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Member Magazine of the St. Moritz Automobile Club

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  • A W O R D F R O M T H E P R E S I D E N T

    Dear Members, dear friends of the SMAC,

    discussions about the Euro and Europe, wondering if

    Greece or Spain would drown or could be saved, scandals

    in leading banks worldwide, randy Sandy, forward-looking

    US-elections and much more, have made 2012 another

    weird year, about to be forgotten, as the new year and tons

    of new experiences and adventures are coming up. The Club

    has been marching on just fine, thank you. After the

    snow-and-ice trackday in January, a wonderfully instruc-

    tive and funny meeting, in May we met at the lavish

    Concorso d'Eleganza on Lake Como; always a genuine

    highlight for every decent connoisseur. The first summer

    weekend lead us over beautiful passes, from St. Moritz

    to Vaduz, to Dr. Seeger's mouthwatering Rolls-Royce

    collection. Mind you, not only his delectable cars were

    mouthwatering, but also the delicious lunch we were offered

    amongst this stupendous collection of flying ladies. All in all

    a formidable and beautifully harmonious weekend which

    ended in the romantic Bellavista. Che bella vista ! September

    took us to Lord March's stunningly beautiful Goodwood

    Revival in the south of England. The sheer quality of racing-

    cars from all over, competing or just resting in the lawn, is

    enough to drop everyone's jaw. Our group was expertly

    guided by our Vicepresident, Gian Luigi Cavalli, and gene-

    rously sponsored by The Berenberg Bank, in whose lounge

    we were to enjoy the various races. Great stuff ! Our special

    thanks go to Andreas Brodtmann and Lord March for their

    splendid gesture and organisation.

    Our monthly get-togethers always offer wonderful oppor-

    tunities to meet old and new friends. Knowing that many of

    you have scintillating ideas, I would like to invite you to let

    us know. Fresh input is always greatly appreciated to make

    the St. Moritz Automobile Club a melting pot for old- and

    youngtimers (the cars.), and a pleasant meeting point for

    Members and friends.

    Cheers to the New Year !

    Jos M. Oliver


  • C O N T R I B U T O R S

    01 Christof Kng, Editor-in-Chiefschon immer war Christof Kng fasziniert von echten Geschichten. er las bcher, sammeltemagazine und interessierte sich fr Design, Fotografie und den technologischen Fortschritt.Aus seinen Interessen wurde schliesslich seine berufung. In den bisherigen 20 Jahren seinerselbststndigkeit, grndete er eine brandingagentur, einenVerlag mit diversen magazinensowie ein Internet-News-portal. Fr das smAC-magazine bringt er heute mit der gleichenleidenschaft und begeisterung, seine erfahrung als kleinen beitrag zum grossen Ganzen ein.Christof Kng has always been fascinated by true stories. He read books and collectedmagazines, busied himself with design and photography, and their technological advances.These interests finally evolved into his appeal! After almost 20 years without a break as anindependent, he founded a branding agency, started a publishing company with variousmagazines and launched an internet news portal. For the SMAC Magazine, he brings withthe same passion and enthusiasm, his experience as a small contribution to the big picture.

    02 David KlammerFr David Klammer (49), Fotograf mit Frau betty und tochter Greta (8) in Kln lebend, istder beruf seine leidenschaft. er reist mit der Kamera fr renommierte magazine, wie Geo,sterN, Der spiegel und tIme durch Deutschland und die Welt und gewinnt nebenbei auchnoch renommierte preise, wie einen World press photo Award oder dieses Jahr denreportage-preis fr deutsche Wissenschaftsfotografie. seit Neuem ist seine liebe fr schnellealte Autos entfacht, und da musste er fr smAC natrlich bei der la Carrera mit dabei sein.David Klammer (49) lives with wife Betty and daughter Greta (8) in Cologne. His professionis his passion, he travels with his camera for wellknown magazines like GEO, STERN,Der Spiegel and TIME across Germany and the world and sometimes he wins prestigiouscontests, like at one World Press Photo Award or this years Prize for German SciencePhotography. He discovered a new love for old and fast cars, and so he had to be at theLa Carrera for SMAC.

    03 Peter Sturn, FotografDer bekannte Fotograf wurde schon sehr frh von der Fotografie infiziert. mit 16 hatte erschon ein kleines studio und entwickelte selbst Fotos in der Dunkelkammer. mit seinemgeschulten Auge und dem Drang nach dem perfekten bild entwickelte er sich stetig erfolgreichweiter. Grosskunden und magazine gehren genau so zu seinen Kunden wie auch privatkun-den die sein 500m2 Fotostudio mit Wasserbecken und sandstrand geniessen. er und seinteam verstehen es , Konzepte erfolgreich und einzigartig umzusetzen. Fr das smAC 12.2012fotografierte peter sturn die neuesten style Icons in einer Villa bei basel.The renowned photographer became interested in the subject at an early age. With 16,he already had a small studio and developed photos in the dark room. With his trained eyeand the ambition to create the perfect picture, he continued to grow his expertise. Majorclients and magazines are part of his clientele, as are individuals who enjoy his 500-m2 photostudio with water tank and sandy beach. He and his team understand how to implement aconcept successfully and in an extraordinary way. For the SMAC 12.2012, Peter Sturn shotthe newest style icons in a villa near Basel.

    04 Jrg Heuer, JournalistDer Hamburger Journalist Jrg Heuer, 48 Jahre alt, verheiratet, ein sohn, ist reporter ausleidenschaft. seit zwei Jahrzehnten reist er fr groe deutsche und internationale magazine,manchmal auch fr tV- und radiosender durch die Welt. Vor einem Jahr hat er sich aufreportagen ber Autos und motorsport spezialisiert. Aktuell arbeitet an einem buchprojektber die legendren mercedes 300 sl. Fr uns berichtet Jrg Heuer in dieser Ausgabe berdie la Carrera panamericana - dem hrtesten, schnellsten und spektakulrsten oldtimer-straenrennen der Welt.Jrg Heuer, 48 years old, married & one son is a German journalist with passion. He hasbeen travelling around the world for more than two decades. In press he is well-knownfor a large number of various publications in several national and international magazines& newspapers. Furthermore he works for television and radio. One year ago he found outabout the fascination in motor sports. Currently he is working on a book project aboutlegendary Mercedes 300 SL. In this issue you will find his exciting report about theadventurous trip to one of the hardest, fastest and most spectacular oldtimer road races inthe world: La Carrera Panamericana.


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