantes of Love Vigilantes of Love Simple Plan Tricky Thrift Store Halo Something Else Starsailor Course of Nature

HugInto the Lavender Have A Nice Day Mistaken I.D. Slow Down Into You Rubyhorse Stereophonics Citizen Cope Wayne Jennifer Knapp


Fade Elevation Fat Lip Bonecracker Inflatable

Staind U2 Sum 41 Shocore Bush

KineticSet It Off New World Order 1 A.M. Perfect Memory P.O.D. Onesidezero Beautiful Creatures Remy Zero

ZeroBattleflag God Is A DJ Let's Go For A Ride Lonely Road of Faith Pigeonhed/Lo Fidelity All-Stars Faithless Eleventeen Kid Rock

NicodemusGood Ol' Boys Waylon Jennings

I Will Make You Cry Destiny Supernatural Sadie Hawkins Dance Big Day Love Sweet Love Saturday Night's Alright Beautiful Day

Nelly Furtado Zero 7 Divine Right Relient K Puracane Josh Clayton-Felt Hal Lovejoy U2

StrayFree To Change Your Mind Lonely Day Regency Buck Phantom Planet

Is It Love? Dragging Me Down Hollywood

Todd Thibaud Todd Thibaud Micah Green


Five For Fighting

ReaperSparkle Friends & Family The Weight Of My Words Falcor Rubyhorse Trik Turner Kings Of Convenience Firengine Red

DroneStick Em Up If There's Love Not What I Wanted Drink To Get Drunk The Middle Wogs Will Walk Opaline Big Day Wake Up Elvis Fever For The Flava Here Is Gone Quarashi Citizen Cope Evan Olson Sia Jimmy Eat World Cornershop Dishwalla Puracane Alan Charing Hot Action Cop Goo Goo Dolls

CrushYou and I 40 to 5 Nothing To Do Light In Your Eyes 2001 Spliff Odyssey Time After Time Micah Green Leave the World Bottlefly Louise Goffin Thievery Corporation Eva Cassidy

ObscuraNo Such Thing Just Another Two Stones In My Pocket Piano Fire Silent to the Dark John Mayer Pete Yorn Neil Halstead Sparklehorse Electric Soft Parade

TempestWhat Do I Have To Do? Where This Love Goes Everything Breathe Let Go What We've Been Through Stabbing Westward Sherri Youngward Lifehouse Greenwheel Gigolo Aunts Paul Trudeau

The episode also featured a special appearance by the band Remy Zero. The folowing songs were played at the Spring Formal: Save Me Perfect Memory Remy Zero Remy Zero

Oddly, the TV version of "Save Me" (which also is used as the Smallville theme song) was what was played and somewhat obviously lip sy these guys!"

The PilotUsed in all of the promotions for the Smallville pilot

In 1989 when we see Jonathan and Martha Kent in Aunt Nell's flowershop first meeting Lana, this is the music we hear. When we first see the Kent Farm right after the first commercial break, this song starts to play. This is played when you first see Smallville High School, in the scene with Chloe, Pete, and Clark. Visit the Stereoblis website! Played when Clark is looking at Whitney and Lana through the telescope. This is played when Lex Luthor is driving down the road and talking on his cell phone, about to drive Clark off of the bridge. This is what you hear when Jeremy Creek attacks the guy in the auto repair shop. When Whitney beats Clark up and throws him into the truck, this is the song that you hear.

Before Clark confronts Jeremy Creek, when we see Pete and Chloe dancing, this is the music that is playing

Not the NSync version or the Bread version. This is played at the school dance, when Clark looks in and sees Lana and Whitney (homecoming king and queen) dancing Played at the very end of the episode... "Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?


This is playing when Greg is driving away from home with all of his bugs in the car, when he has the accident. You might notice a Papa Roach poster in Greg's room Played during the farmer's market scene We hear this when Whitney is driving his truck, right before Greg attacks him Parts of this are played when we see Lana on her horse, right before she talks to Lex This is played when we see Smallville High School, right before Clark talks to Chloe in the hallway

The second song by The Calling to be used on Smallville. You can find it at the end of the episode

HotheadPlayed at the very start of the episode when we see the football players in the field Right after the first commercial break, when we see the school and then see Clark, Chloe, and Pete in the hallway, this is the music that is playing This is playing when Jonathan is watching Clark playing football with the team

This is playing in the background when Chloe tells Clark and Pete that "cars don't spontaneously combust You hear this music playing in the background when Lex talks to Lana in the cafe This is the last song in the episode, when Clark and Lana are in the field.

X-RayPlayed at the very beginning of the episode This is what is playing when we first see the school and the gym class

This is playing when Chloe and Lana start talking in the newspaper office.

This is playing at episode's end, when we see Lana in the red truck as the screen fades to black

CoolPlayed at the party at the beginning of the episode, when Chloe and Clark first arrive at the party. When Lex starts talking to Lana in the cafe, this is the music that is playing in the background This is the music that is playing when Jenna is in the shower, right before Sean shows up This is in the background when Pete shows up at the cafe with his lady friend. Played at the very end of the episode

HourglassThis is the second time the Gorillaz have been heard in Smallville (the first time being in "Hothead")

This is heard in the background when Chloe, Pete and Clark are in the newsroom looking up information about Old Harry. (Thanks to Stereoblis for passing that along!)

CravingThis is heard when Jodi first weighs herself, looks into the mirror, and begins to shrink, at the beginning of the episode. Ironically Dido gained popularity by singing the theme song to one of Smallville's competitors.

When Clark looks through the telescope and sees Whitney and Lana on Lana's steps, this is the music that is playing

This is playing at the very end of the episode

JittersThis is what was playing at the very start of the episode. This is what is heard at Clark's party when Lana gets there. This is playing at Clark's party when Whitney shows up. This is in the background when Earl goes and talks to Will the other janitor at the beginning of the episode, at the Luthorcorp office in Metropolis.

RoguePlaying "Everything" in the series pilot did well for the show. Now, Smallville features Lifehouse again with "Breathing." This time it's being played when Clark is looking at the Daily Planet archive, and it continues into Chloe freaking out at Lana.


This is playing at the very end of the episode when Clark sees Whitney and Lana are reconciling



When Eric is on top of the dam for the first time, during the storm, this is the music that he is "listening to." This is playing when the man tries to steal Chloe's purse and Eric stops the thief. The basketball scene features this in the background. If someone could tell us the difference between this song and Sum 41's "Motivation," go to the head of the class. This is in the background when Eric goes on his rampage in the school parking lot This is played at the very end of the episode. Interesting to note: This album includes a song called "Superman."


ZeroThis is playing as Lex and Amanda go into the club. This is the music heard when Jude gets shot

This plays at the end of the episode when Lex, Lana and Clark meet at the Talon

NicodemusSong To "The Dukes of Hazzard" - This is playing in Jonathan's truck at the beginning of the episode, right before he has the accident. Order a CD with this and many other TV show themes! When Lana makes her entrance through the hallway after her drastic change of appearance, this is the music that is playing. This is playing when Clark first sees Lana's new "appearance" and they talk abo