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  • 1. Small Fish Again

2. Small Fish- Big Pond Weve all been there Senior Junior Sophomore Freshmen 3. So, what is it like being the big sh? 4. So, what is it like beingthe small sh? 5. You sound like youve been there before? 6. Official Rules 7. Get to Know Them! Dont accidently break them. Dont rely on student rumors. Teachers will enforce Get to know them. 8. NOfficial Rules U 9. Unofcial Rules More like traditions than rules Pick your battles If they dont cause physical or emotional harm, It might be better to just follow them. 10. dont Buy into Myth 11. Myths Trapped in lockers Shoved down the stairs Stuffed into the trash cans, forced to eat bugs, carried to the top of the stadium and then rolled down only to nd all of your belonging spread about across campus so that you have to nd everything one by one and your mom gets mad that you made her late for church group. 12. MYTH 13. Ask people Ask people about the truth. 14. What myths have you heard? 15. Get involved! 16. Get Involved Join clubs Sports Gives you the chance to meet upperclassmen outside of class. 17. Be True To Your School 18. Be True Your school is your team Root for you school Show up for events Games Feel like part of a community Fit in faster