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Maple Concrete Pumping is a professional supplier of concrete pumping machines as well as specialized in delivering any kind services related to concrete line pumping in Toronto, since five years. Small Line pump is versatile, portable units typically used to inject not only structural concrete, but also grout, wet screeds, mortar, shotcrete, foamed concrete, and sludge. We Offer various kinds services like Concrete line pump, Small line pump, Small concrete pump, Commercial concrete pump, Concrete floor pour, ICF concrete filling, Void concrete filling, Foam pouring concrete etc.

Transcript of Small Line Pump - Maple Concrete Pumping

  • 1. Maple Concrete Pumping Company presents its redemptive Small Line Pump which is capable to pump concrete into narrow and straitened area of a building.
  • 2. PUTZMEISTER TK40, SCHWING SP160 AND REED A40HP These are all a powerful machine in small package or comfort for all type of construction projects.
  • 3. Our Machinery fleet has a great ability to filling up to 300m horizontally and 100m vertically.
  • 4. With more than 5 years of experience Maple has proved itself a leading concrete pumping company in Toronto, Ontario.
  • 5. With the help of mobile machines you can pump smoothly into narrow area of your building without facing any problem.